Report: Raiders expected to release Rolando McClain


The Raiders appear ready to let go of their most recent first-round pick.

According to Vic Tafur of the San Francisco Chronicle, “all indications are” the Raiders will release middle linebacker Rolando McClain on Tuesday, the start of the 2013 league year. Per the Chronicle report, releasing McClain on Tuesday will result in a salary-cap hit of more than $7 million, but the penalty can be taken over two seasons.

Just 23, McClain has started 38 games in three seasons for Oakland. However, he served a two-game team suspension for detrimental conduct, and he has had multiple off-field incidents.

The first linebacker and fifth defensive player taken in the 2010 draft, McClain could get some looks simply on the promise he showed in the not-so-distant past at the University of Alabama. He’s also two seasons removed from a 99-tackle, five-sack season for the Raiders. Nevertheless, if indeed he’s released, it will be an inglorious development for a player drafted after Joe Haden and before C.J. Spiller a little less than three years ago.

57 responses to “Report: Raiders expected to release Rolando McClain

  1. bye bye bust man this dude was awful on the field and somehow worse off it he has to be the slowest middle linebacker in NFL history with his geriatric knees good luck to whoever signs this trash

  2. Farewell from Raider Nation to McChump, his stupid arrests, his nonexistent tackling, and his fictitious dead grandparents.

  3. As a die hard fan I was fuming when the Raiders chose him at 14 ahead of the Giants in the 2010 Draft, we then had to settle for Jason Pier Paul .. Darrnit!

  4. c’mon somebody has to be willing to give up at least a 7th rd pick for this guy

  5. I’d sign him, if you could put in his contract he’s never allowed to set foot in Alabama again. And put him on GPS tracking to insure this

  6. Watch the Bengals will sign him and he’ll become a superstar.

    Pretty obvious the Bengals don’t care about character issues and they really seem to enjoy sticking it to the Raiders.

  7. Can’t wait for the report that says the Packers plan to release AJ Hawk. Hes a good guy and all but his salary is way too high for a 2 down LB on a pretty poor defense.

    Its time for some new blood and McClain could be a decent replacment for Hawk. Hes at least worth a look.

  8. Between bad trades and bad picks, I wonder if the Raiders hold the record for the very worst run of first round blunders—gotta be close.

  9. All the draft experts agreed that this was a solid pick. They were surprised by the pick, because he wasn’t a typical Al Davis pick. Just goes to show how much of a crap shoot the draft can be.

  10. Everyone who talks about his “potential” and “promise” must not have seen him play for the Raiders.
    I’ve seen just about every game. He’s been horrible.
    I see no potential.
    He’s usually out of position in run defense, Can’t cover the tight end in pass defense, and tackles like a 185lb cornerback with a skirt on when he’s actually near the ball before the whistle. Which is not often.
    I thought they should have tried to trade him two years ago when he might have been worth something.

    Another wasted pick.
    Thank you.

  11. Good riddance, up side was huge but could not seem to get it together. If he can stay focused and acknowledge the fact that his “home boys” are not going to be there when all the money is gone, he could be a Beast. His bum ankle didnt help last season but with all the drama, he’s better off getting a shot else where……Cincinnati anyone? Reunion with good ol’ Hue…..

  12. WOW …. What a huge surprise that the Raiders are going to release Rolando McClain.

    Honestly this should only be newsworthy if the Raiders brought back John Herrera to escort McClain out of the building. (with Tim Kawakami reporting of course)

  13. I knew right away this guy wasn’t committed when he was drafted. McClain was just on his couch celebrating with his friends and family when Goodell call his name. When you are a top 20 prospect in the draft, you should suit yourself and show your face to the team that drafted you. Poor Raiders fans…

  14. Dallas should pick him up, play him on the outside with Carter on the other side. Lee, Carter, McClain – very good LB lineup.

  15. Maybe he can work out with JRussell. They can form a has-been club of people that have stolen money from the raiders.

  16. Not sure what the relevance of Joe Haden being drafted before him is.
    Anyways, I think Bama seems to produce an unusual amount of head cases.

  17. Of all the things we’ve seen other players do, short of hiding an illegal dog fighting ring, few have been more disturbing than McClain firing a gun by someone’s head.

    That’s beyond “bad behavior.” Even some stuff that actually killed others, like the DUI and speeding such as we saw in Dallas, was far less mean-spirited. Kids making mistakes is one thing…but choosing to terrify someone by threatening their life to make yourself seem tough?

    Just beyond redemption.

    This is an evil man, and anyone who takes him deserves what they get.

  18. Come to Seattle and resurrect your career, but honestly the jets need you the most. Just my opinion. This could humble him or ruin him, just need to see if he still has that passion.

  19. If Tennessee is in the business to making the team better, they’d sign this guy

  20. It’s about time, ship him to the Bengals so he can be with Jackson.

    Two turds in a bowl.

  21. Aside from his incidents, it is a big red light that a team is willing to take a $7 million cap hit just to get you out of the team.

  22. Of think a trade for a 6th or 7th round pick would at least be possible. What a waste. All the cap space this will kill also. Not a good move at all really.

  23. Love how things always get flipped for the worst on the Raiders.

    If they keep him hes a locker room cancer and an unproductive underachieving bum…

    But, if they let him go he could be a great addition for some team and ‘played well’ statistically two years ago.

    Give me a break, Rolando can not hold a gap for his life, he is a huge liability in the running game and average against defending the pass. He never tries his best, what a waste of money and time!

  24. The Raiders are getting rid of dead weight. No more free rides for over priced players. You go Reggie.

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