Rodgers could be the next quarterback to get a new deal

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It’s widely believed that the next wave of quarterbacks to get new deals in the wake of the Joe Flacco contract will include Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan, Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo, and Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford.

But the most glaring contract presently belongs to Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers, who’ll earn less than half the average of the $20 million mark that more and more quarterbacks are approaching or exceeding.

Rodgers hasn’t asked for a new deal, and he hasn’t complained about his current contract.  A league source with knowledge of the situation believes, however, that the Packers soon will take care of Rodgers.

“It is his time,” the source said.

The source also believes that, once Rodgers has a new deal, it will set a new benchmark that will stand for several years.

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  1. I hope he gets $25 million a year. That should be enough to keep the Packers struggling to build a team around him for many years…

  2. Really? Two days after the last non article trying to create some type of dissension with Rodgers. It would be refreshing to see who the actual source is. The actual reality is Rodgers and the Packers are happy and he has 2 years left and no one from either side has said nothing.

  3. Rodgers isn’t greedy. Flacco couldn’t hold Rodgers jockstrap. Rodgers will get paid at some point and Flacco is a complete waste of money.

  4. Notice how Rodgers has never expressed any sort of resentment for his contract.. It’s the media creating this imaginary myth that Rodgers needs a larger deal than Flacco.

  5. Whatever Rodgers gets, Russell Wilson deserves more.

    Wilson is the best QB in the league and will be the face of the league.

  6. Even the delusional Joe Flacco would have to admit Rodgers is better than him. Everyone knows this. Rodgers is a Packers kind of guy. He prides himself in being the anti-Favre. He’s not going to hold out and he’ll likely take less money than Flacco because he wants to win more SBs and knows he will live comfortably forever regardless of 10 or 15 mil per year.

    Again, Flacco wanted the money to show he was the “best QB.” It will obviously hurt his team in the next few years. Rodgers play on the field shows he is the best QB and everyone knows this. He doesn’t need. To hurt his own teams cap number to “prove” it.

  7. I don’t think Aaron Rodgers is the greatest QB ever but his numbers through his first 5 seasons as a starter are pretty unbelievable. And this with not much of a running game & an average at best offensive line.

  8. Poor guy is only making 10 million a year, how’s he going to feed his family? Last I checked athletes aren’t the ones suffering in this country

  9. i actually don’t think Rodgers is after that kind of money…i think he kind of likes being an underdog in any sense or form, and uses other qb contracts or some sort of disrespect he feels he is getting to play better and shred the opposition. he’s kind of like Jordan: always finding a way to play with a chip on his shoulder. always looking for an enemy to destroy.

    i’d be surprised if he asks for a big contract because he wants to win, and a big contract is bad for building a good team and keeping a good team. he cares more about his legacy on the field than his money.

    but what do i know…

  10. Rodgers is the best quarterback on the planet. He unlike Flacco who got paid based off a fluky four game stretch that only was able to continue because Rahim Moore made a mistake a high school safety wouldn’t have deserves to be the highest paid player ever.

    If the Packers get him a running game, an offensive line, and a defense which isn’t as easy as it sounds that team would be as close to unbeatable as an NFL team can be. Let me put it this way, I’m glad my team doesn’t play in the NFC North.

  11. If Rodgers were to restructure his deal, I believe it would help the Packers cap situation, if not this year, then definitely over the next couple of years.
    Falcos cap number this year is something like $6.5 to $7 mil. Its all about the signing bonus and guaranteed money. Packers can sign Rodgers to the same deal as Falco just bump it a bit. Instead of $121.6 mil or what ever for 6 years with a $29 mil signing bonus, $52 mil guaranteed, Rodgers can get $121.9 mil for 6 years, $30 mil signing bonus, and $55 mil guaranteed. The goal is to drop the actual cap hit for the first 2 or 3 years.

    Besides, we know that Falco is just here to hold Eddie Martels place till he gets back.

  12. TT might as well just give him the same contract Flacco got. Both will end their careers with 1 SB appearance. They’re one in the same, constantly bailed out by good receiver play.

  13. jhein23 says:
    Mar 5, 2013 7:43 PM
    “…. And this with not much of a running game & an average at best offensive line.”
    You left out the whole Not Having a Defense (aside from 2010) and not having an accurate/clutch kicker for his whole NFL career….

    Ted needs to go get Dom some weapons – Walden and AJ are pure jobbers… Get a guy to replace Crosby – dude shouldn’t be missing extra points.

    Rodgers can make our offense productive in spite of no oline/runninggame/and receivers with butter fingers…. we just need a Defense and we’re set to win several superbowls with this guy.

  14. The source i Flacco’s PR team. They realized Flacco is looking selfish and greedy. Time to deflect by starting Rodgers wants more rumors

  15. Axe – Ted got Dom 6 guys in the draft plus 3 FA’s last year.

    The problem is Dom, not the weapons.

    Crosby didn’t miss a single extra point. 50/50

  16. The longer we wait the more it’s going to cost in the long run. I dont even care though because its Aaron Rodgers.

  17. QB salaries are getting outrageous. Yes, it is the premiere position and you can win consistently without a marquee QB.
    But teams are rapidly approaching a tipping-point. It’s where so much money is allocated to one position that they can’t afford enough talent to take advantage his abilities. What’s the point of having a franchise player if you can only afford to surround him with mediocre talent? You pay a guy like Rodgers $20-$25 million and a couple WRs at about $7-$10 million and maybe a RB at $5 million. Then, $5 million each for a LT and shutdown CB or FS. That’s about 70% of present day cap money tied up in about 6-7 guys. The rest is spread out among the remaining 46 team members. Really? I don’t see a consistent winner with that business model.

  18. Packer and Flacco haters incapable of figuring out how a financial cap management system works, go figure.

  19. Packer fans and Flacco haters incapable of figuring out how a financial cap management system works, go figure.

  20. Rogers is overrated. Had one solid year of playoff performances and has been a choke job ever since. Great news for the NFC North if he sticks around.

  21. I hope they give him such a big raise that it handicaps them in being able to pay other players they need. That would be perfect.

  22. Rodgers has been asked about the contract a few times and has never said anything negative about the situation. Given that Rodgers isn’t afraid to give a candid opinion, I would suggest taking him at this word.

    As far as all the hate for Flacco, I don’t get it. I’m not a Raven fan, but from what I’ve seen of Flacco in the playoffs the last two years, I don’t think what we’ve seen out of him is a fluke. He’s not Rodgers, Manning, or Brady, but the guy is certainly in the top 25% of QBs in the league.

  23. Rodgers has the highest passer rating of all time in the regular season and playoffs.

    Hard to deny he is the best QB ever, using things such as facts.

    With the new tv contracts in 2 years, he will get a huge extension staring in 2015 when the cap skyrockets.

  24. Hats off to Rodgers. He signed his current contract and is living up to it without complaining. He’s not whining or holding out (see Chris Johnson or Darrelle Revis). He’s the best QB in the NFL and solid guy. And I’m a Ravens fan.

  25. tsi431 says:
    Mar 6, 2013 9:46 AM

    Hard to deny he is the best QB ever, using things such as facts.

    You might want to let the guy play another 7 years or so before you start throwing around the GOAT argument. 5 years does not a career make.

    Great player with great stats, but at this point Rodgers has as many SB wins in his first five years as a starter as Eli Manning an Joe Flacco have. 2 less SB victories in his first 5 years than Brady. Also one less SB appearance in his first five years than some guy named Favre. How are those for facts?

  26. I do not believe he has asked for more money but hey what do I know? If he wants more he had better start winning more Superbowls. One is not going to cut it. It has been long enough (two years). I do not blame Rodgers at all. It seems as though Ted’s drafting abilities have diminished the last couple of years.

  27. Rodgers is a great QB. I would have him on my fantasy team, if I played. Flacco plays real football, and wins more games than anyone, in the last 5 years. His 1st 5 years. Let’s just deal with WINS, which is the only important fact.

  28. Jack the raven,
    I doubt flacco is solely responsible for every raven win in the last 5 years and I doubt the ravens would completely fall apart if he were to get injured. Rodgers on the other hand…

  29. Packers are generally very good with their contracts, AJ Hawk being the obvious exception. Rodgers will get a big money deal. But those who think (hope) that it will be one that will hamstring the team’s ability to sign/extend other good players know nothing about the GB executive team.
    Hope it gets done soon; then we can speculate about new contracts for Luck and Kaepernick.

  30. deltaoracle says:
    Mar 6, 2013 4:14 PM

    Hope it gets done soon; then we can speculate about new contracts for Luck and Kaepernick.


    If memory serves, the CBA dictates terms and believe for second round players like Kaepernick is a 4 year initial deal and cannot renegotiate until after the third year even if SF wanted to. Same basic situation as Russell Wilson as both play above their draft slot. Sure he will get paid in due time.

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