Hester declares he’s a Bear for life

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Bears receiver/return specialist Devin Hester periodically has created the impression that he may not be returning to the Bears in 2013.  According to Kevin Seifert of ESPN.com, Hester strongly suggested on Tuesday that he’ll be back.

Hester said on his verified Instagram account that he is a “bear 4 life.”

It’s unclear whether Hester means that literally or figuratively.  The full message, complete with the term “Beardown” and multiple exclamation points, implies that Hester will be back.

The bigger question is whether the reference to being a “bear 4 life” at a time when Hester is entering the final year of his contract means that Hester has signed a new contract with the Bears.

Indeed, it’s hard to be a “bear 4 life” if the contract applies to only one more season.

21 responses to “Hester declares he’s a Bear for life

  1. I think you guys are reading too much into this. If you ask Brett Favre, he’ll say he’s a Packer for life. Jeff Saturday will say he’s a Colt for life. Ed Reed recently said he will always be a Raven. Hester may play somewhere else, but he will always be a Bear at heart.

  2. Can’t deny what he’s done for the Bears as a returner. He’s earned his spot among the Bears greats for his accomplishments.

    But you also can’t deny that he’s been more turd than stud at WR.

  3. What he meant was; “I shouldn’t have opened my big mouth when Lovie got fired. Of course I’m not retiring. That doesn’t pay anything. And, my skills are so diminished that nobody else will have me.”

  4. He’s a Bear for life? And a fruitfly needs to have a good retirement plan for his golden years?

    Hester needs to be gone. He WAS an amazing returner but those days are done. Age, rule changes, changes on special teams have lessened his effectiveness. He also has no place as a WR.

  5. Seriously. Was this guy ever more than a special teams player? 3rd WR at best. And now that his punt returns are below average, he has very little value to an NFL team.

  6. According to Kevin Seifert of ESPN.com, Dallas Cowboys will attempt to unload Dez Bryant in the upcoming NFL Draft for multiple picks per a team source. May fit in nice for a team in the NFC North (Vikings, Lions)

  7. Amazing player, but basically a one trick pony, and now he can’t do the trick. Nothing lasts forever, especially in the NFL. Sad to see him go, but that’s the NFL.

  8. That’s unfortunate.. And I’m a Bears fans. Hopefully he agrees to take a big chunk of change out of his contract. That would be nice.

  9. I just couldn’t see Hester in a different uniform. He’s done so much for the bears. Will always remember asking myself back in his prime, is he going to return this kickoff/punt for a TD? in all fans minds before that kickoff/punt.

  10. Translation:

    I’m crawling back and hoping I get another contract, given my agent tells me there’s no market for me and I’ll get the minimum contract with any other team.

  11. BTW, is he related to Ricky Waters? (i.e., “For who, for what,” when asked if he was reluctant to run over the middle on pass patterns and risk big hits.)

  12. With the new kick-off rules Hester just doesn’t fit in. His only value is as a punt returner, and unfortunately for him he will need to be paid that way.

  13. Hester’s maturity level isn’t exactly “right up there”! A good example was the day Lovie Smith was fired, Hester chose to pull his hood over his head and exclaim his displeasure by saying; “I never got a chance to showcase all of my talents here”. Let’s think about this, he’s mad because Lovie Smith was fired, yet, feel’s cheated that he wasn’t able to utilize his full capablities…….. knock, knock Devin! That’s what a head coaches job is! You should be elated that Lovie is gone and an offensive minded coach like Trestman is here! I’m glad you claim to be a Bear for life, however, I’m thinking you’ll be one in the comfort of your own home because it’s time for you to move on. Thanks for all you’ve given this team, you’ve made history. Now it’s time to move on…………

  14. I remember them playing Denver and standing in front of and yelling “Just don’t kick it to…. Damn!”. Dude could return no doubt about that. But that is a young mans job. He was electric though.

  15. I say he stays and plays his first game in #13, for his boy Johnny, remember the days when they were our best options at WR..we all forget the past and get greedy with the future, be humble, and thankful that we have the best returner in history, and now he gets to concentrate on it…one request…please STOP coming out to soldier boy, change it up?

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