No new policy, but NFL will discuss permissible questions


Recognizing that they can’t really have their members going around asking potentially actionable questions, the NFL is going to talk to teams at the upcoming owners meetings about what they can ask potential employees.

According to’s Alex Marvez, the league plans to discuss the topic, but has no intention to create a new policy on whether teams can ask prospects possibly discriminatory questions such as if they “like girls.”

League spokesman Greg Aiello told Marvez they “intend to review best practices to ensure teams fully understand their obligations under the law and [Collective Bargaining Agreement]” at the annual meeting, which will be held March 18-20 in Glendale, Ariz.

Aiello added that a new policy covering the matter was “not currently part of the [league’s thinking].”

Questions about sexual orientation are illegal in some states and not others, but the league’s own policy and labor agreement prohibit them.

So in place of opening the door to future litigation with a new document, it sounds like a stern talking-to is going to suffice for now.

4 responses to “No new policy, but NFL will discuss permissible questions

  1. Ridiculous questions!!! Who cares? The questions should be illegal in every state, it’s 2013 for Christ sake. Can he play…that’s what I want to know.

  2. It’s not ridiculous. These coaches or recruiters etc are not magically coming up with questions that are of no concern. These men have to bond together like family from day one. This issue still concerns most men.

  3. To many people are offended to easily and like to turn mountains out of mole hills.

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