Bruce Arians: Cards offensive line not as bad as advertised


The Arizona Cardinals offensive line allowed 58 sacks last season, seven more than any other NFL team. The 97 quarterback hits allowed were fourth-most in the league. Cardinals running backs also averaged the fewest yards per carry of any team in the league with just 3.4 yard a rush.

The struggles last season would seem to point to a desperate need by the team to upgrade the talent on their line. However, head coach Bruce Arians doesn’t see it being nearly as big an issue as it’s perceived.

“It’s not as near the dire straits everyone wants to make it out to be,” Arians said, via the team’s official website.

Arians believes the return of Levi Brown from the triceps injury that sidelined him for all of the 2012 will help the Cardinals line return to form. Despite some thought that Brown could move inside to guard, Arians sees him as a better fit at tackle. The offensive line isn’t entirely to blame for the number of quarterback sacks last year either.

“We are a lot better than what we showed last year,” Arians said.

With the return of Brown to the lineup and the hope for rookies Nate Potter and Bobby Massie to continue to progress in their second season in the league, the Cardinals may not need to invest heavily in the offensive line to see a significant improvement next year. Nevertheless, Arizona would still be wise to infuse some new talent to the position this off-season, whether through the draft or free agency.

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  1. As much as Arians says its not hat bad I still think Snyder can be replaced. You can’t tell me the Cardinals would pass on Warmack if he is still there at 7. After the comments by coach what would AZ do at 7 if not on the OLine? I hope this isn’t the ground work being layed down for a QB at 7. Yikes, if not the OLine then a defensive stud or what?

  2. Any one who has the games on DVR, and can look stats up in a computer and has a brain can see that Arians is correct. The 1st eight games vs. the last eight games is night and day. Once they put Nate Potter in at LT….it was a big difference. Massie also improved significantly as well.

  3. Well when you have 4th string QBs and no-name RBs going up against Seattle and SF’s D-lines 4 times I think he has a decent argument.. Just sayin. But the line was bad last year.

  4. Levi Brown has PROVEN over the years that his feet are too slow and his pass blocking technique is sub-par. He has never been able to consistently handle any of the elite speed rushers.

    With that said if BA plays him at either tackle spot, what will BA say when Brown again produces his normal bunches of illegal procedures by twitching or moving too early in hopes of compensating for his too slow feet and when the QB gets blasted again because of Brown’s poor technique?

    Yes, I want to know if BA will still declare that the OL is not that bad?

  5. that statement alone should tell you that Arians doesn’t have a clue how to be a head coach.

    The guy is a career assistant coach, who had a once in a lifetime streak of luck with a team playing on emotion and way above their level.

    Then the inept Bidwells hire him based on the pedigree of others and the fanbase blindly follows the ineptness.

    Can anyone say Romeo Crennel 2.0 ?

  6. “Bruce Arians: Cards offensive line not as bad as advertised”

    Arians was then seen entering an optical store.

  7. I dont see why you all aren’t trusting Arian’s opinion.

    He did a great job with the Colts last season whose offensive line and team overall was/is a hot mess (they will fall back to earth some this year)

    In addition, he did a great job in Pittsburg with the Steelers offense and managing their subpar offensive line, although having Big Ben helps.

    In any case, they need a system that manage the talent they have on the line better. I think Arians will do that.

    And this is coming from a Ravens fan.

  8. Bruce is correct that with Levi Brown back, they won’t be as bad. As a Cardinals fan for 40 plus years, last year’s line was as bad as I’ve witnessed.

    That said, a change in philosophy and schemes was needed. Out with Russ Grimm as OL coach and in with Coaches Arians and Moore. Keeping a back into block will help. Getting Brown back will help. Multiple receiver groupings and tight end packages will help.

    If you give Kevin Kolb time, he can be effective. There is no QB (current or past) that would have been successful in Arizona these past few years given the line play.

  9. Levi Brown will save the Cards line next year! He wasn’t that good when healthy. I just don’t see them passing on Eric Fisher. He would make a big improvement to the OL.

  10. I feel sorry for whatever QB ends up in Arizona.

    You saw how many hits Luck took last season, and Big Ben the years before that. Arians loves plays that take a long time to develop which get his QB killed.

  11. Maybe it’s the usual bluffing (read: lying) that goes on just before free agency and draft day, to throw other teams off from what the Cards want to do.

  12. If you break the season into 2 halves, the Cards OL made tremendous strides in the 2nd 8 games compared to the 1st 8 games. Potter was basically thrown in at left tackle in the middle of the Packers game and held the position for the rest of the year.

    Find me another team that had 2 rookie tackles and didn’t struggle? They may be out there, but I doubt it’s the norm.

    I’d like to believe Arians, but I wouldn’t pass on OL help with the 7th pick.

  13. Anyone who thinks a returning Levi Brown will improve the ‘O’ line, is in serious denial.

    Levi Brown was regularly held out as the WORST offensive lineman in the NFL by virtually every sports pundit. I believe they were right.

    Now when and how did ole’ Levi improve during his recovery?

    This religious belief is amazing.

    Go figure.

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