Report: Eagles to cut Asomugha today

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The Dream Team is dead.  Long live the Dream Team.

Less than 20 months after emerging as the unexpected winner of the Nnamdi Asomugha sweepstakes, the Eagles will release the veteran cornerback, according to Howard Eskin of WIP94 in Philly and FOX29.

Asomugha was due to make a base salary of $15 million in 2013.  But the Eagles owe him $4 million guaranteed, without offset.

This means that Nnamdi will get $4 million from the Eagles, in addition to anything he earns elsewhere.

At the time Asomugha picked the Eagles, the Jets and Cowboys were chasing him.  If the Jets jump back in now, it would be the clearest sign yet that they intend to trade Darrelle Revis.

UPDATE 10:48 a.m. ET:  And, of course, there are now multiple reports that Asomugha won’t be released today.

UPDATE 11:17 a.m. ET:  And Eskin has now joined the ranks of those reporting that it won’t happen today.

68 responses to “Report: Eagles to cut Asomugha today

  1. Good Riddance!! He never earned the 4 million he is getting for being cut. I think he owes us money for playing here. Nnamdi focus on your acting it cant be worse than your NFL career.

  2. One of the worst CB’s ive ever seen, Im not even trying to exaggerate or anything. I have no clue how he was a stud in Oakland. Im upset we wasted the nickname “Toast” on Izel Jenkins. This guy deserves the nickname more than Izel.

  3. Another sad part of what was supposed to be the “Dream Team” Asomugha simply did not play well enough in Philly.

  4. Teams looking for an overrated “soft” corner who eats lunch in his car – please move to the front of the line.

  5. Not surprised. Eagles overpaid for a player who wasn’t a physical corner and he didn’t fit their scheme.

    My Panthers could really use him though.

  6. I believe the birds will cut Asomugha, but I’m not going to sit around and believe that Eskin broke the story. He is clueless, and his so-called sources are some-what lackluster.

    I’ll believe it when an actual journalist breaks the news.

  7. Me being an eagles fan, I still have faith in Nnamdi or wanted them to try to work out a trade with maybe the jets and not just release him but whatever, he def wasnt worth the 15mil

  8. Revis will be the same story. Get paid and fade. Plus, like Assy, Revis won’t look as stellar once he’s not the sole star on a horrible team. Like they say “Go to the bar with your ugly friends, it makes you look like a super model”.

  9. One team that has been latched to Revis that I’d be willing to guess Nnamdi would love to play for is the 49er’s. They wouldn’t have to pay nearly as much and Nnamdi is a Cali guy dying to get to the big game. It makes to much sense.

    I don’t believe Harbaugh wants anything to do with the Revis trainwreck.

  10. Welcome to Indy, their $47M in cap space, their need for a CB, and your old DB coach who helped make you who you are who is now the head coach.

    It’s really a perfect fit.

  11. All you guys that say these guys should “play out their contracts” and me a “man of their word,” etc., should pay close attention to this release, if it happens.

    Revis & Asomugha in FA? Year for a discount on shut-down corners.

  12. Is this Florio guy a cowboys fan or something?? Seems like he and the rest of the NFC East fan base are the only ones who still use the term “Dream Team”.

    Oh and way to get your article out there only to be shot down two minutes later by the pros like Breer and Schefter who actually know what their talking about.

  13. The Eagles blew this, they didn’t use Nnamdi to his strengths. In Oakland he played on one side and played press man basically all game. Philly tried to use him in off man and in zone, something he hadn’t been asked to do. How can you ask someone to excel in something they hadn’t done much of?

    I put this on the Eagles. I think if the right team gets him and uses Nnamdi right, he’ll be back to a top man to man guy.

  14. Wow. Took 3 minutes to update your story. And I thought ESPN had all the “rumor mongers”.

  15. I don’t think the Eagles used him correctly in their defensive scheme. And considering the Eagles fired that defensive coordinator too, who’s to say this guy is a bust or not?

  16. Texans sure must be feeling good for deciding to sign Jonathon Joseph and Danniel Manning instead of getting into a bidding war with Phi over Nnamdi and losing out on both….

  17. More quality reporting from Eskin. Can we start referring to him as Escan’t? Or has someone already coined that?

  18. Talk about a major fail. Couldn’t trade him cause no one wanted to pick up that contract, and couldn’t keep him because he wouldn’t take a pay cut.

    But let’s put one thing into perspective, this isn’t all Nnamdi Asomugha. Lets not forget that the Eagles allowed Andy Reid, a man with no defensive intelligence, to pick a defensive coordinator after the loss of the great Jimmy Johnson.

    Reid picked a former OFFENSIVE LINE coach who clearly didn’t know much about defense himself.

    I’m no professional coach, but even I know that Nnamdi is a strap-up, bullying, press corner. It’s what he was in college, on the Raiders, and all he’ll ever be.

    Instead, the Eagles implemented the Tampa 2 defense, which is literally the opposite of Nnamdi’s strong suit. I never thought Nnamdi was the best CB in the league, I thought he was always a top 3 press and man-to-man corner.

    The next year, the Eagles attempted to get Nnamdi back to doing what he’s used to. I think by this point Nnamdi was just completely lost and didn’t understand the defense because the Eagles themselves didn’t know what their defense was.

    And one other thing, press corners need great safeties backing them up. Press corners like Nnamdi take risks, thats what makes them so great. When safeties like Kurt Coleman and Nate Allen are playing deep coverage like Warren Sapp; the blame goes around.

    Nnamdi gets some blame to, as a professional you have to try to adjust and he simply did not do that. But you can’t say he had much help.

  19. Really.. more dream team referencing? Is this really happening still? Is this real life? Do you go around telling knock knock jokes too?

  20. Didn’t they just sign him like two weeks ago and all the dopey Philly fans calling this team the “Dream Team” were sizing up their rings?

    Finally, MY team should be able to coast to the division title this year. No RGKnee makes Wash a 5 win team. Dallas is banking on a new defense run by a 90 yr old. Dream Team – implosion commencing.

  21. I love how some writers (hem, hem) easily mock the “Dream Team” debacle now, when they were as guilty as anyone of perpetuating it when the moves were taking place.

    Remember that magical summer of 2010? There were fans saying “Well, I dunno, who are their LB’s? The QB has basically only had one good season in the last 5, right? They’re not very big on D, can they tackle? What about the OL?” while all the media wanted to do was plan the parade route through Philly. Par for the course as far as NFL coverage goes. Who knows what shiny thing will catch their attention once Nnamdi is cut?

  22. Whoever signed all these guys up for these heavy guarantees when the put together the “Dream Team” should be banned from football for life.

  23. Howard Eskin is reporting this? That man never gets anything right! If hes saying Nnamdi is being released today then expect the Eagles to announce they resigned him.

  24. Hey mike, i just wanted to let you in on a secret……YOUR THE ONLY PERSON IN THE WORLD WHO USES “DREAM TEAM” IN EVERY ARTICLE. It’s freaking march 6 2013. Wtf is wrong with you dude?

  25. I don’t care what anyone says, the Eagles misused him. Remember when he was considered a shut down corner?? 2010 he was on the Associated Press All Pro team (as a corner not safety), the Eagles give him a huge contract (as a corner) and the coaching staff says “Hey, let’s try him at safety”.

    Not playing a player to their strengths is not smart football.

    There was talk about Revis going to New England but Belichick was quoted before saying he liked Nnamdi, maybe they will take a run at him. Or maybe the 49er’s will take a shot. Either way, Sorry Mevis this dude just killed your stock on the market.

  26. Wonder if that is a sign that he will be headed to the Kansas City Chiefs…Would be really interesting if that happens…The Chiefs could use another Cornerback. If the Chiefs can get Nnamdi Asomugha then they will have 3 voids filled and they wont need to go after Dee Millner Cornerback from Alabama.

    Going to be interesting to see what happens

  27. It seems like a deeper market for free agent cornerbacks this year. When your team’s starting cornerbacks are all free agents, draft busts, or looking at jail time, like the Pats, then that’s a good thing, I hope.

  28. Eagles = Nnamdi gone,Sammuels gone,Rogers Cromartie gone,Jenkins gone,Babin gone,Reid gone

  29. Can we stop with this Dream Team bullsh*t, everyone knows the Eagles aren’t a dreamteam. Fans never said we were. It was this dumb back up QB named Vince Young who self proclaimed him and the team the Dream Team. (thats funny in itself considering he was a BACK UP QB AND WOULDNT EVEN TOUCH THE FIELD) And when he actually did touch the field his very first pass was an INT. He blows, Babin blew, Cullen Jenkins was overrated, and maybe the most overhyped player of all time Nnamdi Asomugha was certainly overrated. He was a disaster since day 1. You know what though, the Eagles werent the only team to buy into him being the 2nd best corner in the NFL… I believe thats all I heard about him leading up to free agency by every expert out there. Who knows why he came here and sucked. But the whole team sucked. Andy Reid was 3 years past his course here. He should have been gone in 2009 when he lost to the Arizona Cardinals in the NFC championship. Donovan got traded, and Reid should have went with him. Instead what he did was he went from NFC championship in 09′ to every year degressing the team to the point we were an embarassing 4-12. We could have easily been 1-15 too. As a diehard Eagles fans I can sit here today and say i’m embarassed by my team. We definitely aren’t a dream team and who knows what the future holds but Eli and the Giants are still around, RG3 is just coming to the scene, and the Cowboys…well….. Jerry Jones is still there GM so they dont scare me… but bottom line is Chip Kelly is a big unproven and hes got this gimmicy offense that I hope pans out in the NFL…. Its not the offense im most concerned with though its the pathetic defense we’ve laid out there the past few years… Chip Kelly defnitely doesnt hold defense to a high regard either. He’d win games at Oregon 55-52 and he certainly struck out in terms of hiring a big time defensive coordinator….Billy Davis? Are you kidding me? The fate of my team’s defense relies on Billy Davis who had 2 stints as a D coordinator and failed in both of them. Somethings gotta change here. The drafting has been horrible, the coaching has been as bad, the players are quitters. Michael Vick sucks, should I keep rambling?

  30. Usually a great player goes to the raiders and proceeds to suck, not the other way around.

  31. irishphilly87 : That was beautiful,complete,and from the heart. As a long suffering 49er fan I feel your pain. The niners went through a hellish long period and it all turned on a dime when we got coaching ,management and ,now,the owner’s son running things. Philly will rise again,because there are few fan bases that take there football more seriously than Philly.

  32. New Rule: Stop posting Eskin’s stories unless they’re confirmed by Jeff McLane or Reuben Frank!!!

    I’m sorry, but a guy whose stories come to way less fruition than others should not be treated with a ton of face value. Eskin seems like a good guy, but McLane and Frank are better at breaking stories in Philly than he is.

  33. Love to see Asamougha in NE if he ends up out there. Maybe they could get a bargain, due to his play in Philly and the fact they have to pay him 4 mil in dead money. He could go back to what he does well, press man to man CB. That’s exactly what the Pats used to do with Ty Law, put him on an island while the rest of the D was free to due all the exotic thinggs they used to do. Asamougha couldn’t have lost it overnight, maybe he just needs a fresh start

  34. Funny how people are flaming this guy when it was obvious before long that he just didn’t want to be there.

    Also it appears that he had trouble with whatever system the Eagles where running which by the looks of it could not utilize Cullen Jenkins, Demeco Ryans, Mychal Kendricks, Fletcher Cox, DRC, or Nmandi.

    Yeah, the problem was not the talent.

  35. thehairychestsportsblog says:Mar 6, 2013 10:59 AM

    As a Redskins fan it reminds me of Deion in 2000 lol. RG3 and the Skins are looking pretty good in the NFC East.

    I hear bob griffin is now playing in a wheelchair basketball league.

  36. GREAT!!! Send him back to the RAIDERS where he belongs! The RAIDER’S D-coordinator isnt an O-line coach and Nhambi can play according to his strengths and can shut down corners like he did two years ago.

  37. raiderufan says:Mar 6, 2013 11:00 AM

    … I don’t believe Harbaugh wants anything to do with the Revis trainwreck.

    I don”t believe too many players want anything to do with the whiny hairbough trainwreck.

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