Terrelle Pryor is ready to win over his coaches, teammates

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With Raiders G.M. Reggie McKenzie telling Pro Football Talk at the Scouting Combine that a competition will occur for the starting quarterback job, this means that third-year backup Terrelle Pryor has a shot at winning the gig.

Pryor told Pro Football Talk on Wednesday that he’ll be ready to go if/when he gets the opportunity to start.  At this point, though, he’s focused on building credibility within the organization.

“Right now I’m trying to win over my coaches, win over my teammates and everybody in the facility and let them know that I wanna be a leader, a great leader and I’m there for the long haul and I wanna win just as bad as everybody else and that’s what I want to prove to everybody before I really get into talks of starting and stuff like that,” Pryor told Erik Kuselias.

Pryor stopped short of declaring himself to be the best quarterback currently on the roster.

“I don’t really wanna give comparisons or anything like that because Carson [Palmer] does a great job of what he does, and I can also play too and do some things well too,” Pryor said.  “So I can’t down talk him because he’s a great QB to me and I just wanna stay on my side of seeing what I have to do to get better every single day and that’s where I’m at right now. ”

Still, with the trend toward mobile quarterbacks, Pryor knows he brings the ability to move to the table.

“I feel like I can extend plays and . . . you don’t know what your gonna get from me as a QB from a defensive perspective,” Pryor said.  “They don’t know exactly if I’m gonna run the ball or can I hold onto the ball a little bit and add a little extra time to get a receiver open where I can do a three-step drop and throw the ball in time.  I feel like I can extend plays well and I’m so fast and I believe in my speed and I can get around and wait for guys to get open as well.”

How fast does Pryor think he is in comparison to other quarterbacks?  He thinks he’s do pretty well in a race against all of them.

“I believe, now don’t take this the wrong way this is just me believing in my speed and power and my legs, I believe I’d be second behind Michael Vick,” Pryor said.  “No one else would beat me.”

We have a feeling that a few Redskins fans may have something to say about that.

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82 responses to “Terrelle Pryor is ready to win over his coaches, teammates

  1. He believes in himself and wants to get better. Can’t hate him for that. Hope he improves his accuracy. Kid did well in his lone start last year. Has lots of potential. Hope he gets a chance to realize it with the Raiders

  2. The Kid sounds ready now it’s up to the coaches to put him in a position to succeed i’m pulling for you TP6.

  3. I fixed that text for you…

    “We have a feeling that a few Redskins fans

    may USED TO

    have something to say about that.”

  4. If this guy wins the job, it’ll show that the trade for Palmer and losing that first and second round pick was completely pointless.

  5. As a Raider fan, I love this guy. I wish he was my neighbor.

    But…. Having seen him throw, I’m not ready for him to be my quarterback. Not unless he’s made herculean strides as a passer in the off-season.

    You never know. It could happen.

    The reality is that he’ll end up being just as game changing as Kordell Stewart.

    Only with a shorter career.

  6. I’m gonna wanna have some dinna latah aftah I runna lotta.

    Great education from The Ohio State University.
    Nice tats too!! Hey, weren’t those tats free?

  7. I think everyone knows what you are going to do Mr. Pryor. Throwing the ball is not one the top 3 thinks anyone expects you to do.

  8. I hope he does well. Pryor would have benefitted more than most in having a senior year in college. Hopefully it will start to click and he’ll be able to play in this league.

  9. Pryor is fast and has a big arm.

    The Raiders need to have Palmer take a $$$ cut and mentor the kid for one more season before he is unleashed.

  10. Pryor is saying the right things. And what exactly did he get in trouble for? Selling some memorabilia to make a little cash, but instead got in hot water with the very institution that makes BILLIONS of dollars off of free labourers like him. Yeah…that’s what I thought.

  11. I have to say that I was not a fan of Al Davis using a third round pick on Terrelle Pryor in 2011. I was not a fan at all and I voiced my opinion on this site with animate firmness.

    Given that, I am honestly looking forward to Terrelle stepping onto the field as the starting QB this season. If he was coming out in the draft this year he could very well have been the first over all pick. I believe that he is the better option over other starters like Ryan Fitzpatrick, Blaine Gabbert, Matt Cassel, or Kevin Kolb.

  12. Terrell Pryor a starting QB in the NFL. Lol. I’d take Leinhart over Pryor & Leinhart is a pretty poor QB as well. Raiders don’t have a franchise QB on their roster.

  13. Great, another 4 yrs at the bottom for raider nation. Keep on blaming the tuck rule

  14. Give him a chance. We gave up way too much for Carson even though it seemed like the right thing to do at the time. In hindsight it wasn’t a very smart trade.

  15. I’m not completely sure if he is a Raider, or a Raider fan judging by his delusional views of how good he is. Commitment to excrement.

  16. I like the direction the raiders are headed although im not sure they will make the playoffs next year especially in that division. So I think Pryor should start, why not, Carson is not the future in Oak.

  17. What would the Redskins have to say about this? Their quarterback couldn’t beat anybody in a race right now, yet alone if he gets as fast as he was… That’s a big *if*, not everybody is A.P. Go Raiders!!!

  18. Say what you want about TP but he seems to have his head in the right place and has been a class act through all this. He deserves a chance to compete and he showed flashes last season.

  19. Man I would love to see him play, but I also want to see Palmer succeed, because I kmow Carson palmer would do good, only if he was surrounded by a good team

  20. Man see this is the kind of stuff you want to hear, not like Palmer who sounded ho-hum about his situation. TP6 says nothing but all the right things and i think he is definitely top 3 in terms of QB’s with speed.

  21. Tough to argue what he’s saying. It would be sweet to see these fast qbs run a couple races. The kid has talent for sure. Whether or not that talent is developed, and used properly will be revealed over time. I for one hope he fulfills his potential; AFC West games have not been high priority for watching in recent years. And it’s nice to see someone succeed.

  22. You have to like that he’s confident but not bragging up anything he’s already done. He seems content to earn his way, not have anything handed to him.

    Hard to say if he’ll develop, but Oakland fans have to be happy wit the attitude.

  23. Pryor ran a faster 40 time on soft turf than RG3 before his second ACL surgery. No way is RG3 close to him now.

  24. Not sure why Pryor gets so much hate. The guy isn’t an options QB, he ran a pro-style offense at Ohio. Besides that he seems like a hard worker, he’s said all the right things and just keeps pushing.

  25. I am a fan of both the Raiders and the Redskins, I could not tell you who is truly faster. I saw Pryor play, live, in the Sugarbowl, why not ask the Razorbacks (of the SEC) how fast he is. There were times he made thier D look like highschoolers.

  26. Kid says everything right and they still find a way to take a shot at him. I don’t think the people in Washington care about a race, they are happy with their situation and hoping for a fully recovery. But hopefully the kid gets a chance

  27. I’m a Denver fan and thus always hope things turn out the worst for the Raiders.

    But when it comes to Terelle Pryor, he was dealt a crap hand by the NCAA, forced to come out earlier than he should have, hasn’t caused any issues, buckled down and worked as hard as he can…

    I really want to see this kid succeed. Hopefully on another team. Maybe in the NFC. Far away from Denver.

    But I don’t see how you can dislike the kid.

  28. Finally people are seeing that Carson Palmer has always been the most overrated QB in the league, and i would be surprised if Oakland doesn’t him (but this is OAKLAND, after all).

    As far as Pryor goes, he probably deserves a shot, but I bet they’ll draft Tyler Wilson or Mike Glennon to compete with him.

  29. you’ve got to be kidding me Pryor over Palmer what a joke this franchise is no wonder they haven’t done anything since 1983. Thats 30 years 30.!!!! Go losers.

  30. Huge Raider/USC trojan fan…so I love all three qbs.

    Palmer is the best to win now, even though we won’t win much now regardless.

    Leinart is not great…plain and simple.

    Pryor is still a question mark…let the kid play, I want to see if there is anything. @ worst we get to draft the number 1 qb next season and start over…let him try

  31. There are many reasons why this guy is going on his 3rd in the NFL and has played only a hand full of downs. He’s a cancer that will spread in the locker room that will bring down the teams morale. I agree that Carson Palmer is on his way out and is no longer a good fit with the Raiders, but they should either trade for a better QB or draft one if possible. I mean after all, you would that the Raiders learned their lesson with Jamarcus Russell!

  32. He says the right things… now. Wait until the spotlight is really on him.

    Hopefully he has changed since his days in Columbus, but as an alum of TOSU he is and always will be an arrogant waste.

  33. Pryor talked a lot about his speed but curiously never mentioned his arm. This is where he falls way behind the other young mobile QB’s that have speed AND crazy arm strength.

    He was never a great passer at Ohio State. In fact, what made him so remarkable is that he could throw two incompletions on first and second down, and then run for 12 yards on third and 10. Can’t operate like that in the NFL.

  34. lostsok says:
    Mar 7, 2013 12:53 AM
    “You have to like that he’s confident but not bragging up anything he’s already done. He seems content to earn his way, not have anything handed to him.”

    Hard to say if he’ll develop, but Oakland fans have to be happy wit the attitude.

    What has he already done – beside nothing in the nfl????

  35. Pryor is faster than RG3 and the now beat on Vick. Pryor should be the fastest QB in the league. Not that it matters much if you can’t get on the field though. He has to prove that his arm is better than when he was drafted. Also, learning to read a defense should be at the top of his list to work on. The only other flaw is the fact that he never steps into his throws. He relies on arm strength to get the ball where Its going, which is the wrong way.
    I do hope we get to see Pryor get a shot to start. He has all of the tools, he just needs to learn how to use them more efficiently.

  36. I am all for this kid making it work. He has the potential to be the NFL’s next Cinderella story. On the other hand, I really don’t want to see yet another running QB in the league. Call me old fashion, but I much prefer the pocket passers. All these running QB’s make it too much like college ball for me.

  37. When the first, and perhaps only accolades I hear about a Q.B. is how fast he is, I worry, even in this day of option play. I remember one of the tales of Jamarcus Russell was he could throw a ball 60 yards in the air on his knees. We all saw how that turned out.
    All that being said, I hope he can be successful in his competition and live up to the demands of

  38. pryor had a faster 4o than rg3 at his pro day, and that combined with rg3’s knee is a reason skins fans shouldn’t have much to say about it. also, he’ll never be the QB rg3 is, so i doubt skins fans care. i get it that he probably grew up idolizing mike vick, but at this point vick is probably slower than him, rg3 and kaepernick. anyway, i like TP, and i kinda fealt bad with all of the fallout from the tattoo “scandal” at OSU. i really wish the ncaa would stop pretending that all of these star college athletes aren’t getting handed things left and right. as far as his pro career, as much as i’d like to see him succeed, something about his mechanics just makes me worry. i don’t know that he’ll ever have a legit nfl arm. i don’t know if he’ll ever be able to fix his release to allow him to get the ball out quick, and i don’t know if he’ll ever be as accurate as he can be, because of that unorthodox throwing style. but i hope he proves he can do all of those things.

  39. Terelle Pryor, Al Davis’s last genius pick! And to think we only used a third on him! He may not be a starter next year but he is definitely on his way.

  40. I watched that last game against the Chargers in the rain.Twice.Let me tell all of you something.WATCH OUT,this kid with the right development could be a beast.Heard it here first.I will be here to remind all of you.

  41. Let’s face it. The Raiders don’t have much to lose. See what Pryor can do. He created a lot of excitement with the Buckeyes. Won a lot of games too.

  42. haters are going to hate regardless, but no dobt about it Pryor for his size is one of the fastest guy in the nfl, behind Vernon Davis…Both of them are freakish to be that big, and be that quick..

  43. Go ahead and downvote me but you raider fans are delusional if you think pryor’s unofficial pro day 40 is proof he’s faster than RG3. They use a hand held timer. It might be a close race if they’re both healthy, but RG3 is a legit NFL passer. Pryor has a lot more to prove than his mobility

  44. I just rewatched some of his college highlights and i can honestly say i forgot how good he was in college. He has an absolute CANNON of an arm, and on a lot of his deep throws he showed some unfair accuracy and touch. the problem is consistency, he will be unbelievable one moment and mediocre the next. i think this dude has the ability to be great, he is lterally built like a way faster Cam Newton, and if you watch his tape on runs you can tell hes looking to protect himself at the end of plays. could be pretty good if oyu ask me.

  45. brenenostler says:
    Mar 7, 2013 2:09 AM
    Finally people are seeing that Carson Palmer has always been the most overrated QB in the league, and i would be surprised if Oakland doesn’t him (but this is OAKLAND, after all).
    You’re confusing what’s in your mind with reality.

    The two are completely separate entity’s.

  46. Hey Raiders, We’ll take Carson of your hands for your first pick next year. Signed Mike Brown

  47. “They don’t know exactly if I’m gonna run the ball or can I hold onto the ball a little bit and add a little extra time to get a receiver open where I can do a three-step drop and throw the ball in time. ”

    How can one do a three step drop after holding on to the ball? Kid will be a run first QB….and that means it will break down.

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