Von Miller explains his Super Bowl guarantee

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Broncos linebacker Von Miller recently paid homage to Joe Namath, months before the 2013 football season even has begun.

Miller guarantees that the Broncos will win the Super Bowl.

He appeared on Tuesday’s edition of Pro Football Talk on NBC Sports Network, and Miller explained his decision to go all in, long before the cards are even taken out of the package.

“It wasn’t based on me feeling cocky or me coming in with just a bogus guarantee,” Miller said.  “I was actually motivated because my cousin had just recently got in a car accident and had got out of a coma and out of all the things they were trying to teach him, out of all the things they were trying to get him to remember, one thing that he did remember is that he had a cousin named Von Miller that played for the Denver Broncos.

“And it just put a lot into perspective for me.  It really hit home for me and I was already motivated to play football before, I already loved playing football before but when it’s somebody else involved, when you’re doing something for somebody else it, always makes it a lot more special and it puts a little bit of motivation behind it.”

Miller believes plenty of his teammates will agree, in part because every player believes his team can win it all.

“I don’t think it’s a successful season if you don’t win the Super Bowl,” Miller said.  “The only way you can have a successful season is there is only one team at the end of the season that can leave with a win, and that’s the Super Bowl champions.  That’s certainly what I want to be, and I don’t see why we can’t get it done.  It’s a lot of stiff competition in the NFL, especially with all the changes that we have in our division now but I think we still are a great team.  I still think we have a lot of great guys on our team.  And I think we have a great chance and I feel like if you ask any of the guys in my locker room they’ll jump right along with me.”

It helps that the Broncos were one of the best teams in the NFL last season, winners of the top seed in the AFC.

Still, delivering from September to December doesn’t matter.  They’ve got to get it done in January.

And, ultimately, February.

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28 responses to “Von Miller explains his Super Bowl guarantee

  1. If a family member coming out of a coma with you as one of their few memories isn’t motivational, WHAT IS??? God Bless that entire family……..

  2. no way Denver will win a SB with sir chokes alot peyton at the helm, maybe if u had a dome in the middle of jan, maybe, but u guys are an outside cold stadium in jan, that peytons cryptonite!!!!

  3. Dang, you haters just lashed out. Did you read the article or just the title? I’m not a Broncos fan, but I totally get what he’s saying.

  4. I like his attitude. I can see him having 20+ sacks specially if Derek Wolfe steps up, gets pressure inside. Rahim Moore doesn’t whiff and who knows what woulda happened. We get S Quentin Carter back, who showed promise. Were shopping DJ Williams to free up cap room, Add another MLB just incase Nate Irving doesn’t step up and another DT and the Defense is set. On offense I’d like to see a speedy WR to blow the top of the defense, a bigger back and a gaurd or Center. I’d say overall its not a wild gaurantee, specially if Peytons arm gets stronger after he regenates some more nerves

  5. I like the bravado with the guarantee and only wish they were so tenacious that night in the bitter cold when they had it all LAID OUT IN FRONT OF THEM! It is going to be hard to get back to that point let alone the SUPER BOWL. His defensive mates were not guaranteeing anything other than a slap-down that night!

  6. As a Pats fan- and one who’s all grown up, I am dismayed at all the idiotic comments fueled by juvenile hatred. I fear the Broncos the most in the AFC. Look at what Peyton accomplished this past season! He is a great QB. And their team is stacked with talent all over the place. Elway is one of my favorite players all-time, and I expect that he’ll do whatever it takes to be successful. I don’t have a problem with Miller saying what he did. He may be eating crow in a year, but it may also drive his team during the season. So what? And btw, he’s a great player who should be respected as well. I’d take him in a heartbeat. And if you goons were honest with yourselves you’d admit that if your QB went down you’d probably like Peyton to be your new QB. I would.

  7. So, to sum up….he guaranteed a Super Bowl win because his cousin got in a car accident?

    That’s about as good as any other off-season SB guarantee.

  8. Except Mel Kiper is a know nothing jack ass and Von could actually contribute to his guarantee.

  9. Normally you see a guarantee and you just cringe… But this is a different situation. Besides, if the last emo year can get the ravens as the darlings and all the calls(and non calls)…maybe this will get Denver more calls in the playoffs… At the very least Von will be one of the most motivated guys this year…

  10. Broncos need to finish below warm weather AFC teams so Peyton can play in comfort in the big game in January. Indy? Houston? Surely not Miami, San Diego, Oakland, Jacksonville.

    They tried the bucket full of ice all practice leading up to the divisional game, if they have to play in the cold again, they may have to bring out the method of Darth Vader’s full body carbon freezing of Hans Solo to get him ready for the game.

  11. I wish that every player on every team would understand that they too are playing for real people – most of us long time fans of our respective home teams – and that a strong performance every year is what we all want. The Broncos are not my home team and SB guarantees miss more often than not; but I really appreciate the way Miller expressed his motivator and hope it infects all NFL players on every team to know and understand their importance to us fans.

  12. Peyton can’t win in cold weather…go back and look at his history in cold games, it’s not pretty. Have you ever heard of it snowing in New Orleans where he’s from? Played in the SEC in college, then in a dome for the majority of his career. Von better hope that the playoff games will be above 40deg…Also there’s no way it happens this year because the Super Bowl is in New York. My guess is it’ll be 30deg. that time of year.

  13. Yeah I bet you’re a Pats fan bikelikemike. I’ve never seen you here before. You just stumble upon this place?

    Not a fan of guarantees but at least Miller plays for a good team, unlike the last dude who guaranteed a SB, Kalil.

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