Falcons, 49ers, on list of possible Revis trade partners

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The Jets might be trying to slow-play any potential Darrelle Revis trade to maximize value, but it’s becoming clearer and clearer that he’s getting traded somewhere.

According to Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News, two or three “legitimate buyers” are prepared to deal for Revis when the league year opens March 12, but could move on to other targets if the Jets wait too long.

The report adds the Falcons to the list of possibilities, to the previously mentioned 49ers, but makes it clear that a resolution with the Jets isn’t likely.

“He’s gone,” a source familiar with the situation said. “This is happening. They’re moving him. They can’t keep him. They’re rebuilding. They’re starting fresh.”

If that’s the case, the Jets will have to try to strike a deal before teams fill their needs otherwise. With enough quality (even if not Revis-quality) corners available in free agency, teams could go that route if the Jets insist on waiting to make the best deal before the draft.

The 49ers have a wealth of picks to deal, and an obvious need. The Falcons clearly have a vacancy after cutting Dunta Robinson and with Brent Grimes coming off injury as a free agent. And their willingness to make big deals in the past (such as the draft-day bonanza for Julio Jones) makes it consistent with their behavior as well.

54 responses to “Falcons, 49ers, on list of possible Revis trade partners

  1. Love to see him in the red and black next to Asante. With moore and decoud roaming in the back end makes this the best sec in the NFL.

  2. Flynn and a 3rd round pick sounds about right. Hate to lose Flynn as I think he is a solid backup option if Wilson gets injured, but……

    With the beef Sherman and Revis got going? Can you imagine the oneupsmanship going on week by week. The two of them trying to outdo each other. Good luck to Bradford, Kaepernick and whatever schmuck the Cards decide to throw out there throwing on that secondary!

  3. The team that trades for him is receiving the kiss of death. This guy wants 4 mil less than the highest paid qbs, the most important position in the game. An he, himself, plays a position in which there are 2-4 of them in the game at one time.

    I don’t care how many picks SF has. You’re going to have to pay Kaepernick in a few yrs, Crabtree, bowman, Aldon smith, and Willis all of which will demand top dollar as well. I don’t know how anyone is even remotely interested in dealing with a guy who wants that kind of money, playing a position that’s easily draft able, and oh by the way is coming off acl surgery…have fun!

  4. The Jets are not winning the Superbowl in 2013. Mevis will be gone after next season via free agency if they keep him. So make the best deal you can, but rid yourselves of this selfish bum.

  5. Both teams trying to BUY a Superbowl..the only winners here will be the Jets. They get rid of a diva and get a boatload of picks for a guy with an acl that will never be the same.
    Great move by the Jets. The Falcons and 49ers will regret this move just like the Eagles regretted BUYING Asamugha..which got them nothing but trouble and cost them a ton of money.

    Revis island is a sink hole.

  6. Now the asking price will be too much for my 49ers to cave in for Revis. He is not worth a 1st round pick what so ever, if anything a 2nd and 3rd ot 2nd and next yrs 2nd.

  7. Atlanta cannot afford Revis. They would need to cut more than 3 aging veterans they already cut. I’m not sure with all the talent the 49’s have they can afford him for the future. I do believe if the 49’s get him they will win next years Superbowl. For what the Jets are expecting to get for Revis no team is going to meet that for a guy coming off a knee injury. I see the Jets doing some major ass kissing and restructuring to keep Revis on the team and making sure he’s happy.

  8. Smart move for the Jets.

    It seems like they’re abdicating the 2013 season.

    Better to stockpile draft picks for 2014 when they might be able to improve at QB, not to mention head coach.

  9. They gave Dunta that crazy contract a few years ago when he wasnt the best DB in the NFL..they have to at least flirt with this one.

  10. For the Jets, it is about building towards next season when they have salary cap relief. For example Sanchez can come off the books. I would like SF to be the team, because they have more and better draft picks. Their 31 along with KC’s 34 would help us more than ATL’s 30 and 62.

  11. If the 9ers are able to net 2 2nd rd picks or a 2nd and a 3rd for Alex Smith the Jets should demand at least 2 1sts or a 1st and a plethora of other picks before even considering trading what was the best corner in the league before his injury.

    He was injured early in the season and is expected to be ready for camp, has had no other injuries and is still in his prime. Dont be stupid here Jets our roster has no star potential dont trade the one we have.

  12. According to Harvey Araton of the New York Daily News, Philadelphia Eagles are ready to offer Jeremy Maclin and a 2013 1st round draft pick for Darelle Revis, possibly working a deal that will unload Nnamdi Aasomugha as well once the league year starts March 12.

  13. What are the Falcons willing to give up? The clear and obvious gaps are on the D-Line with the O-line as the close second. The secondary is OK, but is shaky with Brent Grimes coming off injury. Dunta Robinson was nice, but he’s a hitting corner, not a cover corner.

    So if they can address the line while picking up Revis, that’s a good deal. Oh, and if they can get younger at TE, that would be fantastic. (The much-hyped RB situation isn’t that big a deal because you can find young and explosive RBs in the very late rounds, or even pick one of them up on the street.)

  14. I’m afraid this is going to turn into a Nate Clements deal. An incredible player on the downslide. Although, Nate was still a very solid player, just not to the level of his contract. And Revis is coming off knee surgery. With that said, sign him up!!

  15. The niners are not going after Revis. The 49ers believe in drafting well and locking up there good young players before they hit free agency. There is no way they will give up valuable draft picks and pay Revis 16 million a year. Especially with kaepernick, Aldon smith, Anthony Davis and mike ilupati due contract extensions

  16. Regarding the 49ers, you must realize you are trolling. All of the SF beat writers downplay the likelihood of any interest there, given Baalke’s history and methods. Maiocco, Barrows, Inman, et al. have no interest in getting this wrong. And I’m not sure the Niners have an obvious need at corner. So, unless you have sources to the contrary (and you don’t appear to), isn’t this article just filler?

  17. Dont count out the Kansas City Chiefs as a possible landing spot for Darrelle Revis

    Reports say but again you probably never heard of these.

    But the reports say if the Jets end up trading Tim Tebow to the Cardinals on March 12th when the free agent market starts up. Then the Jets could look at Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Matt Cassel and work out a trade that could send Matt Cassel to New York and Darrelle Revis to Kansas City. Also there could be draft picks involved in the trade as well.

    Lets hope it all works out for the Kansas City Chiefs and not the San Fran Whiners or The Atlanta lets not use Tony Gonzalez Falcons.

  18. Fan’s in NJ paid 50,000 for PSL’s now the Jets are going to trade away there best player..Why would fans even want to go to the game.. to see David Garrard ?

  19. It’s not like the Niners need all 15 picks that they have, but personally, I’d think they’d want to go after D-Line before secondary. Their secondary wasn’t exposed until the pass rush dried up, which was right about the time Justin Smith got hurt.

    With Smith turning 34 and coming off an injury, and Francois and Sopoaga UFAs, some new talent in the front 3 seems mandatory. Giving up a high pick or two for a CB coming off an injury…..and then, only having that guy for one year before he will require a huge new contract….is a very high risk, short-term move.

  20. The 49ers could use his talent, but his salary expectations won’t fit the team’s payroll concepts. If they trade for him, they either need to negotiate a long term contract prior or look at it as a one year rental.

  21. As a Jets fan, it reached the point where keeping Revis is not practical. It’s not as they need one hole to fill.
    They have to start somewhere and since the defense was 8th last year without him, a trade would be beneficial if they get good value.
    He will be back again as good as new. He is among the few ,such as AP to return good as new thanks to his motivation within.
    I would like to see some good value for him.

  22. Revis’ contract says that he cannot be franchised tagged when the deal voids after 2013. So . . . if the Jets have to hold on to Revis through 2013 and then he leaves as a free agent, the most the Jets could get back would be a 3rd round compensatory pick.

    The 49ers were in nearly the same boat with Alex Smith, but he had an extra year on his contract and wasn’t coming off a torn ACL . . . . and he can be franchised tagged if he works out for KC. In that light I believe Revis could be had for as little as a 3rd rounder plus a late round sweetener.

    If it’s much more than that from the 49ers I hope they say no thanks . . . because if it doesn’t work out long-term at least they could recoup a 3rd round compensatory pick in 2015.

  23. How can ATL even consider trading for him when they got cap issues. They had to release Turner, Abraham, & D. Robinson to make room to sign they’re own pending key free agents (Baker, Moore) So I’m supposed to believe they can pull the money out their a$$ to trade & sign Revis?!?!? What a B.S. smoke screen, don’t believe it try harder

  24. According to Kevin Seifert of ESPN.com, Dallas Cowboys will attempt to unload Dez Bryant in the upcoming NFL Draft for multiple picks per a team source.

  25. According to Ron Ameri of ESPNdallas.com, per a team source, Dallas Cowboys have been in talks with the Seattle Seahawks to send Dez Bryant packing for Kam Chancellor and unconditional picks in future drafts.

  26. The Falcons will not trade for Revis. They need a DE, RB, possible TE, and some work on the OL. If they can’t resign Baker then that’s a hole they’ll need to fill as well.

    From what I’ve read the Falcons are only 16 million under cap. They’ll be looking to sign discounted free agents and building through the draft.

    Forgot to mention… Ryan’s in a contract year that’ll definitely be expensive.

  27. Hmmm..

    Two years ago, all these comments were the exact same for Asuhmuga of the Raiders. How’ed that turn out?

    Revis is a load mouth, over bearing idiot who thinks he should get a raise just because another cornerback gets a new contract.

    Last I saw Revis, he was talking smack to Randy Moss, Moss beats him for a 40 yard TD, and Revis is so embarrassed, he starts to grab his leg.

    Good luck on Revis..you guys can have him.

  28. The 49ers have plenty of draft picks to take on Revis as a 1 year “win now” rental. They are solid at just about each position so giving up a few of their 15 picks wont hurt them. They could use Revis under his current contract and see how he plays then either pay him lower than what he wants or let him walk and lose nothing. I think it would be worth the risk for 1 season.

  29. I am unsure how the Jets can justify trading Revis. Unless they are headed into a 3+ year rebuild, the object is to assemble the best players you can – while cutting off the fat of players who have stopped producing.

    Other cuts the Jets have made makes sense. Trading Revis doesn’t. Regardless, I think they will trade him, as the Jets seem ready to simply re-set the entire team. They seem prepared to embrace 0-16, 2-14, 6-10 for the next 3 years.

  30. Almost puked when I saw the falcons as a possibilty for Revis. I would not want my Bucs to have to face this guy twice a year, especially if he is healthy. Shut down CB.

  31. Revis is a lot better then asoumagha (can’t spell it) … He had some good years with the raiders but he wasn’t solid and consistent like REVIS.. Plus Philly doesn’t d up the right scheme for his style if play.. So bad comparison.. Don’t think the falcons need him.. If they just got rid of dunta which is solid.. And they still have a solid secondary.. If my NINERS got REVIS it would open it up for backers and safetys, with one side locked down.. Good move for jets?? He’s there best player injured or not

  32. You’re dreaming zamo, and there is no Ron Ameri that reported this. Kam Chancellor is one of the best safeties in the league and you would have to trade Dez and picks for him.

  33. I’d like to see what kind of deal he is expecting if traded. I’d also like to see some numbers that would fit him in somewhere.

    I doubt a trade to any team that is not willing to pay him what he thinks he needs.

    One year deal? Someone said that on the thread. Why would anyone trade for a guy to sign him to a one year deal? Would not be worth it if it costs a pick or two.

    Anyway, I am sure there are secnarios for either team to be able to afford Revis. I’d like to see how a high end contract would break down for these teams and how it would impact their cap over time.

    Doing deals and signing big named players usually backfires. See Eagles.

  34. falcons made 15.9mil from the releases, ur also forgetting grimes made 10mil himself last year so they choose to let him walk thats 25.9ish, then add in tony’s 6mil if he retires so just looking at that atlanta have some cap space to play with it for sure.

  35. There is no way Seattle is trading Kam Chancellor for DBryant – no way. I realize Dalas fans would love that, but keep dreaming.

  36. Falcons don’t have that much cap room. They have around $20 mil. They need to sign Baker, Moore, and others. Also, if Tony comes back that going to be ~$7 mil.

  37. Jets fans, you seem to be way overestimating what you’ll get in return for Revis. If he were fully healthy and signed for another 3 or so years at about $10 million a year, you could maybe expect two firsts, or more likely a first and a third.

    Being that this is the final year of his contract, he can’t be franchised, the Jets know they’d lose him next year for nothing (and other teams know this too), and he’ll be asking for the moon, you should expect a 3rd rounder (MAYBE second) with maybe a 5th added. No team in their right mind will give away two first round picks to have him for a year and watch him walk next year because he wants to much.

    And no, SF will NOT give #31 and #34. The late second rounder is the best you can expect.

    It sucks and I really empathize with you guys, it’s terrible to get so little in return for a great player, but that’s the reality. If you don’t take the 2nd/3rd and 5th this year, next year you’ll get nothing (or a 4th round comp).

  38. According to Daniel McConnell of ESPNphoenix.com, per team sources, Arizona close to deal that will send Larry Fitzgerald to New York Jets for Darelle Revis. There will be draft picks involved as well.

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