Rams release Wayne Hunter


When the Jets were looking for somebody to take tackle Wayne Hunter off their hands, the Rams were more than willing to step up to the plate.

It wasn’t so much about getting Hunter for their team as it was about dumping former second overall pick Jason Smith after three dismal seasons. The Rams kept Hunter on the roster for the entire season before reaching the same conclusion as the Jets that they’d rather live life without Hunter on their roster.

They didn’t bother waiting to find a trade partner. Jim Thomas of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch reports that the Rams are releasing Hunter. The move was expected as dropping Hunter will save them $4 million under the salary cap, money that they can use to sign a tackle more skilled than Hunter to help them on the offensive line in 2013.

Hunter hasn’t played well as a starter and his combination of back and knee injuries make him a fairly unreliable choice as a reserve at this point. He might get a look down the road this offseason, but Hunter’s probably not going to be competing for a starting job at this point.

5 responses to “Rams release Wayne Hunter

  1. This may sound shocking but Hunter wasn’t the consistent “turnstile” that everyone knows him as. He played pretty decent minus a few games. Paul Boudreau proved why he is one of the finest O line coaches in the league

  2. He was worth every penny spent to rid themselves of the worst first round pick in the history of the franchise. Sorry, but even Larry, Tye, Trung and Jimmy were better values. Now if they do not do another Drew Bennett in FA, the Rams have a chance to make the NFC West interesting. Crap! Can any team compile a list of first round and FA losers to compete with the Rams? Come on! Tell me.

  3. IF they decide to pick an offensive lineman in the first round AGAIN they will join Matt Millen on the island of misspent draft picks!!! How many more o linemen can they miss on? It seems to me this would be the year to do whatever it takes to get Bradford a legitimate deep threat. His whole career has been spent throwing slants and checkdowns. Give him a chance to air it out a little bit. If nothing else, let him either prove that he can get the ball down the field or or he can’t. A qb’s careeer is too short to be wasting years like this.

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