Jarvis Moss joins the draft-bust comeback trail, too

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When it comes to washed-up draft-bust players who are trying to launch a comeback, the quarterback monopoly has ended.

Joining Vince Young (third overall, 2006), JaMarcus Russell (first overall, 2007), and Pat White (second round, 2009) is defensive end Jarvis Moss.

Josina Anderson of ESPN reports that Moss, the 17th overall pick in the 2007 draft, will work out for the Cowboys.

The move shows that the Cowboys are looking anywhere and everywhere for players who would fit their new 4-3 defense.  It also shows that coordinator Monte Kiffin and defensive line coach Rod Marinelli believe that they can possibly get a guy who had huge potential to begin to realize it.

Moss was out of football in 2012.  In the five prior years, he was barely in.

He has two career starts — one with the Broncos as a rookie and one with the Raiders in 2011.  The good news is that Moss mustered six career sacks, which is exactly six more than 2008 top-ten bust Vernon Gholston.

Maybe Gholston will be the next guy to launch a comeback.

At a certain point, however, the implication of the term “comeback” is more than a little bit too strong.

18 responses to “Jarvis Moss joins the draft-bust comeback trail, too

  1. I thought he played well at times, just not consistently. He was not first round material by any means just like the other players listed, but he wasn’t a total slouch either.

  2. He may be a bust for where he was drafted but I have no idea why the Raiders let him walk in 2012. He wasn’t a superstar but had his share of big plays for the limited amount of snaps he saw.

    Someone will get a steal. Not a 20 sack steal but a productive player for very little money.

  3. Even though it would be a good story if any of these guys can come back and get there careers back on track, I just can’t see it happening.

  4. The Raiders tried making him a pass rush specialist, kinda like Anthony Smith, Lance Johnstone, etc.

    He’s too lean and get knocked on his ass too much.

  5. I remember watching him play for the Raiders, the guy definitely has talent and can contribute to a team. He was a good fill in guy, good player to put in to give your starters a breather.

  6. Hope the guy can, never know another guys trash, as another guys treasure…..plus he should be a bit older, and more mature, and had a dose of reality slap him in the face when nobody wanted him, after a life long of younger days(pre-pro) as being one the best on the field whenever he suited up….now he has to earn it.

  7. He was reasonably effective for the Raiders at the end of the 2011 season as a situational pass rushing end in a 4-3. Surprised that he didn’t catch on anywhere last year (I wonder if his special teams play isn’t good enough). Worth getting into camp for a look I would have thought.

  8. Teams don’t let good players go period unless it is a salary cap issue but in his case that wasn’t a problem. He may have all the athletic ability in the world but if he don’t put it on the field what good is it? To play efficiently in the NFL a player has to really love the game to take the brutal beating week in and week out and I think this is his problem. He wants the money but doesn’t won’t to have to earn it and football to him is only a vehicle to obtain that money but his days are numbered in fooling teams if that is the case. Nobody hopes more than me he has learned his lesson and will be dedicated to being all he can be as a Pro Football Player for his sake and the Cowboys. When scouts brought big physical specimens to Jimmy Johnson he would ask, “but can he play” and that is what really counts isn’t it?

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