Seahawks add basketball player turned tight end

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A former pro basketball player who never played college football has landed a job in the NFL.

And he didn’t even have to pay $275 to get there.

Darren Fells, the younger brother of Patriots tight end Daniel Fells, has signed a three-year deal with the Seahawks.  The team has confirmed the news, first reported by Ian Rapoport of NFL Network.

Fells played college basketball at Cal-Irvine, and pro basketball in Argentina.

It’s a no-risk proposition for the Seahawks, who have shown a willingness to take chances.  And who have had their chances pay off.

27 responses to “Seahawks add basketball player turned tight end

  1. Pete Carroll is the true genius.
    This kid will be a Pro Bowler in 2 years.

  2. We shall see what we shall see. Could be another great human interest story, could be a potential stash on the practice squad? A motovation for current tight ends? Still turns out he is big 6-7. A big blocking body according to reports. The mad scientist is at it again.

  3. 6’7″ and 280 pounds. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a tight end bigger than your average defensive end.

  4. If this guy makes the team, he immediately becomes the leading candidate to be the guy Goodell is worried about.

  5. Man next year is going to be brutal. Will have to sit all day long to see who the Chiefs and Seahawks will select with the 31st and 32nd picks in the 2014 draft

  6. TRue clown… hey carol did u or did u not ask for a time out against atlanta in the playoffs lol??? blaaaa haaaa haaaa ….by the way niners won the division and beat the falcons unlike u clowns !!! niners will win the division again in 2013….niners have 15 draft pics this yr cant wait to play u pretenders…….

  7. **Nice job Pete Carroll. You’ll be out of the league in no time.”**

    Clearly, an idiot who knows nothing about what carroll has done.

    Brandon Browner – CFL – Probowler
    Doug Baldwin – scrub off the streets, had the best rookie season of any undrafted player

    He has had a few of these and they have been gold mines.

  8. Trust me this is our scouting teams find. My guess a player they brought to Pete because he’s an obvious athlete (No football Tape). You didin’t hear this from me but you know how Brandon Browner was a 6’4orner discovered? J.R. Sweezy was converted from College DT NFL guard playing we’ll for a playoff team. Maybe this guy is the next TE hybrid nobody’s seen…

  9. Pro ball in Argentina pays more than his spot on any NFL team!!!

    Granted South American basketball is a little rougher than European ball, but his career would last longer and be more lucrative in Argentina.

    Manu Ginobli earned okay to decent money before coming to San Antonio, but he had a contract that lasted until he was 27 for a reason.

  10. I have disliked Basketbal for a few years now because of the what some of those athletes could do in the NFL… I’m sure you’ve heard elsewhere imagine Shaq on the d-line…

  11. Pro bowler in 2 years?? Your so ignorant and dumb.. Bet you’ve never even seen this guy play football… And you calling he’s going to be a pro bowler.. Cut it out small brain

  12. The end of this story won’t be written for years. Just enjoy the ride. Forget the Gates/Graham thoughts…If Fells simply makes the roster it’s an accomplishment. Anything after that is just gravy. I wish him the best.

    Now if there was any team that was going to make such a signing it would be the Seahawks. I just wish more people would realize that John Schneider is the man behind the curtain, not Pete Carroll.

  13. Why not a “futures contract” instead of three year contract? Perhaps during the workout they saw not only athletic performance, but good hands and intelligence/ability to pick up the game. Wonder what he runs in the 40?

    Interesting move but suspect it has more to do with long term project/practice squad than trying to get a starter/roster player this season.

  14. I don’t expect much but what does it hurt? Rookie minimum with very little signing bonus. If he gets cut before the cut down date, he doesn’t even count against the salary cap other than his minimal signing bonus. All gain with little risk.

    Seattle does this kind of thing. Remember Kellen Winslow Jr.? Cut him at the last minute but had a chance to watch him all through training camp and 4 pre season games.

    Just kickin the tires and taking a look. Maybe they discover gold or maybe not.

    One last thing. This kid played high school football in Cali way back in the day when Carroll was at USC. He knew who this kid was. Your front office and coach doesn’t. Carroll is ahead of your organization on this one just like Browner, Baldwin, Thurmond 3, etc.

  15. Never played football in college? First time he gets hit he’ll go crying to his mamma.

  16. I love all the Seahawks haters. Either your prospective teams didn’t make the playoffs or your just scared of what the Seahawks are building. Haha
    Btw 49ers, and harbaugh style can suck it!!!
    Go Hawks!

  17. There are some real winners here. I cant wait till next year when we will all watch the fourty whinners complain about another call not going they’re way. And they’re coach whine more than any coach in the NFL may he should take some pointers from his brother.

  18. **TRue clown… hey carol did u or did u not ask for a time out against atlanta in the playoffs lol??? blaaaa haaaa haaaa … **

    Another ignorant 9er clown.. 1st, can you show me an article or anyone saying that pete claims he called a timeout? That is what the announcer said that had no idea what he is talking about but simply speclating…

    2nd, the niner complain about the hold because they lost the superbowl while the same thing the 9ers did with R. White that got them the sb..

    Fraudbaught can’t win big a big game, and never will.

  19. All State Tight end in High School. 4.5 40. Just a couple rumors I’ve heard about this guy. You never know. His brother is pretty good.

  20. Size, speed, all that is great. The test comes when he gets chopped across the arms and loses the ball. Does he stop and wait for the official to call a foul? And on the next play after he gets levelled by a 255 lb. LB with a full head of steam, does he decide he’d rather try playing roundball in Europe?

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