Jeff Blake impresses during (his son’s) pro day workout


As it turns out, Vince Young won’t be the oldest former NFL quarterback throwing passes at a college pro day this spring.

Auburn wide receiver Emory Blake put a spin on take-your-kid-to-work day for his workout, bringing his father, former Bengals quarterback Jeff Blake to throw.

Jeff Blake’s now 42, and the son endorsed dad’s arm, which got him through 13 NFL seasons.

“It’s something I always planned, sometimes you never know how the old man’s going to hold up,” Emory told Joel Erickson of “It was an easy decision for me, he’s always thrown the ball well. . . .

“Honestly, my dad throws probably the most perfect ball I’ve ever caught. It’s never too heavy. A lot of quarterbacks step in there and try to drill you, he’s just trying to make it a catchable ball. That makes it easy for me as a receiver.”

Jeff said it was a fun way to pay his son back, for the years Emory spent as a receiver for his own workouts.

“I’ve been throwing it to him for a very long time,” Jeff said. “Somebody had to get me ready for the season when I played, he was my receiver during the offseason.”

It wasn’t that long ago that Cam Newton was throwing for scouts at Auburn’s pro day, but this year, they had the elder Blake and Dameyune Craig serving as arms for the receivers as the showed off for scouts.

And it’s possible that both have the exact same chance Young does at turning into another NFL job.

21 responses to “Jeff Blake impresses during (his son’s) pro day workout

  1. Nice story. Kid was most likely having a blast with NFL scouts watching him, while his dad is throwing him the balls.

  2. This poor guy played for that awful Cincinnati franchise in the 90s i thought it was his fault but once he went to New Orleans he had a few years where he tore it up not a great QB or good he was a below average QB.

  3. Vince Young has absolutely zero to do with this story yet you guys found a chance to take a jab at someone and took it. The story isn’t even about a comeback attempt. It’s more feel good than anything….some jabs are funny and well planned by most are starting to just feel mean spirited. It’s gotten really old.

  4. Jeff Blake was an underrated QB. The Saints acquired him and he had a great season with them until he got injured vs the Raiders.

    Then Aaron Brooks stepped in and never gave the job back.
    Which bought Haslett and Brooks a one way ticket out of town.
    Then the Saints got back at the Raiders for that injury by having Aaron Brooks go to Oakland lol.

  5. Too often, fans can only see the obvious and not the essentials that make NFL football the greatest game on earth.

    Kudos to Blake for maintain his are in top condition where he can still place a high velocity, sweet spiral pass on the money. However, keep in mind that the biggest things that separate a successful NFL QB from those who can pass long balls with accuracy and form is the reading of coverages, calling the correct pass blocking assignments, and finding and passing to the open receiver. If the mental part of the game was unnecessary, Jeff George, who arguably had the best long ball arm ever, would be the top HOFamer ever, and Montana, (who could never hold a candle to George in long ball passing results) would be nowhere to be found. In reality, Montana had plenty of arm for the offensive scheme the 49ers used to win all of those SBs and he excelled in the mental parts of being an NFL QB.

    Keep reporting on these feel good stories as they have their place, but do not insult the rest of us by implying the mere ability to pass long with a pretty spiral and accuracy alone makes for a viable NFL QB candidate.

  6. For a person to have a father that played in the NFL must be cool, but to have your father there with you on that same journey, that has to feel amazing! I hope this kid makes it in the league as long or longer than his dad did. Good story.

  7. Cool story, some of my first memories are of my dad and I playing catch in the driveway as a little boy. Thats awesome they get to do it at the kids pro-day. Good for them!

  8. Blake was an underrated player. He was the Russell Wilson of his day. He lacked height and consistency, but he would have the occasional unbelievable game.

  9. Always liked Blake. Oddly, I have been in-person at three games where he threw for 300+ yards in losing efforts, for three different teams.

    He gouged my Steelers when playing for Arizona in 2003 and Baltimore in 2002 and I paid my respects to the Browns in 1995 in that last game at Cleveland Municipal when Blake played for Cincy.

    Good for this family, as Jeff always was a class act and a verrrrrry highly underrated QB in his day.

  10. Jeff could always throw a great long ball…….a 5 yard out, not so much. All gun, no touch.

  11. I’d say it’s more likely the father and son have been playing catch for almost 20 years and have their timing down pretty well by now.

  12. Jets should take a flier on Blake. He’d easily have the best arm on their team and would be an upgrade over Sanchez
    I don’t know if you know this or not but Blake was drafted by the Jets in 1992.

    The funny thing I will always remember about Jeff Blake was the time my brothers and I set up a QB challenge course in our back yard. We were just getting into watching the NFL and the QB challenge and had never heard of Blake. We took a pre-season magazine and took turns at being different QB’s from the NFL and Jeff Blake ended up being the winner. That same year Blake got his first start for the Bengals and ended up having a great year.

  13. Blake was often very good, sometimes pretty bad, on some woeful Bengals teams. You always had to give him credit for not being dull. The man could throw the deep ball well; the shorter stuff, well, you never knew what you were going to get.

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