Bills re-sign Bryan Scott


The Bills held onto safety Jairus Byrd via the franchise tag and now they’ve also retained another defensive player through more traditional means.

Linebacker Bryan Scott tweeted out a picture of the top of a contract with the Bills to announce that he’s decided to remain with the team for a seventh season. Scott then tweeted that he was “dedicated to make the city of Buffalo proud and give them something great to cheer for.” The Bills have not confirmed that Scott will be returning to the team.

Scott started his NFL career as a safety and was a second-round pick of the Falcons in 2003. He started for Atlanta in the 2004 NFC Championship Game, but eventually moved to outside linebacker after moving to Buffalo.

He hasn’t lost his ability to provide solid pass coverage. Scott has intercepted six passes in the last two years, returning two for touchdowns, as he played in all 32 games for the Bills. He wasn’t a starter in either season and doesn’t figure to be one in 2013, but he should once again play a heavy role in sub packages as a linebacker who can help in passing situations.

10 responses to “Bills re-sign Bryan Scott

  1. Bryan Scott was a good pick-up by the Bills. I’m glad that he was re-signed. The Bills have been ridding of many players this year: George Wilson, Nick Barnett, David Nelson, Donald Jones and Chris Kelsay retiring. I am extremely nervous for these big changes in such a small time period. In Buddy Nix we trust though!

  2. We have been so wrapped up in this QB thing most of have ignored what was right under our nose. The Bills are rebuilding………again

  3. Correction, in Buddy Nix we hope. That trust thing was before he extended Fitz

  4. Last year at this time I was really hoping the Bills would move on from him and in the second round, grab Lavonte David, essentially the same build but with a higher ceiling and the ability to play 3 downs. He proved me wrong though, and showed he can still make an impact, even in limited action. Pettine will make good use of him I’m sure. Who said the Bills are re-building? Cutting role players who haven’t even hit 26 yo and bidding farewell to under-acheiving veterans happens on every team in the NFL, it’s called smart bussiness and not “re-building”. Remember, the Bills went 6-10 while fielding an atrocious D the first half of the season, and some dismal QB play all season. I’d say more like trying to find the right piece to get over the hump.

  5. This guy is the real deal. He’s smart, athletic, a leader. I was hoping that he wouldn’t sign with Buffalo and come back home to Philadelphia (he played HS right outside of Philly)… in fact, I was hoping to have him AND Pettine..

    Good luck to Buffalo… get a QB and I think your needle is pointing up.

  6. When you have needs at 75% of your positions with QB being the biggest you r not about to get over any hump. They need to get Fitz to restructure to get a little more cap to even begin to put this thing together sooner or later

  7. Bryan Scott sucks. The Bills thinking keeping him is a good idea is why they suck every year. The people running this team are all idiots. He should have been shown the door just like George Wilson.

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