Bradshaw gets clearance to visit teams

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Cut last month by the Giants, running back Ahmad Bradshaw had been waiting for clearance to begin visiting teams, following January foot surgery.

As previously reported, Bradshaw visited a specialist on Wednesday.  Per a source with knowledge of the situation, Bradshaw received clearance to begin making visits.

He has expressed interest in returning to the Giants at a lower rate.  He also expressed interest in joining the Jets.  The Jets reportedly aren’t interested.

Now that Bradshaw has received clearance to make visits, we’ll find out who is.

17 responses to “Bradshaw gets clearance to visit teams

  1. Have the Jets seen the running backs they have on their roster? Is there any back they shouldn’t be interested in?!?

  2. If the Jets are not interested in Bradshaw then it’s safe to assume he can no longer play. The Jets front office is the best in the league at assessing talent. They have a very clear vision and they NEVER miss on free agents.

    And by best, I mean worst. And by never, I mean always.

  3. i’ll never forget when he drug Wilfork in SB42 for 5 yds on his back, you just knew the Giants came to play that game.

    best of luck.

  4. The Jets aren’t interested in Bradshaw yet they’ve employed Shonn Grenne for years and had interest in Jawalrus and Brady Quinn? Surely there can’t be teams this stupid.

  5. Bradshaw whines and cries incessantly any time he feels he isn’t getting enough carries. In today’s NFL, RBs should be happy to get between 10-15 carries.

    Bradshaw is talented but he breaks his feet every year and cries when he isn’t getting the rock. Interest in his services won’t be what he probably expects it to be…

  6. AB gave it his all,it was great seeing the one-two punch with Jacobs,they both will always be remembered in a positive light.They put fear in defenses across the league.

  7. washed up he would not make The NFC Eastern Division Champions Redskins roaster.

  8. thegreatgabbert says:Mar 6, 2013 7:44 PM

    Ahmad be rolling up for a visit in his wheelchair any day now. Make sure the walk is shoveled.

    Quoteth the maintenance man.

  9. I wouldnt mind AB on the Jets. We have some younger guys who he can rotate out with so its not a bad idea. Of course, if he wants to play for an immediate contender that wont be my Jets unfort.

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