PFT on NBC Sports Network: Terrelle Pryor, free agency preview


There’s uncertainty in the air around Carson Palmer’s future in Oakland, which means that Terrelle Pryor could be doing a lot more than competing for the starting quarterback job with the Raiders this offseason.

Erik Kuselias will ask Pryor what he thinks about the way things are unfolding so far this offseason when Pryor stops in as a guest on Pro Football Talk on NBC Sports Network. We’ll also ask him where he needs to improve in order to wind up in the job regardless of Palmer’s whereabouts.

With free agency getting closer, there’s only so much time to spend on guys we know will be remaining on their current team in the 2013 season. Mike Florio, Ross Tucker and Anthony Becht will set the stage for free agency at tight end and along the defensive line, and Tom Curran of CSN New England will drop in to catch us up on what’s going on between Wes Welker and the Patriots.

It all gets started at 5 p.m. ET on NBC Sports Network.

4 responses to “PFT on NBC Sports Network: Terrelle Pryor, free agency preview

  1. You know what you have with Carson and you know what he’s given you so far. With a creative mind the possibilities for Pryor to succeed should be in place. If you have a weak o-line, you can hid that with a mobile QB by playaction and rollouts. Who expects the Raiders to contend anyway? Let Pryor develop with real time game action

  2. This kid has the tools to succeed! If Vince Young, Cam Newton, Tebow & Mike Vick can make Pro Bowls and win games, so can Pryor! The kid has heart and work ethic! Unlike VY.

    2013 Raiders under Pryor 7-9 / 8-8

    2014 Raiders (Post Elite Manning) Raiders under Pryor(better cap) are a 10-6/11-5 team

  3. Terrelle Pryor may just be the proto type quarterback of the future and the last good thing Al Davis did before he died. Our 10 years of bad luck is over and with guys like Miller from Denver placing a guarantee on 2013 or as I would say putting his foot in his mouth, I believe our bad luck has just turned into a chance to try to win the division and hopefully go on from there.

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