Surprise: Report links Broncos to Freeney


Well, this wasn’t predicatable at all.

With the Broncos trying to squeeze defensive end Elvis Dumervil into taking a paycut, next comes the inevitable word that they’re looking at someone else to replace him if he doesn’t.

A source told Mike Klis of the Denver Post that if the Broncos can’t get an appropriate deal with Dumervil, that they’d be interested in former Colts defensive end Dwight Freeney.

Considering that Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning had already started recruiting his former teammate, this isn’t the most surprising news of the day, and it’s useful to let Dumervil know who holds the hammer in negotiations.

Freeney’s four years older, and might not be as explosive, but it’s hard to imagine the Broncos would fall off tremendously because of the difference between the two — especially if they could turn the savings into another player or two.

10 responses to “Surprise: Report links Broncos to Freeney

  1. Talk about an aging defense…with Champ Bailey and Freeney the Broncos should have a nurse and wheelchair on standby at all the Broncos games.

    Freeny showed his age in the Colt/Raven playoff game when an ancient Bryant McKinnie kept Freeney in check all day long.

  2. I say keep them both. If they can get Elvis to restructure, the two of them coming off the edge with Derek Wolfe going back to DT where he should be, it would be a hell of a front four. Especially if they can land Kawaan Short in the first, or Bennie Logan in the second.

  3. The key to the Broncos pass rush is on the other side of the field wearing number 58, because of that whoever lines up on that side at DE will have the chance to put up some decent sack numbers. Which makes it even more infuriating that the Broncos kept dropping him into coverage against the Ravens.

  4. D-free doesn’t have much left n teams love to run to his side cause he spins himself out of any plays

  5. Denver needs some depth so it’s easy to see why they don’t want all that money tied up in Dumervil. But anybody who thinks Freeney is going to replace him without any dropoff is kidding themselves. Dumervil last season: 11 sacks, 32 tackles, 22 assists.
    Freeney’s last TWO seasons combined: 13 1/2 sacks, 23 tackles, 8 assists.

  6. because he didnt perform in a scheme that hes never played in people are saying hes done! lol come to denver!!

    and for those calling champ old wakeeee up! he had 1 bad game all season it just happend to be the last 1 he shut #1 recievers down all season! and was ranked top 5 for cbs on profootballfocus

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