Vince Young back on campus, will work out at pro day


In an effort to go back to a time and place when people thought he might be good at playing football, Vince Young is going to put himself in front of NFL scouts at the University of Texas’ Pro Day.

According to Stewart Mandel of Sports Illustrated, Longhorns coach Mack Brown said Young would work out alongside the draft prospects at the Texas Pro Day.

Young is back on campus working on his degree while trying to find someone willing to take a chance on him.

One can only imagine the party they’ll have on campus if Young’s plan to attract attention to himself works.

22 responses to “Vince Young back on campus, will work out at pro day

  1. These ex players should not be allowed to work out at pro days. They had their shot and blew it.

  2. Here we go again with the Vince Young experiment. Question: did he hire Jamarcus Russel as his tutor?

  3. And why would they allow him to do this? Perhaps he threw a $300,000 party for the coaching staff….had to borrow the money of course.
    Glad to hear that he is getting his education, but I wonder what kind of major you qualify for when you can’t get more than a 6 on the Wonderlic?

  4. Hopefully Vince is back at school studying Physics so he can one day build a time machine and go back to a time when teams would give a crap about his swiftly declining football skills.

  5. VY, yes … my former favorite player, still just doesn’t get it. In the past few months, he’s retweeted comments like “I know what Jeff Fisher did to you” and “Fire Matt Schaub. Hire Vince Young.” Doesn’t he realize NFL teams see these things? Even if his talent surpassed every back-up in the league (and frankly, his probably does) … would you hire a guy this out-of-touch with being a leader to be a QB?

  6. Nice to see VY back in school. Sounds like a honest effort to get his life back on track football or no football. Education never goes out of style

  7. The state of QB’ing in the NFL is such that a guy w/his talent just might get another shot. The guy could flat out play… college.

    Could he be a backup to Kapernick, Russell or some other team that’s going in the pistol/read-option direction? Enormous talent. Questionable mental acuity. Probably not gonna happen, but talent like that is tough to walk away from…….

    That said, I hope he’s on a team other than the one I root for!

  8. He should have managed his money better. How can you blow 25.7million dollars? Like put 30% in a savings account let it build up. Always need a plan B…ps vince young you’re officially a dummy.

  9. I side with those who wish this guy well in his quest to finish his degree. This is a good step in rehabbing his focus and psyche. He still has, winning experience in the NFL; blazing speed and a strong arm. He was not a bad person, as evidenced by how he mentored and cared for Steve McNair’s children after his death. That goes unmentioned very much in the press. But it shows commitment, integrity and maturity for someone who had mentored him.

    Sometimes bad things just happen for seemingly no reason. VY was one of the rising QB stars in the NFL a few years ago. He self imploded after a very successful start. but he is still under 30 years old. And he most definitely is nowhere near the “Bust” status of JaMarcus Russell. VY actually has talent. Seems like he has matured and learned by watching the likes of RG3, Andy Luck, Russell Wilson, Colin Kaepernick, Ryan Tannehill, Andy Dalton and Cam Newton. I bet he saw how much better all of those guys handled adversity early in their careers. Learned from it. And maybe, just maybe, he is grown up enough to just close his yap; stay out of trouble, and let his enormous potential come out like it did at Texas.
    I really respect Mack Brown for staying with VY. A team like Arizona or the NY Jets have a lot to gain and nothing to lose by taking a look at him.

  10. As a bills fan, he intrigued me at camp. He wasn’t that bad, and for some reason Tyler thigpen was kept. People will say Tyler knew the system, but Damn his balls hit the dirt more than mine. Vy got a raw deal with the bills and in hindsight, galleys job was on the line and last thing he wanted was a quarterback controversy. Also heard he was booted cause after the steelers preseason game he chewed out some receivers. As a bills fan, Damn I like that… Make people accountable, enough of this lovable bills garbage. Good luck vy

  11. Many dumb jocks have come and gone over the years in the NFL, but this idiot takes the cake.

    No way anybody can be dumber than this mofo.

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