PFT ranks the top 100 free agents


Earlier Wednesday evening, PFT published its rankings of the top 100 free agents in the Class of 2013. In addition to unrestricted free agents, we have included restricted free agents and recently released players. We have not, however, included franchise-tagged players.

Numerous factors were considered in compiling the rankings, including age, position value, career performance, 2012 performance and playmaking ability.

I won’t offer any spoilers in this space regarding the composition of the top 100, though you can safely assume the player pictured here is one of the top free agents available. However, I will say this: the Class of 2013 will be fascinating to watch. To me, it’s the Adam Dunn of free-agent groups. There will be home runs, and there will be strikeouts.

And we will be here to track it all.