Vince Young: I was the victim, I was taken advantage of


As he attempts to persuade some NFL team to give him another chance, Vince Young says he wants every team to understand that his off-field issues are behind him.

Young said on NFL AM that although he has been a distraction at times in his NFL career, that largely stemmed from his financial difficulties — difficulties that he believes are not his fault.

“I really want teams and organizations to know that I was young at a time and I put my trust in a lot of people, and I was getting taken advantage of,” Young said. “Basically, I’m the victim of the situation. So I’ve just got to clean up that mess, just to let teams know I’m a little bit more mature than I used to be, I’ve grown a whole lot, and I just want teams to understand that you’re getting a little bit more mature quarterback that understands the professionalism of the game.”

Young also acknowledged that he made mistakes during his time with the Titans, where he was a two-time Pro Bowler but eventually got dumped by coach Jeff Fisher. Young said he recently sent a letter of apology to Fisher for not handling things the right way during their time together, and he also said he doesn’t think it was his play on the field that derailed his career. Instead, Young believes off-field issues are the reason he is currently a free agent just hoping for some team to give him a shot.

“I don’t really feel like it was my game, I just feel like it was some off-the-field issues, with some of the things that, as I was cleaning up a lot of the mess outside the field, I really feel like teams don’t want their quarterback to be in that position, of being distracted,” Young said. “It was nothing about my game, it’s just those things have to be cleared up before I get that opportunity.”

Young says those things are now cleared up. It remains to be seen whether he gets that opportunity.

127 responses to “Vince Young: I was the victim, I was taken advantage of

  1. So… taking out a $300,000 loan to hold your own birthday party does NOT mean that the blame is solely on yourself?

  2. Really, Vince? Who ‘took advantage of you’ when YOU decided to throw yourself a THREE HUNDRED THOUSAND DOLLAR birthday party?

    Who ‘took advantage of you’ when you spent $5K PER WEEK at Cheesecake Factory your rookie year?

    You made more money in a WEEK than most people do in a year and blew it ALL. But YOU’RE the victim? Shut up and go away.

  3. If Matt Cassel is getting looked at as a backup somewhere, then so should Vince Young.

  4. You are the victim of having too much talent to early and being deprived of developing into a normal person.

    You will always be the victim with your attitude.

  5. The poor guy is as dumb as a sack of hair.
    His handlers should keep him as quiet as possible.
    Not his fault he took took out a loan to throw himself a birthday party?
    He blew through all of his money foolishly and it’s not his fault?
    I’m tired of hearing about this dummy.

  6. Victim? No. He was an emotionally unstable immature hothead. He also boasts an intelligence on par with an average 9 year old. His physical talent could not overcome his mental and emotional deficiencies at the NFL level. If he is a victim, he is a victim of his own doing.

  7. Young couldn’t beat out Fitzpatrick or Tyler Thigpen and Brad Smith for that matter. That doesn’t bode well for your resume. I believe his biggest problem when he tried out for Buffalo was his accuracy, especially his deep accuracy which was way off 50% of the time. He can still run, can get the ball to pretty much anywhere on the field, just not where the receiver needs it to be. Maybe some team will be desperate enough to give him another shot, maybe not.

  8. Problem is there were some of us, unlike Skip Bayless and the Titans, who knew you were messed up in the head and too immature to play in the NFL. I believe in 2nd chances but I also think you just aren’t intelligent enough to understand NFL defenses. You can’t blame the fact you threw so many picks on financial advisers. They weren’t on the field with you.

  9. He was a “victim”. I believe it would be more appropriate to admit it was his fault. We all are responsible for our actions and should admit our participation in it. If he was a young child and mistakes were made then I would agree but not as old as he was when his career took a nose dive. I wouldn’t take a chance on him as he will revert back to this excuse again.

  10. Ahh yes… The Ole’: “It was someone else’s fault” line

    As is quoted by so many “mature and responsible” people of this world…

    This guy has no clue.

  11. I think the short time he was with Buffalo, meant he wasn’t catching on to the play book. That said I think he’ll get another shot, he could develope into a capable back up, unless he can’t learn an offense. Hope it’s not the case, still respect him from the BCS. A lot of teams could use a back up, all of them in the NFC North. The longer he gets in a camp the better for him. Vet minimum deal.

  12. Yep, he was definitely the victim when he played horribly in his starts in Philly. 4 TDs and 8 INTs.

  13. The Raiders should really sign Vince Young on a one year contract and let him compete with T. Pryor for the starting job and either trade or release C. Palmer and if neither one works out then you draft a QB in next years draft cause this team is rebuilding so they have nothing to lose and they need to start freeing up money cause next year they have a full draft.

  14. he’s a bum, look a his stats, more int’s than touchdowns. I understand you made lots and lots of mistakes off the field, he needs to start blaming himself and start working on being a better qb and then someone will give him a shot

  15. How did your victim status lead you to throw two picks in five minutes in a preseason game against third-stringers, and then lose your backup QB job to Tavaris Jackson?

  16. He’s old enough to have taken notice of the plight of prominent athletes who don’t properly manage their own finances. He should have paid attention and done all he could to avoid falling into the same financial abyss. He’s made and squandered more money in a very short period of time than the vast majority of us will make in our lifetime. I have no sympathy for him, nor any other of his ilk who chooses irresponsiblity over prudence and restraint.

    Should he get another chance? If he can play, why not? If he does, then I hope he remembers this chapter in his life and not succumb to the sheer arrogance that all too often accompanies clelebrity .

  17. His lack of identifying his own responsibility regarding his troubles and putting the blame on others shows he has not matured.

  18. McNair? The multiple time drunk driver who cheated on his wife with the wrong woman and got killed over it? Yeah, that’s some role model. VY hasn’t done either of those two things yet that we know of.

    VY made his bed and now he has to lie in it. And yes his play is part of why he has no job, not just off field stuff. Good for him for writing a letter to Fisher, maybe that’s a start. But he’s still making excuses for his own dumb decisions like the birthday party. His real role model, and I am serious should be Adam Jones. I give Jones a lot of credit. He was in deep and turned himself around. That’s really not that common.

  19. He’s a “little bit” more mature? Give me a break, isn’t part of growing up accepting the blame for things you did wrong instead of blaming others?

    Keep playing that victim card Vince, no one will buy it.

    Still a turd.

  20. Victim? Maybe he should do a PSA to help similar victims who are delivered a dump truck of cash and piss it away partying?

  21. You’re deluding yourself Vince. Teams are willing to forgive off field transgressions if the production is there on field. Their real issues with you have to do with talent, attitude, and football IQ.

  22. Some people are victims. Some people let themselves become victims. Young let himself be a victim.

  23. I quit reading after the first paragraph.

    Vince Young is not relevant.

    A comprable story might be about the back-up right guard at Dickenson State College who says he was victimized by his dentist, who told him he needed a crown when all he needed was a filling.

    Poor guy.

    I have three crowns just like that.

  24. VY the reason you are no longer in the NFL is your ruined the Titan’s locker room. Now no one wants you around other players after you divided our team and got Fish fired. Move on…

  25. He’s right, he was a victim. The university of Texas should’ve kicked him out of school the first semester of his first year. Allowing him to graduate gave this pea brain the chance to squander all of the money he never should’ve gotten in the first place.

  26. The only thing he’s a victim of is having sunshine blown up his butt his entire life. Of course he was stupid enough to buy it.
    VY thought his athleticism was going to be enough in the NFL. Unfortunately for him there are other athletes just as good AND they work hard.

    Now shut up and go away.

  27. I still find it funny that Casserly got fired from the Texans for not drafting Young (or Bush) and drafting Mario Williams and it ended up being the best pick out of the 3.

  28. I love how he twice refers to himself as being a “little bit more mature”. I guess he doesn’t want to set the bar too high

  29. Does Vince Young ever look back at what he says. Be a man you were your own downfall. Young listens to ESPN to much, still trying to force feed us he is a great QB.

  30. Is this the new excuse? Play the victim card…I guess it worked for Te’o then it must work for Young too.

    In any case, being a victim and making bad choices are two completely different things. VY made BAD choices.

  31. Like all of those poor unfortunate people that signed loans for houses that they in no way shape or form could afford in the first place. (Heavy on the sarcasm).

    Maybe you should have gotten a degree from Texas to fall back on, doorknob.

  32. Yea he isn’t to bright… But he is 33-19 as a starter. Put him in that simple read option bs like kap and rg3.. The offense isnt hard to learn infact its very simple, pop warner been running these plays for years what kids lol.

  33. vince was young and he made alot of mistakes,something we all have done at some point in our life.i often wonder how i would have did things if i had millions at the age of 21,im sure i would have made mistakes because i made them when i was making 30,000 a year back in the day.The difference is my mistakes where not out there for every one to see like his where,so i get a pass.people need to stop acting like they are without fault it just happen that we did not get put on front street like he did.He may not be a star ,but he is better than alot of QBs in the nfl.He will be back.

  34. It’s funny to look back and think to yourself, wow, he was considered the 3rd best player in his draft class. And Tennessee wonders why they are continually awful.

  35. Sometimes the titles of these articles will make u go straight to the comments without even reading the article itself, smh… I don’t enjoy anything more than a good bashing, lol… Poor Vince, Forest Gump Dumb!!!

  36. Excuses.. hey Vince, why don’t you bring your “talents” over here in Canada. Only chance of you getting a starting job. Your talent level is more suited for the CFL then the NFL.

  37. Dumb (VY) & Dumber (The team that brings him into their locker room)….

    The first step in any recovery program is taking 100% responsibility for your past actions.

    Taking 100% ownership of your past mistakes in life is a litmus test and gauge for how you’ll take responsibility & handle leadership on the field & in the locker room.

  38. Blaming someone else and claiming to be the victim actually shows you HAVE NOT matured or grown any wiser, Vince.

  39. Such a shame. He had the potential to be the next Cunningham or better. If he just had his head on straight and became a student of the game…what could have been.

  40. VY,
    Go back to Houston where you can be the big man on Campus again and make it rain with the change you have in your pocket. 300,000 for a bday party? 4 real? U get what you deserve. Ps. I still owe u a punch in the face for the Dream Team comment..

    –Eagles Fan

  41. come to cleveland your already better then a current Texas QB on the roster and you have a better arm and more athletic talent

  42. VICTIM!!!!!!!! Never takes long for these types of guys.

    Victim is the best position he has played in the NFL.

    You would have to be outta your mind to put a blamer like this on your team.

  43. It seems like the main thing Vince has learned is even dumber sounding excuses for why he’s a failure. When he finally comes to grips with how much he sucks at living life, then he may have a legitimate shot at redemption. He has my pity, nothing more.

  44. I raise 3 kids on my own with a 50k ish/yr salary. You blew 6 times that on 1 birthday party for your vein and retarded self.

    Vince youngs existence is an insult to people like me.

  45. BAWAHHHHH! What was I to do? Poor doe eyed young man with all those bright lights! Then they just keep pouring money on me! Heaps an’ heap o’ money. I was smothering in it I tell you. I HAD to spend it so’s I could breathe. But now I am a little better. I have released the inner victim in me. I studied yoga to control my breathing. I can handle it now. Start pouring money on me, you’ll see I can take it now…

  46. Does that include spending $10,000 a week at the Cheesecake Factory? Could’ve helped a lot of people instead of feeding 67 elephants each week at an mid-tier restaurant.

  47. The amount of money you have is X, the amount of money you spend is Y. When Y exceeds X, you have a problem. But then you take out $300,000 for a birthday party you feel you’re entitled to because everyone has kissed your rear your whole life, this gets you VY. I hope you end up poor, and in a shelter. You’re an embarrassment to anyone who has 1 year of college under their belt. I’ve met homeless people in NYC, who fell on tough times due to rough circumstances in life. I have paid for these people i met to a nice dinner and shelter in a cheap motel because its the least i can do. I am very compassionate to the human condition. But you deserve to be poor, but you never will. There will be some radio station, or local texas tv station that will hire you because of what you did in college. But i wish you no luck. Good riddance.

  48. I love the tangible viciousness, the schadenfreude that everyone is reveling in in tearing down Vince Young, telling him he’s not a victim, etc…

    BUT, if this were Tebow, these same fanatical right wing posters would be apoplectic about how he’s mistreated, how he truly is a victim, how we attack Christians and all that other coded language– it basically comes down to “Tebow is a real ‘Murican cause he looks like me.”

  49. Of course he is a “victim” at the hands of others. What can he say?

    If he admits it is all his fault, no NFL team will give Mr All Time Wonderlic another chance.

    If he blames others, he is merely hoping there is a NFL team dumber than him.

    If you can’t make it pleasing Andy Reid, you are not a NFL QB.

  50. As the late and great John Belushi would say in the Blue’s Brothers:
    ” I over slept, got stuck in traffiic, my car ran out of gas, there was an earthquake, a tornado a hurricane, IT’S NOT MY FAULT !!!!!!!

  51. All is not lost, Vince. While blaming others for your predicament doesnt play well in the NFL, it is a prerequisite for the presidency. Vince/Titus, the Young brothers in 2016.

  52. Teams don’t want to sign victims who aren’t responsible for what happened to them.

    Teams do want to sign guys who own their mistakes and accept responsibility.

    He played this very poorly.

  53. Time to try a new position … VY is done as a QB … but he could be a scary TE if he really wanted to play in the NFL again. That is if he still has any legs to work with

  54. That comment from Vince Dumb says it all. Young was blessed with God given talent, never worked, and to this day can’t own up to his own mistakes.

  55. Reesesteel:

    “None of you know what really happened so…….lol”

    And you do? I think it’s public he spent $5000 a week at TE Cheesecake Factory and he spent $300,000 on a b day bash. We don’t need to know everything else, stupid decisions like this say it all about his character.

  56. The CFL isn’t even knocking on his door. What’s that tell ya?? What a dumbass! There are some guys I feel bad about their situation. I couldn’t be happier to see this assmunch sqworming in his pants to get back in the league.

  57. Not sure if he was taken advantage of or not, I would probably say he wasn’t. This is a guy that makes bad decisions, the loan for the party is just one instance. He doesn’t have an NFL job because of his off field stuff he doesn’t have one because he isn’t that good. Nobody has more off field baggage then Mike Vick, but the Eagles think he can contribute so he has a team to play for. The fact that he was an early pick and compared to Steve McNair because of his skill set is something alot of teams do and probably something that Fisher thought he could do similar things with. The problem is while skill sets are similar it’s tought to measure someone’s desire or common sense. So Vince Young is currently unemployed because it would appear his desire to live up to his draft status wasn’t all that important to him and the repeated bad decisions he makes are red flags to teams who worry about basic common sense. Stop blaming others would be a good starting point to rebuilding his image.

  58. He just doesn’t get it!! Oh, I forgot he went to
    school at the University of Texas he did not
    have to do anything but show up.

  59. “Bring him to camp and see what he has. Why not?”

    We know what he has and what he hasn’t. He has maturity issues and he hasn’t got NFL talent.

  60. Yeah, he’s a victim allright, a victim of his own stupidity. That first Wonderlic score they leaked for him seems increasingly accurate with each time he speaks. Doubt he has a future in the NFL moving forward. As Ron White said you can fix a lot of things, but you can’t fix stupid.

  61. This poor fool seems confused about age & maturity. Getting older does not necessarily equate to becoming more mature. This guy doesn’t get it & may never get it.

  62. Shame on the “University” of Texas for admitting and allowing this illiterate imbecile to stay in school. If the university trustees had a modicum of self-respect they’d audit the football team and the classes players take or don’t take. Same goes with other schools *cough* SEC *cough* which really make a mockery of “student”- athletes.

  63. Can you imagine one of us in the”Real World” giving that excuse about money management and job performance. The last time I had a personal issue which might prevent me from performing at the highest level in my job, I spoke to my employer about it and communicated the issues, so we could all work together. Whatever happened to accountability? These guys are so out of touch, it’s sad. Not to mention taking a $300,000.00 loan out for a birthday party? Glad he is learning his lesson, I hope all the teams stay away from this guy. He will take the money and walk.

  64. “he wants every team to understand that his off-field issues are behind him.” and they want him to understand his QB playing days are behind him!

  65. Out of all these comments only a couple are about his on-filed play. His point exactly. how many of you all have a 2 time probowl quarterback on your favotite team? Smh. I think he deserves another shot.

  66. If he had really grown up and become more mature, he would take accountability for his poor play and TERRIBLE financial mistakes, not continue telling people “I’m more mature, it wasn’t my fault.” Newsflash, Vince, owning up to your mistakes is a sign a maturity. Passing the blame is a sign of immaturity.

    On the plus side, I can’t wait to see the documentary exploring “You know how all those athletes go broke after they retire — this guy managed to do it while still making good money.”

  67. Bring the man into camp, and convert him into a tight end. He had great hands, and is big enough to block, and he can run.

  68. This guy is a complete idiot. Any team who picks him up is equally as idiotic. We (Local Titans bill payers) saw this FOOL blow so much cash in bars before and after games, when he should have been staying humble. He didn’t even take Mc Nair’s advise and guidance. We haven’t forgotten how much you made the Titans clowns of the AFC. That’s why we ran you out of The Ville. Trick.

  69. Teams should take a serious look at quarterback Vince Young. He’s 6′-5″,.. healthy,.. mobile,.. has a strong arm,.. has playoff experience,.. a proven winner in the NFL (31-19) and plays at a high level…. You can’t go wrong by bringing this guy in for a TRYOUT….

  70. Vince needs to take some ownership for decisions he made. It’s not always someone else’s fault.

  71. “So I’ve just got to clean up that mess, just to let teams know I’m a little bit more mature than I used to be, I’ve grown a whole lot, and I just want teams to understand that you’re getting a little bit more mature quarterback that understands the professionalism of the game.”

    He’s a little bit more mature, well, that solves everything. Come on Vince, face it your career is over. Find a different career.

  72. Ahhh, playing the victim card, while trying to convince people that you’ve matured.

    Was it also someone else’s fault that you are a complete idiot and representative of where most pro athletes would be if they could not bounce, throw or hit a ball ?

  73. He surrounded himself with hangers on’ s who helped him squander his money by telling him how great he was.
    He just wasn’t smart enough to play the game. Pro defenses were cruel on his mind and that’s the end game.
    He is smart enough to at least not admit how stupid he was as a player on the field.

  74. No sympathy. The NFL has orientation about being taken advantage, money, and what not.
    You never get points by claiming to be a victim.

  75. No doubt the same people that took advantage of him forced Vince to go to strip clubs and take swings at the bouncers too. The power they must have is so vast as to render Vince a mere puppet.

  76. I wanna see vince line up at fullback! I wanna see him lower his head on some 300 pounders! Maybe thatll knock some sense into him

  77. C’mon. Vince is black, you know he’s been taken advantage of. Nothing is his fault. He should be the starter for the Baltimore Ravens making Flacco’s money.

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