Winston says farewell, Albert says he’s not a right tackle

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Former Chiefs right tackle Eric Winston has announced via Twitter that he has been released.  And a former teammate has said, also on Twitter, that he won’t be taking Winston’s spot in the starting lineup.

“Just wanted to confirm that I have been released,” Winston said.  “Even though it was an incredibly tough year on and off the field last year, I wouldn’t trade the relationships I made in KC and the overall experience I had for anything. I t was an honor to be a Chief and I wish them nothing but the best in the future. . . .  On to the next adventure!”

The next adventure for left tackle Branden Albert apparently won’t include moving to right tackle.  Asked by a Twitter follower if he would be willing to move to the right side, Albert said, “Nope.”

Asked later if Albert is saying that he’s strictly a left tackle, Albert said, “You damn right.”

Of course, it’s not Albert’s call.  If/when he signs the one-year franchise tender, he’ll be required to do what he’s told, or he’ll risk being suspended without pay for conduct detrimental to the team.

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  1. They won’t move him to the right side. Get real. They have their eyes on Andre Smith for that side.

  2. this is a real team player here. I understand the right side is a whole new game and all but you are killing the team here if they plan to take Luke #1

  3. Even though the game is evolving to the point where teams need a legitimate pass blocking tackle on both sides, left tackles are still getting bigger deals, even on teams with left handed QBs. No surprise that you have some who want to be LTs rather than RTs. Same reason why TEs who play receiver a lot sometimes want to be classified as WRs, the pay is better.

  4. You ever think that, maybe, he knows he is not the same player from the right side. It’s a whole different game. Plus, they wouldn’t have franchised him, then ask him to change positions. Put Joekel on the right side, if that’s who they take.

  5. The real reason he doesn’t want to move is that left tackles make more money. If they move him to right tackle, then next year when the franchise tender is up and he needs a new deal, they’ll be paying him like a right tackle.

  6. “Winston is a great teammate. I hope the Dolphins add him.”


    He was cut from two teams within two years…

  7. You were a Guard in college D-bag!! Hurt us more than you helped us last year. How bout doing what’s best for the team?????

  8. I’d understand if they were saving cap money, but they aren’t even saving a million towards it??? Also, everyone and their dog knows they will take Joekel, which really hurts any leverage of trading down

  9. LT makes double of RT and Albert has established himself as a top tier LT. Can you really blame him for not wanting to stay on the position he knows which just so happens to be one that pays double? No one seems to slam Tebow, who stinks at his job, for not being willing to move to TE or FB

  10. Left Tackles are considered better than right tackles.. Stronger, quicker, more dominant. If he really thinks he is that guy then I have no problem hearing him say that. Its like when a WR says he wats the best or a corner says he can cover Calvin Johnson.. its their way of saying they are top of the food chain (and deserve to keep that paycheck for being the best)

  11. Now that Alex (Smith) will have 2 left tackles, he should get sacked half as much, right?

  12. I’ve never seen a more mediocre player yap so much about staying at a position. He wasn’t even a LT in college and hasn’t been a good one in the NFL, so I don’t really know why this is still up for debate so many years into his mediocre career.

    One thing about Reid, if he operates under the Eagle model, he’ll pull the franchise tag at a moment’s notice and tell him to kick rocks.

  13. Dorsey and Reid are simply taking out the trash. Winston under-performed and created a great deal of controversy last year with his comments on cheering Matt Cassel’s injury.

    I was there. The fans were cheering the play down the field, not Cassel’s injury. Albert will play LT. Donald Stephenson will start at RT.

    Maybe the Patriots will give up a conditional eighth round draft pick for Cassel. LOL!

  14. Buffalo doesn’t need a Right Tackle, so Winston isn’t needed. If the team did need one, Winston would be on the top of my list.
    The Chiefs will either go RT or CB. Joeckel is not a good fit for the team. I can see KC trading out of their spot, but still staying in the top 10. I’m guessing Milliner, because he would complete their Defensive backfield. He makes the most sense and is definitely worth going in the top 10.
    Dee Milliner –> Kansas City Chiefs

  15. He has nothing to gain by taking this stance. He could easily be gone from KC after this year and he’s only decreasing his value to another team (and his next contract) by acting like this.

  16. Haha BA, a man of few words. I support u man just be careful not to be too much of an a-hole, ya know?

  17. …Why would they tag Branden Albert for $10 million if they want him to play on the right side?

    Couldn’t they, you know, have let Albert leave, KEPT their right tackle who was earning $4 million per year (Winston), then drafted Joeckel?

  18. canetic says:
    Mar 6, 2013 9:03 PM
    Winston is a great teammate. I hope the Dolphins add him.

    1) If he had just signed with us last year when we brought him in, he wouldn’t have this problem now. No mercy.

    2) Albert isn’t moving to RT, giving up all that money. This was the Chiefs plan from the moment they tagged him and now they are looking to trade him for picks, watch what I say. They will have to take Jockel, they don’t have a choice, Albert won’t convert to their plans

  19. I don’t think most people realize that making the shift from one tackle spot to the other is a really big transition. Anyone who’s played offensive tackle from high school to the pros can tell you that making that shift is not as easy as the everyday fan thinks it is.

  20. Albert doesn’t want to move because RT’s make significantly less than blindside protectors. Switching positions could cost him millions per year when he finally gets a long-term deal.

  21. WHY give a guy the franchise tag with Left Tackle money to move him to Right Tackle, makes no sense!

  22. I can understand why a franchised player would not want to change positions when essentially playing on a one-year contract. From the Chiefs point of view, if they don’t see Albert as their franchise LT they should trade him, draft their new LT and pick up some much needed help in other areas.

  23. Left tackle pays much better than the right side. I cannot blame him for not wanting to switch. Hopefully he answered the teams questions about the situation before he adamantly declared “you damn right” to the general public.

  24. The team can only suspend him for a maximum of 4 games, so unless they are going to send him home WITH pay for the rest of the season, they should probably talk to him, and if necessary withdrawal the tag.

  25. Hey Albert, it’s not your call as to where you will play. You don’t call the shots!!! Shut up and play.

  26. At least he’s only protecting Alex Smith. This would only be an issue if he played on a good team with a valuable QB….

  27. When tagging a O T there is no left or right, it is the same money. Now working out a contract is a whole different story.

  28. It wont effect the chiefs much but u have to make the second best offensive weapon happy. Eric fisher would certainly fit in at rt or dee milner would be another huge need. Dont get locked in on Joeckel, he wasn’t even the best ol on his college team, mathews was. The chiefs have plenty of options.
    Or if not just take a 3rd rounder from my chargers and give us albert 🙂 we need him bad

  29. “Of course, it’s not Albert’s call. If/when he signs the one-year franchise tender, he’ll be required to do what he’s told, or he’ll risk being suspended without pay for conduct detrimental to the team.”

    You damn right.

  30. Branden Albert has proven he can play left tackle at a high level in the NFL. If the Chiefs draft Luke Joeckel he will start off at right tackle to get acclimated. Dorsey and Andy Reid aren’t foolish like some fans who would do it the other way.

  31. He wants out of that mess, who wouldn’t want to get out of Kansas friggin City?

  32. Everyone, Albert will play lt and joeckel will be the rt. This is a one year evaluation period to see if b Albert can stay healthy. If he can he gets a long term deal, if not joeckel will have a season of experience and be moved to lt if Albert is not retained. If Albert gets hurt or underperforms during the year, joeckel is moved over when needed. My thoughts.

  33. Sounds like Albert is ready to call it a career. If his heart aint in it, he will suck this year, probably be “injured” for a few games, and get lucky to sign a 2 year non-guaranteed deal next year.
    This is the script for thousands of past NFL’ers Why don’t players realize this while they are playing? NFL player have to be the dumbest bunch of pro athletes ever. Every year we see this attitude about getting 10 million to play for a year and instead of playing like every other year, they start whining and complaining and in the end, they never are the same player.

  34. I don’t blame Albert. He deserves to stay on the left and should. Fisher will be the first pick if they do not trade out of it, not Joeckel. Fisher is more mobile than Joeckel and will play the right side. Reid is smart enough not to draft Joeckel and cause an immediate problem on the line that will result in losing Albert next year. Losing Albert and replacing him with Joeckel does not make KC a better team and would be a waist of the franchises first (and last) ever number one overall pick.

  35. Chiefs are making a dumb move here. Tackle happens to be a position we were not weak at – not crazy strong, but not weak either. With so many other positions we are weak, I can’t imagine why would make moves to simply “improve” a certain position like this. We all know now we are drafting a LT at no. 1.

    To me, it would make better sense to keep our Tackles as-is, trade down a bit to get 2 1st rounders and then bolster the team with critical players. Notice how many team in KC’s position end up getting multiple 1st rounders to jolt their team back to life. That needs to happen here.

  36. Draft Joeckel. Sit him a year behind Albert. Play Stevenson on the right. Next year, let Albert walk.

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