Josh Freeman’s agent meets with Bucs


Buccaneers coach Greg Schiano’s comments about quarterback Josh Freeman just after the end of the season led some to wonder if the team considered Freeman to be the long-term answer at the position.

Schiano clarified his comments about wanting competition at quarterback during a press conference at the combine, but there was still a need to meet with Freeman’s representatives to clear the air about just how the team felt about Freeman. That happened recently and it left Freeman’s camp feeling good about where things stand in Tampa.

“It was really positive,” agent Erik Burkhardt said, via the Tampa Tribune. “They said they definitely believe in Josh, that he is their guy, that they want to reach their goals with him and that they know he is capable of doing the job and are committed to him.”

Freeman is entering the final year of his contract, but Burkhardt wouldn’t say whether or not there were any discussions about a contract extension underway at this point. If there are negotiations on the docket, they are ones that Freeman and company hope keep him in Tampa for the long term.

“He’s about to hit the prime of his career now and do some really special things and we just wanted the Bucs to know that Josh really wants to be there and be the franchise guy he has been and will continue to be,” Burkhardt said.

If Freeman does start doing some special things on the field, there seems little doubt that the Buccaneers will be motivated to keep him under center for as long as possible. It may take seeing that play out on the field and not in the words of his agent for those contract negotiations to catch fire.

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  1. Bad move Bucs. This guy was described as a possibly special QB for years now. I watched him a few times last year. That guy is not special nor will he be. If the Bucs give him a huge contract, I will just laugh and take the under when they play.

  2. Freeman’s agent isn’t too bright. If he really believes Freeman is worth a top shelf contract then he needs to do what Flacco did last year and wait the team out. Freeman’s performance last year (and the year before) doesn’t warrant a lucrative extension. So if the Bucs do extend him now it will be on their terms. If I’m on Freeman’s side I roll the dice, work my butt off this offseason and have a breakout 2013 season. Then he’ll have the Bucs by the balls. Even if they were to franchise him that would be a huge 1 year payday and then FA the next offseason.

  3. Freeman is a decent QB. I think he has hug potential.

    He had 8 picks in 2 of the last 3 games. You take those games away and he had 27 TD’s and 9INT’s.

    Even with the 27TD, 17INTs… He had better numbers than Eli Manning, Phillip Rivers, Matthew Stafford, Andrew Luck, Tony Romo, and Andy Dalton.

    Those are pretty good numbers. He broke every Buccaneers QB record ever. He has a Top 10 efficiency season in the history of the game in 2010.

    He’s led his team to more 4th Quarter Comebacks than Brett Favre did in his entire Career.

    He’s exactly where Joe Flacco was last year except Flacco has never thrown for 4,000 yards or over 25 TDs.

    I hope the Bucs lock him up for cheap Now. He is a franchise QB and has the potential to still grow with a 2nd year in Mike Sullivans system.

  4. His mistakes are still the same as always: Locking into guys and forcing throws unnecessarily. If they can get him on a cheap deal than sure, but he isn’t worth more than say 4 yrs $32m at this point.

  5. It’s obvious Mark Dominick runs the show in Tampa. He loves to resign players coming off of bad seasons. Se Michael Clayton.

  6. I remember when the so-called experts and fan boys were proclaiming Freeman a better QB than Flacco. Could you have been more wrong?

  7. He is going to get lowballed (by NFL standards, not regular people) and be lucky to see $15M. but likely somewhere between $15 and $11, but he should have a clause for a bump if he participates in, and another if he wins a Super Bowl.

  8. Not in love with Freeman, he is currently an average NFL QB. He has shown the potential to be a solid/above average QB (not to be confused with top 10) in this league. Give him more than 1 year with the same coaches/scheme (the revolving door has been a joke ever since he was drafted). Bring some competition in to push him. Then put a real defense on the field. I bet he has success.

  9. Coming from a Bucs fan, if Freeman gets a new contract before this season, words will not be able to describe how f-ing angry I’ll be. He has one year left on his contract, he has not ONCE brought us to the playoffs. Let him play this season out and if he has a solid season and gets us into the playoffs with atleast one win, then give him a new contract. Dominik drives me crazy sometimes, hasn’t cut that bum Eric Wright yet, and has kept Myron Lewis on the roster for way too long ( for those fans who dont know Lewis, he was a third round pick in 2010 has done not one good thing yet)

  10. I had to reread the article and, yep, just as I thought there was no mention of Joe Flacco anywhere. Just his delusional fanboys on here which is pathetic in itself. Having to go on another team’s news articles to crow about your QB. I’m gonna go out on a limb and say that no one cares here. I’m also gonna take the under on Flacco stinking it up now that you’ve given him a loaded contract. It wasn’t as much his ability as AFC defenses generally sucking in the closing stretch. Hope you guys get a lot of mileage out of that one and done.

  11. I still have faith in Josh Freeman and I think that most Bucs fans do as well. He has been through a lot of schemes and I agree with the posters’ above sentiments of him not being in a consistent offensive system being the main culprit. I did see improvement with Sullivan’s system and can’t wait for year 2. We’ll have a healthier O-line as well. I think that everyone can agree that the elephant in the room is our very poor pass defense. Here’s to hoping that it’s addressed in FA and the draft. Go Bucs!!!!

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