Avril drawing interest from multiple 3-4 teams


The Browns aren’t the only 3-4 team interested in 4-3 defensive end Cliff Avril.

Per a source with knowledge of the situation, multiple 3-4 teams will pursue Avril, with the idea of making him an outside linebacker.  The Cleveland connection is obvious, given that former Lions defensive line coach Joe Cullen now works for the Browns.

But here’s the reality.  The best defensive ends in the 4-3 make more than the best linebackers in the 3-4.  So if Avril is going to become a linebacker in the 3-4, teams will have to be creative.

Other 3-4 teams that may be interested in Avril aren’t known.  Other 3-4 teams with the cap space to get something done include the Colts, who won’t be re-signing the former 4-3 defensive end they converted to a linebacker in 2012.

13 responses to “Avril drawing interest from multiple 3-4 teams

  1. Avril has made it crystal clear that he is going to the highest bidder.

    This has all the makings of a huge mistake.

  2. Was a nobody until he played next to Suh. Good luck who ever signs him he is overrated

  3. mattmchoes: They want him to be a 3-4 OLB. Big difference. Plus, don’t ever compare him to Justin Smith. Avril will never stop the run that good.

  4. That’s nice for Smith… but avril is a 250 pound de, not a 280+ pounder. He’s not a 3-4 DE.

  5. Paying a UFA big money to acquire him always carries risk. Statistics on UFAs being worth the money paid them are not favorable. Changing schemes/positions only makes the odds that much worse.

  6. “The best defensive ends in the 4-3 make more than the best linebackers in the 3-4.”

    He might end up a better player at OLB than he was as a DE. The teams interested obviously feel he would be effective as a rush linebacker.

    The guy was successful as a Lion. That says something!

  7. Cliff Avril will be a good player for whoever draft him, but, it’s almost certain they will overpay for his services.

  8. Avril is hugely overrated. Nick Fairly and Suh both draw double teams – but Avril couldn’t beat single coverage. The man simply can’t stop the run to save his life.

    He will disappear after signing the big contract. The only time he EVER produced was on his contract year. He seems like a likable guy, but not worth even $10M per season.

    Some team is going to be very sorry. There was never a drop in production when his backup was on the field. All smoke…

  9. avril is not an elite DE, he plays next to an elite DL that makes him look a heck of alot better. he is good but not that much money good.

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