Report: Vikings expected to battle Dolphins for Mike Wallace

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The Dolphins have been expected to be heavy bidders for wide receiver Mike Wallace in free agency for some time and it looks like they’ll have some company from up north.

Jeff Darlington of reports that the Vikings are expected to join the Dolphins in the quest to add Wallace to their offense. That’s not surprising news, given the state of the Vikings’ receiving corps with Percy Harvin and the lingering possibility that they won’t wind up having Harvin in the fold when the 2013 season gets underway.

With the Dolphins missing out on several big targets over the last few years, it would be a cruel twist for them to lose out to one of their former general managers. Vikings General Manager Rick Spielman once ran the show in Miami and now he could keep the Dolphins from landing the apple of their eye.

The Vikings might not be the only bidder. Peter King said the Titans could be in the mix for Wallace on Tuesday’s Pro Football Talk on NBC Sports Network and it wouldn’t make Dolphins fans feel any better if Ruston Webster is the one who winds up landing the big fish. They’ve been the bridesmaid for players (Vincent Jackson, Peyton Manning) and coaches (Jim Harbaugh, Jeff Fisher) often enough that there need be no special salt in the wound for it to sting all over again.

Darlington reports that the team thinks the new three-day negotiating window this year will work to their advantage since it will give them a better sense of the market than they had when the Buccaneers outbid them for Jackson last year. That could wind up working the other way just as easily, though, and we it’s hard to imagine why that would make the Dolphins likelier to get him than being able to sign a player as soon as possible. In other words, we’ll still be waiting to see if the wind blows the Dolphins’ way this time around.

76 responses to “Report: Vikings expected to battle Dolphins for Mike Wallace

  1. Christian Ponder can barely throw the ball 20 yards downfield. It seems to me Mike Wallace best skill the deep ball would be totally extinct if he signed with the Vikings. Ponder’s arms is particularly bad outside.

  2. The Dolphins will overpay to get Wallace — doubtful the Vikes would win that bidding war .

  3. Wallace is a decent WR and will help any team, but come on… guy has one move/route. The Steelers know this, and that’s why they didn’t flinch when he tried to hold out.

  4. Wouldn’t Ponders poor arm strength be a serious issue in maximizing Mike Wallace vertical threat ability? I can see a lot of ball hanging up there for safeties to pick off.

  5. Another frustrating year for the Dolphins and it is a shame nobody in the media has picked up on the key cog that has solidified our place in mediocrity for the past few years. It is the fact that sports agents do not want to negotiate with Dawn Aponte, the “cap guru” for the Dolphins. We saw a glimpse of her hardline ways during Hard Knocks when she ridiculously said to Ireland that if Tannehill’s team doesn’t budge, then Tannehill will reenter the draft for the following year. Her all or nothing stance and treating players like bargain basement pieces of trash will cause us to lose more precious years of improvements for our team. it is a tragedy and one owener Ross must recognize is hurting his team and the team’s reputation among players and agents.

  6. All depends on what they plan on doing with Harvin. If they are going to try re-sign him, they won’t throw big money at Wallace. But if they are planning on moving on from Percy, then Wallace (or Jennings) are definitely in play.

  7. As a Vikings fan, I’d rather see the Vikings extend Percy Harvin than land Mike Wallace, simply because I think Percy Harvin is a better player than Wallace.

    Having said that, I can see reasons, both in trade value and offensive scheme, where landing Wallace and trading Harvin could make sense.

    First, Wallace would extend the field better than Harvin, who is a slot receiver, which is what the Vikings need with AP in the backfield.

    Second, the Vikings could sign Wallace for less than they’ll have to pay Harvin, and could also land at least a 1st round pick by trading him- to the Dolphins.

  8. I figure Wallace to sign with a contender, that rules the Vikings out with Ponder at QB. Logic would suggest Greg Jennings is the more likely target for the Vikings, he’s everything they look for; he’s on the downhill side of his career, he’s overpriced for his production, and best of all, he’s an ex Packer.

  9. Really, Ponder can’t throw a deep ball? C’Mon man. He could easily throw to Mike Wallace. I’ve watched every viking game the last 2 years, and Ponder can throw it 50 in the air. I’ve seen it multiple times. Actually this year, he threw a 50 yard bomb that Devin Aromashadu flat dropped in the end zone.

  10. Vikings won’t pay as much as they Dolphins will. Look what happened with Sidney Rice. Vikings are saving their money for Harvin and Loadholt in my opinion.

    They’ll look to build through the draft and maybe sign a not-so-spectacular WR in FA.

  11. While I wouldn’t mind the Vikings landing this guy, I find it hard to believe they’d break the bank for him.

    Wallace had an off year last year, and for a guy playing for a new contract, that’s a bit of a red flag.

    While the Vikings could use the speed, what they need even more is a tall, solid WR in the mold of Brandon Marshall / Calvin Johnson with a great set of hands.

    So Mr. Speilman, land him if you can, but don’t pull another John Carlson; the team can’t afford that.

  12. False.

    If you read the story you see that all it says is that the Dolphins “expect” the Vikings to bid against them. All you have to do is listen to Spielman talk about his philosophy to know that he’s not about to hand out $50 million. The ‘Phins can expect whatever they like, the truth of the matter is that there is no way the Vikings chase Wallace. At least not for what his asking price is going to be.

  13. I dont know if wallce would be the best WR to add, but im definitely glad to see the Vikings making WR a top priority.

  14. Ponder and Wallace… match made in heaven… Why in the world would the Vikes make this play instead of keeping Harvin happy? Fine with me. Make it happen Spielman.

  15. One thing is for sure, with his ego he will want more than Bowe and for a guy that can only run a fly pattern he simply isn’t worth it.

  16. Dolphins and Titans aren’t going to the playoffs anytime soon, so wallace can decide whether its money or a chance to go to the superbowl with adrian peterson.

  17. 1. Wallace is a horrible fit for noodle-arm aka Ponder, Jennings is a much better fit.
    2. Why would Wallace pick Minnesota over Southern Florida if the offers are even remotely similar? He won’t.
    3. The Vikings would suck even with Wallace, why bother?

  18. I sense that Spielman REALLY wants to find a way to trade Harvin. With the pricey Bowe contract, he would now be forced to sign Harvin to an even bigger contract, regardless. I could see the Vikes overpaying for Wallace so that they could work a trade for Harvin, recoup some money, and get a #1 pick in return for Harvin. It would be good business, and with a receiver-rich draft, the Vikes could have Wallace, Wright, and TBA (draft) – which would be a nice upgrade at receiver, ever since Rice was injured / left for Seattle.

  19. there is a gopher basketball player named Rodney Williams who is a freak athlete. he won’t go pro in basketball because he isn’t good enough, but he would make a fantastic receiver. i don’t understand why more of these college basketball players that won’t go pro are not recruited to the nfl, just for tryouts. you can’t defend a guy who is 6’8 and can jump over 40″.

    it’s a gold mine that isn’t being tapped into.

  20. Wallace has “overpaid Dolphins flop” written all over him! I see a few nagging injuries each year, below average production, and millions of wasted dollars

  21. Here is the reality, The Steelers know when to get rid of players and when we got what we wanted out of them.
    Ex: Santonio Holmes, Antwaan Randle El, Alan Faneca, Plaxico Burress (came back after a long time away) and many more to list.

    I will miss Big Mike’s deep run and amazing catches, but he wont be the same after he leaves, they never are. They drafted him because he works well in their system.

    Antonio Brown is a much better WR.

    Go Steelers! #7 this year

  22. i say if patterson is off the board when our name comes up, go best available LB, DL or DB. we could get a good WR in the 2nd….maybe aaron dobson? or quinton patton.

  23. Where is the source on this?! I would bet my life Mike Wallace will not be in a Vikings uniform. Non story. Like usual for this time of the football season.

  24. Oh, I guess they took down my link and video above.

    Well, just take my word for it. Ponder has completed passes in NFL games that traveled 63 yards and 68 yards in the air. He is very accurate throwing balls “over the top” and would complement Wallace well.

    He does not have a weak arm. It is about average. The myth was started due to the elbow bursitis that he played his senior year with at college.

  25. Wallace is going to be a huge disappointment now that his production will rely on actual route running, as opposed to finding an open space on the field during Roethlisberger’s play-extending scrambling

  26. vikings28 says: Mar 6, 2013 2:54 PM

    Really, Ponder can’t throw a deep ball? C’Mon man. He could easily throw to Mike Wallace. I’ve watched every viking game the last 2 years, and Ponder can throw it 50 in the air. I’ve seen it multiple times. Actually this year, he threw a 50 yard bomb that Devin Aromashadu flat dropped in the end zone.


    Well said, Vikings28!
    Really I don’t know what it is with so called football fans who are so DUMB as to think that a pro quarterback “can’t throw 20 yards”. My Grandmother can throw it 20 yards. Yes, Ponder’s arm is not a cannon, but as you stated he has thrown the ball 50 yards in the air MULTIPLE times in the past season.
    I think a LOT of fans simply parrot what they hear others saying and don’t even THINK….

  27. As a Steelers fan i can say I’m glad we didn’t resign him….he dropped so many potential first downs and big plays this year that it made me sick. What happens when his speed deteriorates in 3 years?

  28. I can’t see the Vikings paying big money for Wallace. Minnesota has a long history for going after Green Bay’s castoffs so it’s more likely they would try to sign Greg Jennings.

  29. The only battle these two teams will be doing is for first pick in the 2015 draft.

  30. People note that Wallace had a down year. True, but it was self-inflicted with his holdout, when he saw all his money go to another player who came in ready to play. No pity for Wallace, and now he’s willing to go to bad teams or QB-challenged teams for the money and ONLY the money. This guy could easily be the next major head-case prima donna. Why do you think teams like the 49’ers, who he’d be a monster for, are quietly sitting on the sidelines? Mike, you’re early in your career but you’re blowing it like a greedy pig.

  31. dragonfly99 says:Mar 6, 2013 3:46 PM

    I can’t see the Vikings paying big money for Wallace. Minnesota has a long history for going after Green Bay’s castoffs so it’s more likely they would try to sign Greg Jennings.
    Name all the castoffs that the Vikings signed.

  32. Wallace has speed. That’s it. He runs bad routes, won’t take the ball away from anybody and has an attitude. He reeks of a guy who gets paid and then disappears. Get a more reliable option please.

  33. For a guy with ‘one move’ who runs ‘bad routes’ and has ‘band hands,’ he’s made up for nearly 70 percent of all of the Steelers receiving TDs since he’s been on the team and set several records doing so. He’s a game changer and TD machine. The Steelers will regret losing him.

    Brown averages 3 TDs a season.

  34. This has over-priced bust written all over it. He is NOT a #1 WR. He needs someone on the other side to take the focus away. He is similar to Houshmandzadeh in that respect. Different players, but both did real well when someone else on the team was better than them. If you are counting on Wallace to be your consistent offensive threat, count on being disappointed.

  35. Dolphins never bid on Vincent Jackson as far as I know… not sure where that info came from?

  36. Idk where this arm strength thing is coming from? He has shown he can throw the deep ball the last 2 years.

    Did people forget about him rolling to his weak side and hitting Jenkins on the run vs gb his rookie season?

    Or what about hitting harvin on a bomb vs atl that same year?

    What about his deep ball to wright vs det?

    Or more importantly he threw the ball 50 yards through the air to hit wright in week 17 vs gb

    …arm strength isn’t ponders issue. It’s more his footwork. He often gets shaky in the pocket. I believe if they improve our guards and improve the WR’s he will develop more confidence. We all saw how ponder can play when he has confidence in himself. It showed at the end of the season.

    Enough with this arm strength garbage

  37. How do you figure ‘the Dolphins were outbid by the Bucs last year for VJax’. The Dophins had ZERO cap space. They were neer serious players for VJax and to say they were is inaccurate.

  38. vikings28 says:
    Mar 6, 2013 2:54 PM
    Really, Ponder can’t throw a deep ball? C’Mon man. He could easily throw to Mike Wallace. I’ve watched every viking game the last 2 years, and Ponder can throw it 50 in the air. I’ve seen it multiple times. Actually this year, he threw a 50 yard bomb that Devin Aromashadu flat dropped in the end zone.

    He can throw it 50 yards but he doesn’t get the ball there nearly as fast as other QB’s. If a DB has a decent head about him, Ponder’s passes that are long, they give a DB time to adjust and get under it if he’s even remotely in position.

    And Vikings fan – NO ONE is giving a first round pick for Harvin. Talk about overrating your talent…

  39. Since when does Zygi Wilf pinch pennies? Seems like there are a lot if commenters typing for the sake if hearing the tapping of keys, not because they have even the slightest idea what they’re talking about.

  40. Re the Vikes taking Packers castoffs. Sharper had several pro bowl level years with the Vikes, after the pack thought he was going down hill. Farve almost got us to the SB, except for the cheatin Saints, (and a couple guys who couldn’t hold on to the ball.) If Jennings could out anywhere near as well as those two, take him in a heartbeat.

  41. I don’t see it. Spielman has made it clear he plans to build through the draft and with B or C level FAs. While Wallace is actually closer to a B-level rather than A-level FA, he is going to get A-level money. It’s far more likely they will sign Jennings if they can.

  42. For all those saying Speilman will never pay-out the big money for Wallace, and that he is a build through the draft guy, doesn’t like signing FAs, etc. there is one situation that may change that.

    If the Vikings feel that they can’t keep Harvin, i.e. the chemistry between him and the team is so bad that they have no chance/willingness of re-signing him after this year, the choice is clear: you trade him now for as much as you can get, rather than see him walk a year from now for nothing.

    Trading Harvin now will yield the Vikings at least a 1st round pick, and probably more.

    If Speilman wants to get Wallace over Miami, he holds all the cards. Here’s what he’ll do:

    1. Tell Miami that if the Vikings land Wallace, they’ll let Miami have the first chance to land Harvin.

    2. The Patriots will have the 2nd chance, and they want him bad.

    Game, set, match Speilman.

  43. Have to love the Viking fans who really think they are going to get a 1st round pick for a player on the last year of his contract.

    Better get Wallace because Harvin is heading to Florida North better known as Foxborough.

    Spielman holds all the cards, hahahaha,

    Harvin wants out of Minnesota and will not resign. Vikings will not be a playoff team this year. They got lucky that Detroit and Chicago imploded.

  44. I hope the Vikings sign and overpay like they did with Jenkins and Simpson. Wallace is going to steal from someone and it appears the vikings are prime candidates.

  45. Harvin, peterson, and wallace could be the key to maturing ponder and so they will be less of a 1 dimentional offense it will be fun to watch unless it has an LA lakers effect

  46. Wallace needs to land somewhere that has a veteran wide receiver that can keep him in check. If he goes somewhere that doesn’t have any leadership it could be a huge gamble.

    Wallace was a stud when he had Hines Ward getting in his face any time their was a lack of effort. Without Ward this season Wallace’s work ethic was horrible and his play suffered.

  47. Dolphins owner and front office make Miami unattractive to free agents. They use them for leverage, but they don’t want to sign with them.

  48. all the retards saying ponder has a weak arm, watch the game week 17 against green bay, he dropped a 60 yard bomb in a basket to jarius wright. he can hit wallace deep easily, but it wont matter becuz the vikes are not signing wallace

  49. The Dolphins keep getting this lame ass reputation for “not landing players”. Sure, they didn’t get P. Manning, but who did they lose out on… ? Matt Flynn LOL! Fins Front Office looked like genuises for not overpaying for a Clipboard Holder. The Fins had no Cap space. This year is different with money and 10 picks in the Draft. My hope is no Wallace, unless he can be got for $8M or less. Only a few Teams with the need and Cap exist. This article is BS unless it is trying to solidify a bidding war. Neither the Vikes nor Fins will pay more than Bowe got. Yes, some Team will overpay, but not for the $12M he is looking for. He may not be a great WR, but he is a number #1 and they are hard to come by in FA and especially tough to develop from the Draft.

  50. Wallace will hit South Beach, hang out with Lebron. He is not going to a cold weather team, although since Minnie has a dome, a hair more likely.

    Dude wants big bucks and warm weather, I know that.

  51. These people who question ponder arm strength need to stop playing madden n his arm strength rating n should actually watch a vikings game he kan throw bombs the problem is he really never had a real deep threat

  52. veence69 says:
    Mar 6, 2013 4:29 PM
    Since when does Zygi Wilf pinch pennies? Seems like there are a lot if commenters typing for the sake if hearing the tapping of keys, not because they have even the slightest idea what they’re talking about.
    Referencing Zygi is moot at this point because it’s now Spielman who decides where the $ goes. That’s the point of having a GM. Zygi would cut the check without hesitation if that’s what Spielman wants to do, but it’s not. Listen to ONE interview with Spielman and two things are clear: he wants to build through the draft and wants to be selective in FA. Pretty sure there’s still a bitter taste lingering from Bernard Berrian’s $42 million dollar contract, so $50+ million to a guy with legitimate question marks is just not going to happen with Spielman calling the shots.

  53. If I’m Wallace, I’d rather go to Miami. At least there they have real fans who will fill up their Stadium for a home game.

  54. Constantly trolling Vikings links proclaiming his love for bobnelson and gerbschmidt. Same lame deductions about how terrible the Vikings are and must comment on every single Vikings story.
    Worst poster on PFT.

    filthymcnasty1 says:
    Mar 6, 2013 11:49 PM
    Ponder (noodle arm, and lousy decision making) is the worst QB in the league.

  55. I don’t get all the Ponder haters who say he can’t throw a ball 20 yards. Not that the Vikes have Fitgerald or Megatron (Harvin was gone 1/3 way into season), but give him someone who can run the route the way it should be run ( hello Jerome Simpson) and Ponder will get the ball there.

    Did everyone forget he finished the season with the second best rating in the league behind Peyton Manning? And Ponder had no one to throw to either.

  56. filthymcnasty1 says:
    Mar 6, 2013 11:49 PM
    Ponder (noodle arm, and lousy decision making) is the worst QB in the league.


    That worst qb in the league helped that team make the playoffs dunce.


    Concerning Wallace, I would pass up on him. Resigning Harvin and getting Jennings should take priority. It would be funner yet to upset Packer fans watching yet another hero haunt their team….

  57. Whoever shows Mike Wallace the most money is where he’s going whether the QB can get him the ball or not. As long as he’s getting his money he’s not worried about the football.
    He really hasn’t done anything worthy of getting a huge contract but he’ll still get it.

  58. First off Percy Harvin wants out of Minnesota, regardless of what the Vikings are saying, second, Ponder sucks and we really need Joe Webb to take over the QB position. He has talent and needs to play. Vikings won’t spend $$$ on Wallace, they did however spend big $$$ for Favre and look where that got us. The Vikings need help all around, so putting out big money for a receiver makes no sense. They actually need to re-vamp and make some good trades this off season and use the draft wisely. Now that the stadium issue is over, they don’t have to worry about that. We need secondary help and a pass rush, without Pat Williams, that really hurt us up the middle. The Vikings can’t seem to put it all together and need to stop worrying about winning a Superbowl just for the current year and look at the next few years.

  59. I say sign Wallace and trade harvin, draft a WR in round one or two and we could be headed in the right direction. Harvin ia probably more talented that Wallace but I can’t stand his attitude and Wallace is a bigger WR with great speed.

  60. What has Webb done that would make anyone believe he is going to be a good Qb? I just don’t understand people and how they think … if you are talking about Webb and how he can run then maybe you should keep in mind the Qb’s usually have to throw the ball. One nice slant pass to Harvin against the Eagles is nothing to base your decision on.

  61. Wish List …

    *Sign Wallace
    *Trade Harvin for draft picks
    *Draft Tavon Austin,Keenan Allen, DeAndre Hopkins or Robert Woods

  62. First,Ponder has the arm to throw to Wallace. Vikings fan here I have watched Ponder he can at least throw 50 yards down the field. second, if Harvin stays why would we need Wallace he is the most overrated player this season. Harvin has speed and the ability to get down the field we need possession wideouts guys taller than 6-2 above average speed and great hands a lot like A.J Green. Greg Jennings isn’t an answer if he pad more than 8 million and injury problems don’t help him sitting out 8 games last year. We don’t need no Tavon Austin 174 pound receiver. We need a Robert Woods who we could take hopefully late 2nd round.

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