Wes Welker appears set to test free agency


Despite some talk that the Patriots and receiver Wes Welker were trying to work out an agreement on a long-term contract before Welker becomes an unrestricted free agent on March 12, that doesn’t appear likely to happen.

Multiple reports surfaced on Wednesday morning that Welker was going to hit the market, with Jeff Howe of the Boston Herald reporting that nothing is imminent between the Patriots and Welker, and Adam Schefter of ESPN reporting that Welker has no plans to re-sign with New England before free agency starts.

It’s not surprising that Welker would want to find out what he’s worth on the open market, especially given that he reportedly has some trust issues with the Patriots. At the very least, Welker would be wise to wait until Saturday, when the “legal tampering” window opens, to see what kind of deal might be out there for him.

That doesn’t mean he won’t end up staying: He’s probably a better fit in the Patriots’ offense than he is anywhere else. But he appears ready to at least find out if some other team thinks he can be more valuable elsewhere than he is in New England.

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  1. Welker is a great reviever and will do well anywhere he playes, however, playing with Brady and the Patriots has made him GREAT.

  2. I like Wes and had hoped it would work out.

    However if he wants too much money, dump him.

  3. I’m a Pats fan and I don’t blame him (or any player) for wanting to test the market. Otherwise the curious ones all wonder “what if”? If he returns to the Pats, then I’ll feel like he is 100% happy with it. He’ll definitely have a good amount of interest, but the money may not be there for a good team to give him a deal due to the flat cap. I certainly hope he wouldn’t go to a bad team that does have cap space since he doesnt have a ring and I think that’s a big thing that drives him.

  4. I still hope he stays in New England. If he signs elsewhere he will disappear in their offense as there are few teams who understand how to use someone with his skill set properly.

    To other teams be careful what you wish for I think the past history of receivers who have left New England speaks volumes.

    Otherwise, it’s been good watching you play Welker and if you want to complain about being phased out following a 118 catch season you’re in for a rude awakening wherever you may end up.

  5. Atlanta, put him between those two monster true #1 receivers, holy moly. If not not Atlanta then perhaps Seattle could use him for a few years or how about a home town discount and a return to Miami? I doubt Atlanta can afford Welker but they should do whatever it takes to try and get him, that combo would be unstopable.

  6. He will be able to make it work wherever he goes. It just so happens that the Patriots were the only ones to really give him a chance.

    Anyone could see the talent he could be when he was with the Dolphins. And if the Chargers didn’t have a history of screwing up, they would have kept him on their roster.

    But then again, the Chargers at one point had Trent Green and they dropped the ball on him as well. So, nothing the Chargers do surprises me.

  7. 100+ catch guys don’t grow on trees. NE ought to find a way to get this done. The Jags should be trading Cecil Shorts & Laurent Robinson to them for Welker.

  8. Im still waiting on his wife to serve me my chicken wings and beer from hooters

  9. I think Welker is a good receiver, but I’m not sure his style of play would do well in any other system with a QB other than Brady throwing to him. I think he knows that and will be staying in NE.

  10. Sounds like a great idea Wes. It worked out stellar for the careers of former Patriots receivers: David Givens, Jabar Gaffney, and Deion Branch who all went on to illustrious careers without Tom Brady.

    Because as everyone knows, it’s the individual that accomplishes everything. It has nothing to do with your offense or the chemistry with your quarterback.

  11. I think it is. Time for him to move on. There appears to be some bad blood brewing and if he wants more money than the Patriots are offering he should talk to Branch to see how things work out for receivers who leave NE

  12. Welker, a high character guy, gets low-balled by the Patriot’s organization then trashed by the Patriot’s high class fans after years of excellent service. That’s a shocker, NOT!

  13. As far as any “trust issues” Welker is forgetting that what made Brady great was always that his favorite receiver was the open one.

    Once the Pats got Moss and Brady started trying to force the ball to him way downfield he had a lot more interceptions. Sorry Wes but that’s how it’s going to be.

  14. just don’t go to denver. i don’t think i could handle that. Other than that he’s deserves to get paid, so good luck to you Welkah

  15. Welker will be back in New England this season. He is smart to test the market but I have a feeling like Moss he will take his best offer back to NE.

    To all Dolphin fans,Welker has a 3 year window to win in his career, Miami does not afford him that opportunity since Miami is a couple of years from playoff contention.

  16. As a Pats fan. I don’t care anymore about WW. He can leave. Too many big mistakes in big games. I think TB12 will find a capable replacement in Edelman (cheaper re-signing)

    Sign Mike Wallace with the Welker money, bring Randy back for cheap. (BB can motivate him for the ring that he is missing.)

    Moss is like McDaniels, yeah he left, but on good terms. Now bring him back for one last ride and see if he can get the ring. I don’t care about his stats the last few seasons… He didn’t have Brady throwing to him.

  17. According to Kevin Seifert of ESPN.com, Dallas Cowboys will attempt to unload Dez Bryant in the upcoming NFL Draft for multiple picks per a team source.

  18. Thats right New England homers, Welker sucks and he could only be successful playing for the Patriots. You never really liked him anyway.

    You are all shaking in your boots, I hope Welker stands up for himself and leaves the team and the fan base that does not respect him.

  19. If it is the end of 83 in NE.. better believe BB will come up with something..he’s always prepared for it all.. thats what hes about being ready for what ever the situation is… We love Wes to death but if he goes elswhere..Pats just move on..there is bigger fish to catch…Will TB be pissed of course..but he knows the nature of the Beast..really hope he stays tho….forever PATRIOTS!!!

  20. According to Ron Ameri of ESPNdallas.com, per a team source, Dallas Cowboys have been in talks with the Seattle Seahawks to send Dez Bryant packing for Kam Chancellor and unconditional picks in future drafts.

  21. Welker is getting some bad advice , he should take a little below market and stay with the Pats. He signs with another team , they play below average and gets cut after two years. He signs a four year deal with the Pats , he stays a elite receiver numbers wise which will make him see the entire life of that contract. He will not with another team other than maybe the Saints. I hate the Pats.

  22. I’ll be upset to see Welker go,but if he does,I hope Edelman either stays healthy,or learns how to play hurt. It looks like neither side is going to budge,so whatever happens,we as fans can’t control it. Still would suck to see him leave…

  23. Have a feeling he’s going to Indy, not sure why just do..the day he leaves will be a weakened Pats team…

  24. Are some of you guys honestly comparing welker to jabar gaffney and branch? Seriously? Gaffney is a average receiver who put up average numbers, same with branch, his claim to fame is a great super bowl, but his reg season season numbers are average. He has 500 and change receptions in ten plus years, thats a 50 catch average a season einsteins. Ya that really compares to welker who grabs over 100 a year.

    Look at the beginning of last season patriots struggled because the hoodie was trying to phase out welker, they only started having success again when they started getting him the ball more. bradys numbers only really took off when they got welker, having moss helped but welker opened up that passing game. He will not have anywhere near the success without welker im willing to bet anyone on that.

    Stop comparing average receivers who left to welker, its embarrassing and you look like fools.

    btw this is coming from a guy who loathes the patriots. But a star player is a star player.

  25. I think Welker is a good receiver, but I’m not sure his style of play would do well in any other system with a QB other than Brady throwing to him. ————-Agree, however I think his ego has gotten too big and has prevented him from seeing this, and so he will be let go by NE like so many others of even greater caliber.

  26. Just heard its a done deal…he will become a Raven to get back at the Patriots for the disrespect they showed Wes.

    Torry Smith..Anquan Boldin…Jacoby Jones..Dennis Pitta….now the Ravens are LOADED at receivers.

  27. As soon as it became clear that the Rams weren’t franchising Amendola, didn’t it become obvious that the Pats were going to let Welker go and make a run at replacing him with Amendola–a guy they previously have attempted to trade for and who has an incredibly similar skill set while being younger?

  28. Thanks for the great play, Welker. Good luck to you where ever you end up (unless it’s Denver. Then I hope someone breaks your legs).

  29. It seems that the Patriots won 3(not 2, Ravens)Super Bowls without Wes and none with him. So,I ask you? Who made who? The Pats will move on and so will Welker. I know some teams have a sixth of their cap tied up in one player, but some teams see the future and try to be relevant every year!

  30. It’s funny how you guys all just KNOW these guys only care about winning.

    You’re Welker, The Pats haven’t won a Superbowl WITH you and they want you to take less money so they can win a Superbowl.


    Go to another team and get more money but probably win the same amount of Superbowls.

    It’s a no brainer unless the Pats are allowed to cheat again then it becomes a bit more complicated.

  31. One catch and Welker would have got everything he wanted from the Patriots… too bad.

    Denver is the place that I could see him going… maybe Green Bay. That’s the level of QB that can get him the ball in those tight spots. Wes never gets very open, but he doesn’t drop the ball in the slot very often.

  32. ravenmuscle says:Mar 6, 2013 10:38 AM

    Just heard its a done deal…he will become a Raven to get back at the Patriots for the disrespect they showed Wes.

    Torry Smith..Anquan Boldin…Jacoby Jones..Dennis Pitta….now the Ravens are LOADED at receivers.


    I just heard the Ravens won’t win the Super Bowl for another 12 years.

  33. As a Pats fan I am shocked that there have been so many people ho feel WW will only do well here. There are several teams with above average QBS that would have no issue taking advantage of his abilities. The Pats should of taken care of this long before this season he has more than lived up to his deal. One other fact they have a terrible time drafting at that position D. Branch was last decent one drafted almost a decade ago. They should also lock up Talib another area that has been an absolute train wreck when it comes to drafting with A. Samuel the last consistent performer. They need to quit nickle and diming through the final years of Brady’s career. That has not worked ex. Haynseworth, Ocho, and countless others. Look at the draft record of this team at these positions and the high picks wasted an absloute disgrace.

  34. If you are in the market for that type of receiver , putting in age , I would throw my money , which would be less to Danny Amendola.

  35. If I had to pick between Welker and Wallace, knowing we have Edelman in the wings… I’m taking Wallace.

    If Welker comes back he has to take a reduced role so these TE’s and outside receivers can get some balls, but more so that he doesn’t get knocked silly as much and prone to drops at the end of the games because of it.

  36. Welkah isn’t going anywhere.

    He knows how close they came with him in ’07 and ’11 and he knows they can get back to the SB sooner than later. He wants a ring more than he wants more money and he know the Pats are just about the best option for him.

    Even though there are plenty of other teams that have what it takes to make it to the SB, he knows the Pats have the greatest probability of getting back there. That’s what he wants.

    If it’s up to him, he’s not going anywhere.

  37. How sick would it be if he’s partnered with some outstanding #1 receiver and a good QB?

    *cough* *cough* Chicago


  38. Funny how all you fans from other teams have trashed Welker saying “he’s not that great he’s a product of the system” yet now everyone wants him cause he might be hitting FA… He’s not going anywhere, Brady made the Cap space to keep his friend and Bill remembers what they had for receivers after Branch left. Welker and his agent are just seeing what his value will be, he’ll take NE offer. For all you idiots saying New England trash on their players I suggest you see Wilfork, gronk, Hernandez, mayo or mankins contracts, they always keep the best players and let the ones that think they’re worth a ton walk, and that’s why they continue to win and make the playoffs and many of your teams don’t!

  39. I may be kidding myself, but I still think Welker will be back, and I hope he is. It may just be a matter of a difference between what Welker thinks he’s worth vs the Pats figure. In that case he may be just gauging what’s out there, he’s earned the right. If he leaves, he’ll be productive anywhere.

    As for receivers leaving the Pats being bad, that’s a joke. Branch and Givens were both injured. Givens played in 5 games after he left NE. Gaffney was a street FA when the Pats got him and he went on to have a few good yrs with Denver and Wash and made a lot of money.

    Forget about Randy Moss. Forget about Edelman being anything more than a poor substitute for Welker. That’s if the Pats resign him and he can stay on the field. Don’t forget Welker’s durability as part of his value.

  40. He is going to cost 9-12M (2-3 years)… for a slot guy? That is nuts… and then … all the prospective suiters have to wonder if it was him or was it Brady throwing to him? and will we get that kind of production from him in our offense…

    I think its bye bye… Wes wants to get paid… I don’t blame him… he could get the kind of money that sets him up for life.

  41. Has anyone remembered that the Pats have a monster named Jake Ballard. Gronk (265 lbs) and Ballard(270 lbs) in the 2 tight end formation and a guy named Hernandez in the slot. YAC for all 3 will be huge, to say nothing about the run blocking. Who’s Suggs going to turtle from this year. Take a long look at the SB tape. ot much there without the PED’s!!!

  42. What’s the long term cost of not going down as a legend in New England. Seriously, how much could he leverage his name in New England over the next 30 years with restaurants, endorsements, etc? I bet it’s more than the delta between what the Pats are offering and what he will get on the open market.

    If the Pats sign Wallace or Jennings and re-sign Edelman, they’re better off anyway.

  43. As a pats fan it’s going to be tough to see a guy who played so tremendously but on the other hand he isn’t getting any younger and Danny Amendola will fill in just fine for him…for less money…

  44. As gritty and great as Wes has been here in New England, I can’t get the catch that he didn’t make out of my mind.

    If Wes catches that ball in the Super Bowl, the Pats have a 1st and 10 at the Giants 20 up 17-15 with 4:06 to play (with the clock ticking) and the Giants only had 1 time out.

    Even if they ran Green-Ellis for no gain 3 straight times and kicked a field goal (unlikely play calling scenario), Eli still would have had to score a TD with NO timeouts and under 2 minutes left. Possible but unlikely. More likely, the Pats would have passed for 1 more first down and won that Super Bowl by taking knees.

  45. Wes is a first down machine but he also is at the top in drops. Youth is the trend for BB and the Pats.

  46. Wrong..Brady’s arm and accuracy fits in better with Welkers “quick open” game, because that is the ONLY game Brady has.

  47. heyitsmejosh says:Mar 6, 2013 1:53 PM

    the guy wasnt very good without brady and still wont be good outside that system..
    Uh…somebody thought he was good. Belichick traded for him because he said “We couldn’t stop him.”

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