Weeden getting advice from the guy you’d expect to advise him

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The surprising part isn’t that Browns quarterback Brandon Weeden is working with Chris Weinke in Florida.

The surprising part is that it took this long to introduce the guys with the exact same story.

Weeden, the former minor league baseball player turned old-man college quarterback, is now being tutored by Weinke, the original minor league baseball player turned old-man college quarterback at the IMG Academy.

I’m very impressed with Brandon,” Weinke told Mary Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain Dealer. “In the short time I’ve worked with him, he’s an impressive guy and he has a huge upside.”

Weinke, who did some work with Panthers quarterback Cam Newton, said he thinks Weeden has a good chance to succeed in coach Rob Chudzinski’s system. But while he was impressed with Weeden’s arm strength, they’re together now working on footwork issues.

“He’s got a special arm,” Weinke said. “He spins it naturally, he has great velocity on the football and it’s really effortless. He’s got a good natural stroke and I’m quite impressed with his arm strength. . . .

“We’re focusing on his footwork, and he’s a gifted athlete. We’re trying to create that sense of urgency within his feet, which will obviously translate into getting rid of the ball quicker. He was very receptive and I’m excited to see what transpires over the next couple days.”

So is Susan Sarandon, who just boarded a bus for Bradenton to begin filming Bull Durham II.

16 responses to “Weeden getting advice from the guy you’d expect to advise him

  1. “Weeden getting advice from the guy you’d expect to advise him”

    In other amazing news, “U.S. kids being taught by those you’d expect to teach them”.

  2. I agree with Weinke’s assessment of Weeden…I believe Weeden could be a very decent quarterback, given an effective offensive line.

  3. Wouldn’t working with a former qb that was successful at the NFL level be a better idea?

    I suggest John Elway. He was drafted as a baseball player as well.

  4. I’ve got a good natural stroke too.

    Of course, I generally only use it at night….

  5. Weeden is a bum! Tipical Cleveland lets draft a “franchise” QB in the 1st round thats almost 30 years old!!! The Browns must be very happy that he’s working with Chris Weinke because he was so successful in the NFL.

  6. I don’t care if Weeden is working with Captain Hook. I’m just happy to hear the guy is working on his game. He needs to get better and fast. He has the talent and physcial tools to be successful in the NFL, he just needs to put the time in to get better. Otherwise he’ll end up exactly like his current mentor.

  7. I only watched one Cleveland game last year, the first one against my Eagles, and Weeden looked like the worst QB I have ever seen in that game. It was like he had the arm strength of Chad Pennington and the accuracy of old Donovan McNabb. I realise he did get better, but c’mon man! I’d rather have Colt McCoy.

  8. Why is he taking advice from Weinke??? Because they both played baseball?

    How about taking advice/lesson from and established QB trainer? Just saying…

  9. Chris Weinke got Cam Newton ready for Chud’s offense during the lockout and look what he did… I’m not saying Weeden is going to be a completely different player this year, but I fully expect him to be MUCH better after training with Weinke.

    Some people are better coaches/mentors than players. You idiots need to understand that.

  10. There is a saying, “Thgose that can’t do…teach,” and that is what Weinke is trying to do. The one thing I would like to see is Weinke to do a drill where Weeden has to throw over DL hands because he had way too many passes knocked down last year. Other than that, I am glad he is trying to improve.

  11. wagons716 – Typical (Not tipical) implies that they’ve done it before. Dont recall them drafting another 29 yo QB in the first round…

  12. cunninghampeetemcnabbvick – Are you really basing your opinion on the guys first start in the league? As a rookie? He was also playing in Shurmur’s WCO, which if you don’t know, doesn’t play to the strength of big armed QB like Weeden. Give him a shot in the Chud/Turner vertical attack and a second year in the league, then you can make a fair assessment.

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