Don’t rule out an Asomugha trade


Last year, it was widely presumed that the Eagles would cut cornerback Asante Samuel and his eight-figure salary.  Then, out of nowhere, the Eagles traded Samuel to the Falcons.

It’s important to keep that in mind as we now assume the Eagles will cut cornerback Nnamdi Asomugha.

If the Eagles cut him, they’ll still owe him $4 million, with no offset for what he earns elsewhere.  So why not agree to pay the $4 million and send him for a late-round pick to a team that would then sign him to a new contract?

Last year, the Eagles got only a seventh-round selection for Samuel.  But that’s still a lot more than nothing, which is what a team gets if/when it cuts a player.  (Indeed, compensatory draft picks are available only when players leave after their contracts expire.)  This year, it makes even more sense for the Eagles to try to get something in return for the $4 million that they’ll be paying Asomugha whether he’s on the team or not.

Regardless of what happens, it looks like it’ll be happening soon.  A source with knowledge of the situation expects a resolution within the next few days.

Which means that the Eagles may have plans for the $11 million in cap savings they’ll create by trading or cutting Nnamdi.  Thanks to the pay-as-you-go contract signed by Asomugha in 2011, dumping his deal results in no cap acceleration.

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  1. for a 7th round pick, he’s worth it to a team with DB needs….and eagles get cap room, but I’m sure they will start around a 4th-5th rounder, heck Tebow was for a 5th rounder.

  2. So you’re aiming for a 6-7th round draft pick? Wow, that’s pathetic.

    There’s a very good chance that that pick doesn’t even make the team. Just release him, it’s more of an embarrassment for his poor performance.

    No team will trade for him if the Eagles are going to cut him.

  3. He was lights out in Oakland. What happened to this guy? His skills just vanished. Maybe a fresh start somewhere else is what he needs. At this point he can’t be worth more than a 7th round pick.

  4. But couldn’t Nnamdi refuse to restructure if he gets sent to a team he doesn’t want to play for? The Eagles pretty much have to trade him to a team he would agree to restructure, which makes it more trouble than it’s worth to pull off a trade. Might as well cut him, take the extra cap and go into free agency with a plan for the $44 Mil they will have to spend

  5. So your last sentence proves why the eagles are never in cap hell (even if all on this site predict it every month or so). Smart contracts and cap management.

  6. Except that everyone knows they’re going to cut him if they can’t trade him… Where’s the leverage?

  7. The Eagles couldn’t get a bag of day old muffin-stumps in exchange for Nnamdi…

  8. granted, ANYBODY would be an upgrade over the ‘future baggage handlers of America’ CB corps that Tampa lined up last year…

    …but i wouldn’t be upset if they sent a 6th or 7th for him. His whole time up in PHI, they never used him how he was most effective: lock up the outside man and stick with him down the field.

    It seemed like they always had him in either zone coverage, off man or in the slot.

    Now, his tackling ability will need to improve, but that’s something that can be fixed.

  9. he’s an expensive CB that can no longer run with receivers, has terrible ball and awareness skills, and doesn’t put any effort into tackling…. so he’s got all that going for him

  10. As much as you can say Reid’s final teams didn’t live up to expectations or get value for money on the players at least he didn’t leave the team mired in cap issues when he left. He seems to have largely shunned the big back loaded deals with big guarantees that other teams (Jets/Raiders/Cowboys/Saints) have done and now seem to be suffering for.

    Trading Nnamdi for a low round pick makes sense for both teams. Nnamdi just needs a new set of surroundings and to be played in the style of football he likes to be a good low risk possible high reward trade

  11. Wow a few years ago everyone was going crazy over where this guys was going to sign. Fact is, this guy was never that good – he came into the league in a weak division and made a name for himself dominating no one. Then he ended up in the NFC East was exposed for the bust that he is. At least he made a fortune doing it. No team is going to give up much for him. Makes that Samuels steal look real good for the Falcons.

  12. Considering the Steelers gave William Gay $4.5 mil, maybe they’re interested in having 2 overpriced, old guys who can no longer cover. Idiocy does love company.

  13. Because teams are in dire need of an aging CB in the decline that would be making $15 millions next year. Sure.

    Whichever team is considering trading for Asomugha must fire its GM.

  14. Plenty of teams will trade for him. You clown are nuts. That whole defense suck guys traded, cut , waived during season that team suck no doubt about it. I hope he lands on the ravens a team that has safeties to help Cbs out so they don’t get beat deep

  15. steelbydesign says:
    Mar 6, 2013 4:14 PM
    Except that everyone knows they’re going to cut him if they can’t trade him… Where’s the leverage?


    Where’s the leverage? Ask the Falcons. They must have it laying around somewhere in the Georgia Dome.

  16. just a tip Mike, a synonym for ‘got’ is ‘receive’. It sounds a lot more professional.

    Mike: Last year, the Eagles got only a seventh-round selection for Samuel

    Professional Mike: Last year, the Eagles only received a seventh round selection for Samuel.

  17. There is a new kid on the block and he will be playing cornerback for the Raiders and his name is Taiwan Jones and trust me he will have his own island by the end of 2013 because of his speed and ability to find the ball. Was great on special teams by the end of last year and I will be the one that told you so.

  18. I’ve already taken the liberty of packing his bags for him and I’ve purchased him a ticket on the next train leaving philly. its not important where its going as long as its going anywhere else.

  19. Asomugha is not a bum. He just didn’t fit the style or scheme the Eagles had implemented and by looking at their record, none of the “All Stars” they signed did either. They had an offensive line coach as their Defensive Coordinator, what do you expect?

    When he was with the Raiders under the Al Davis regime, the defense was always the same. Man to man and rush four. We had a great defensive line at the time and Asomugha’s skill was playing man to man. He was shutting people down for a good 2 years before people recognized it. Nobody wanted to throw his way. He was also a good tackler then.

    Maybe playing out of his comfort zone made it to where he was thinking too much and playing in too many different spots, that he wasn’t always in position to make the proper tackle. It happens.

  20. Nnamdi to the Niners! They can use a couple of their 15 draft picks that they have this year, say a 4 or a 5. That still leaves plenty of draft picks available to trade for Revis!!!

  21. this is remanisent of when the packers swooped up Charles Woodson and jumpstarted his career. I know its not a typical Packer move, but it wasnt then either

  22. I love how people who clearly never watched an eagles game in the last two years are so certain that Nnamdi is still an elite player who the Eagles misused. The guy can’t cover, can’t tackle, and screws up his assignments regularly. He’s one of the worst starting CBs in the NFL. The tape doesn’t lie.

  23. @ryanbowman8286

    I hate to break it to you, but if you watched any of the Eagles games this year you’d know he got burned in man coverage on a consistent basis. And you’re a fool if you don’t think Aso was playing any zone in Oakland.

    Aso played mostly man the entire season for the Eagles. It’s the reason they let Asante go. They had him out of position for the 2011 season. They wanted to go man with him and DRC for this previous 2012 season and that’s what they did. He just failed at it. Seriously, watch the games. Watch him get burned in Man then wave his arms around looking for someone to blame. All the Eagles fans saw it.

  24. Come to Green Bay Nnamdie, where your abilities would be recognized and properly utilized. You would make a great replacement for Charles Woodson. 😉

  25. Nnamdi is a very good CB who will play in the league for several more seasons.

    The main problem in philly was having an O-line coach run the defense.

    Nnamdi will play somewhere else in 2013 and he will perform well, guaranteed.

  26. Say what you want…the problem wasn’t Asomugha. The problem was the Eagles! I think everyone made their share of mistakes. Asomugha should improve when he moves onto a different team and if he doesn’t, then I will stand corrected.

    I will say however that I believe Chip Kelly will be an awesome coach for the Eagles but only if the team buys into his high tempo approach. Based on how many players whine today about working too hard…I can’t say it will work out for the best unfortunately.

  27. Nnamdi to San Francisco makes a lot of sense. He wants to back to the West Coast, the Niners are a great team, the Niners have something like 15 draft picks, plus there is the Gamble connection.

  28. People can say Namdi’s play has really fallen but I believe its really the system. You cant take a guy who plays man for 5-6 years and then throw him into a 4-3 zone system. Id like to see if Revis could do the same. Put Namdi back into his old system and he will once again be one of the great.

  29. This guy stunk for the Eagles from day 1. It didn’t matter if he was playing zone, man to man, or in the slot. He was a sub par tackler as well. Eagles will get rid of this guy, and the sooner the better for them. People that think the Eagles didn’t use him right, didn’t watch this guy play this year. I would agree, the 1st season they played a lot of zone, but this season, he was playing man coverage almost every play, and he was getting smoked in every game multiple times..

  30. Hmmmmm, Eagles’ right side defensive backfield blows coverages all season long…

    There’s NO WAY it could’ve been Nate Allen so it MUST’VE been Nnamdi! Yeah that’s it! Nnamdi is the bum, not Nate Allen. Nothing was Allen’s fault, he’s great! He was always in position and NEVER blew a coverage. You know what? There’s no way it was Juan Castillo’s scheme either, what a great scheme it was! I can’t think of any reason whatsoever to have him fired. Todd Bowles is such an amazing coach too! Why didn’t HE got coach of the year? He’s awesome!! Speaking of awesome, how ’bout Kurt Coleman?!? Man that guy should be in the Pro-bowl every year, he’s so great!!! He should be an Eagle for LIFE!!! Forget about DRC, that guy’s such a bum!! What a garbage player!! Who needs him and Nnamdi when you’ve got the greatest safety tandem of all-time in Nate Allen and Kurt Coleman!!! We need to sign those two to 10 year contracts. You can’t let talent like theirs slip away!! I bet the rest of the NFL is SOOO jealous of our safeties!!!

  31. Asomugha isn’t going anywhere. He is the cornerstone of Chip Kelly’s dream team 2.o. Got to have that obligatory over paid, over hyped, and over rated defender to build the dynasty that Vick spoke of.

  32. The Colts can use a vet CB,
    they have the cash and GM Ryan Grigson KNOWS that player.
    I’m betting the Colts are taking a long look.

  33. Idk what GM would trade for a DB at this point, even for Namdi. “Let me see… do I trade for a back, spend a draft pick and have to sign the player to a multi-million dollar contract? Or instead should I wait a week and do all that without spending a pick?” Namdi will be cut within the next 3-4 weeks. He will be available. There are plenty of good cornerns in F/A and the draft this year.

  34. To the guy who used “smart contracts” and Philadelpia Eagles in the same sentence. See: Michael Vick or DeSean Jackson

  35. Watch film before you have him placed on another team. He was close to horrible last year, not to mention slower and now older.

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