Bears, Urlacher talking


Four years ago, the Ravens let iconic linebacker Ray Lewis hit the market, hopeful he’d decide to return.

He did.

The Bears may not be taking that same risk.

Per a source with knowledge of the situation, the Bears and Urlacher are engaged in ongoing discussions aimed at extending a career that began in Chicago 13 years ago, via the first round of the draft.

In 2009, the Cowboys opted not to make a play for Lewis.  Not coincidentally, they’ve had no real leadership on defense since then.  If Urlacher gets to market, it would be wise for the Cowboys to make a run at him — especially since Dallas is installing a 4-3 defense.

Still, Urlacher is more important to the Bears that any other team.  Even with a new coaching staff, “Urlacher” and “Bears” are synonymous.

Besides, what would they do with all the Curly Howard dolls to which they’ve applied black strips under the eyes?

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  1. I can’t imagine Urlacher anywhere else other than Chicago. I’ve thought about him donning a Buffalo Bills uniform and I get all revved up, but still Its hard to picture him as anything other than a Bear. I hope he is able to close out his career with Chicago. I think he still has another 2-3 seasons left in the tank, but the Bears might not.

  2. rayray5227 –

    No he’s not Ray Lewis. Ray was better. But Urlacher’s been just behind him and means a great deal to the Bears organization.

  3. I, as a Bears fan, would like to see 54 back. Yeah, he was slowed by his injury, but as an athlete, he has the knowledge of the game to put himself in position to make a play. Besides, later in the year, he looked better. Whenever a team could potentially lose a player, they have to ask themselves, “What out there is better?” They will weaken the defense if they juggle the roster to replace the MLB position.

  4. Urlacher will be in Chicago but for
    a cheap price. the team will start to
    invest in the offense a lot more and
    they will soon start to build the defense from the draft. this will make the Bears a younger team.

  5. rayray5227 says: Mar 7, 2013 3:48 PM

    “He is not Ray Lewis”

    For which Bears fans are eternally grateful.

  6. Unbelievably, Mike wrote:

    “If Urlacher gets to market, it would be wise for the Cowboys to make a run at him — especially since Dallas is installing a 4-3 defense.”

    Why would it be “wise”….?

    Urlacher is 35 and has lost 2 steps, so why invest in an old LB?

    Maybe it would be wise, Mike, if Dallas played MN every game so the Vikings would win every game?

  7. All good things have to come to an end eventually. 54’s good LB play came to an end a few years ago.

  8. The Bears are probably waiting to see how their FA money goes before giving Brian a contract. As a Bears fan I would take Brian over Ray Lewis any day. Lewis may have been slightly better than Brian at their peaks maybe maybe not. However, Lewis has more baggage than a jumbo jet. Keep the egotistic loudmouth leadership of Lewis as Brian is just as much a leader as Ray Lewis but Brian never went out of his way to make himself the center of attention which Lewis always did.

  9. Ray Lewis and Urlacher are all pro LB’s, both Hall of Fame candidates as well. Bottom line is, Urlacher faces a knee injury that he can’t shake…This will most likely be his final year where ever he lands…

    Ray Lewis was a beast his entire NFL career when healthy, there is no arguing that…

  10. Yes, we all know how easy it is to replace a HOF MLB (defensive QB)…….

    Step up Bears as the man has been the face of your franchise for a decade and carried the crown well.

  11. I like Urlacher, but rather see Dallas go after McClain, who was just released, and put him and Carter on the outside and keep Lee at MLB

  12. Urlacher led the team in tackles until he got hurt. He has never been about himself like others. He’s a true team player. Ray Lewis always had to have a camera in front of him. He was all about attention. Yeah he was good. No doubt. But Brian Urlacher is what a TEAM player resembles.

  13. As a Packers’ fan I’d like to see him stay in Chicago as I like it when iconic players who are the face of a franchise for so many years finish where they started. Unfortunately, that means much more to fans than to the vast majority of the players. Maybe Urlacher is an exception. It’d be nice to see. The problem is the price. Under the rules of the NFL, you have to sign a player to a contract for what you expect in the future not what he’s done in the past. Cold but true reality. If I were Chicago I’d offer nothing beyond 2 years and nothing more than 4- 5 million/year on the high end and hope he wants to stay.

  14. To all you “know-it-all” fans, a MLB is only as good at his defensive tackles. If the d-line can’t control the line of scrimmage, it doesn’t matter who your MLB is. Take a look at the last 4-5 linebackers that won Defensive Player of the Year awards, and look at that d-line. My money is that they were awesome.

  15. This is a no brainer…unfortunately. Bears have one LB on the roster, a new DC, and Urlacher knows the calls and the D better than anyone. I wish they could afford to go younger, but they have too many other needs.

  16. Urlacher is a beast! yeah… he might be getting old, but his mind and sences to read offences are getting better with age. he is a true leader and is grate vlue to any defence. all u haters are probably cheese heads!

  17. your right he is not ray lewis, they dont play the same position. Rays job was to attack, Brians job was to defend, they both are masters of thier defensive. Urlacher’s brain is is almost more important as his body, when on the field he controls the entire defence.

  18. Was always fun to watch, but have to agree with Peytonsneck. I think B.U. is done.

  19. the bears are not going to pay him crazy dollars. and he , im sure knows that. he wants to retire a bear. idt its about the money to him now. he loves the game and wants to win! besides he has more money than god.

  20. rayray5227 says:
    Mar 7, 2013 3:48 PM
    He is not Ray Lewis


    You’re right! Urlacher has never been involved in a driveby shooting, nor has he ever been accused of killing anyone’s father. That may not make urlacher a better linebacker, but it does make him a better human being…

  21. Urlacher’s done. He can’t make a play anymore unless the ball comes right at him in his little 7-yard box. And he can’t even bend at the waist anymore.

    You’re done buddy. Move on.

  22. Butkus, Singletary and Urlacher. Over three decades of HOF level performance at the MLB position. The rest of the NFL is jealous. They’re just waiting for the next HOF guy to get to town. Chi-town.

  23. He’s not Ray Lewis. Correct – he is not a blowhard, has never been complicit in murder as far as we know (and therefore did not “conveniently” find his savior), does not CRAVE the spotlight, and does not caused an entire nation to reach for the remote every time his mug shows up on TV. BU has been a fantastic player, the face of the Bears and a great role model for youngsters. He’s not Ray and that is a very good thing indeed.

    Bear Down!

  24. What are the cowboys going to pay him with? They are in Cap-He11, can’t even afford to pay their second rate quarterback. Besides, just ask Jenny McCarthy, Urlacher has nothing left in the tank, he’s done.

  25. Im seeing a lot of bad talk about RAY and in all fairness the media put the mic in front of him every chance they got. RAY was just being his self.

  26. Butkus, Singletary and Urlacher. Over three decades of HOF level performance at the MLB position. The rest of the NFL is jealous. They’re just waiting for the next HOF guy to get to town. Chi-town.

    You forgot Hall of Famer Bill George who played MLB for the Bears from 1952 to 1965.

  27. I hope Urlacher comes back, but only if its for a one-year $3 mil deal. Bears must draft his replacement in the second round and give him the whole year to learn.

  28. Bears season ticket holder here…look meatheads, Ray Lewis has two Super Bowl rings. This isn’t even a conversation. Frankly Urlacher isn’t in Lewis’ league. He was fun to watch though, for a long time. That’s it.

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