Bengals sign Peerman, chipping away at salary cap room


The Bengals haven’t done much with one of the league’s longest list of unrestricted free agents, but they’re doing some smaller business.

According to Joe Reedy of the Cincinnati Enquirer, the Bengals have re-signed running back Cedric Peerman, and tendered an offer to restricted free agent safety Jeromy Miles.

Peerman was slated to become an RFA as well, which means he likely signed a deal worth less than the $1.3 million tender to stay. The team also tendered exclusive rights free agents Andrew Hawkins and Vincent Rey.

After placing the franchise tag on defensive end Michael Johnson, the Bengals have a big list of free agents, including right tackle Andre Smith.

They also lead the league in salary cap space, with more than $50 million worth of room.

That’s a good thing for Bengals fans only if the team uses it.

24 responses to “Bengals sign Peerman, chipping away at salary cap room

  1. I’m convinced the Bengals will spend to keep most of the players they want. Andre Smith will cost to much to keep and Maualuga will leave unless he wants to play special teams with the Bengals

  2. Bengals need to keep plenty of cap space available for next year, considering they will want to sign Atkins, Green, Dalton, etc. to long term contracts. Do not expect them to be active in the F/A market.

  3. Ahhhh… Cincinnati where rookies train and go on to greatness (*cough*Justin Smith*cough*) and Veterans come to collect their last paycheck.

    It’s Bengaltastic!!! (no I have no idea what that means I just couldn’t think up anything else sarcastic to say at the moment).

  4. “They also lead the league in salary cap space, with more than $50 million worth of room. That’s a good thing for Bengals fans only if the team uses it.”

    Correct me if I’m wrong but according to the new CBA rules in effect for the 2013 season, they do have to use it. “There is also a mandatory cash minimum payroll for each team at 89 percent of the cap, which translates into $107.1 million per team.”
    Bengals are leading NFL teams at $54 million under the cap… Just sayin’ so this makes me very happy!

  5. The Bengals will stay low key as always with free agent’s. They will let smith be taken by another team because of the money. With the Bengals first pick in the 2013 draft OT from????? That’s how I see that playing out.

  6. Andre the Hut wants $9m a year. G’bye big guy. All the smorgasbord restaurants in Cincinnati will be heartbroken to see you leave. Mike Brown says he only has $43m. Where’s the other $7m? Oh yeah he gives himself exorbitant bonuses every year. Isn’t there supposed to be a salary floor now to go along with the cap?

  7. Please God do not let them sign the blob of crap known as Andre Smith. Assault charges could have been filed against
    every def player he faced. D Ware used him

  8. Lol coming from a Browns fan, Cleveland doesn’t even deserve to have a team in any sport… You know your team sucks when you’ve never seen ANYONE play with them in Madden!!!

  9. Bengals have 43 million I believe because they just gave Johnson 11 million with the franchise tag… they’ll get their guys taken care..

  10. Even Lebron left your miserable city and he’s from around the corner… You guys should look up to us, because we was once you… In the 90s early 00s we sucked but with good drafting smart business decisions it’ll work out, but nah not for Cleveland… No owner wants to even own that franchise lol… You go through owners like a baby goes through diapers… PATHETIC

  11. to Vegas: Smith played at an extremely poor level when with the Bengals. If he is the type to “play himself out of town” or even if not, the Bengals are much the better without him.

    Bengalssuck dude: You know nothing and have proved it by opening your mouth via PFT. It is a great city with even greater fans; they just got a bit provoked by Mr Cheapo, who got lucky when he got rid of crybaby Carson.

  12. I came here just to see if there are any Cincy fans left, those who refuse to give up. Go figure, there are.

  13. “They also lead the league in salary cap space, with more than $50 million worth of room.”

    Mike Brown rips his fans off on a yearly basis, over and over again.

    He gets away with it because the fans are too stupid to realize it. SMH.

  14. If only we knew how Bengalsstillsuck really felt. He’s always so ambiguous as to his feeling regarding Cincinnati. I guess we’ll never know.

  15. Bengalstillsuck- Dude I can’t believe you survived that fall off of the firescape. Seriously, are you Rain Man? He does live in Cincy and tends to repeat the same things over and over just like you. How many toothpicks did I drop? What was Bernie Kosar’s 40 yard dash time. What yard line did Earnest Byner fumble on again? Beat it troll.

  16. Hey bengalstillsuck,
    We might be a horrible franchise with horrible fans in a horrible city…….but we ain’t THE BROWNS!!!
    Stay classy!

  17. Hey Toronto, good to hear from ya! How the Raiders lookin this ye…..oh, wait a minute….i know the answer to this. HORRIBLE!!!
    Thanks for the 2nd rounder….LOSER

  18. I personally would like to see em do something in FA especially address the need at safety and maybe even eric winston if they indeed are content to let Fat Albert walk. We have the most cap space so we need to use it! Still think marvin isn’t the guy to lead us to a championship thats just me.

  19. I’m no cap wiz but I’m assuming that if they leave a lot of cap space this year after signing some missing pieces, they could resign Atkins and maybe an extension to mike Johnson and put a ton of that money on the 2013 books making 2014 easier to extend green.

    Of course I’m assuming mike brown wants to spend some money to keep the status quo.

  20. I think the Bengals cap space is very misunderstood. This article says they have the longest list of UFAs….which is exactly why they have the most cap space!! That list of UFAs that started at 21 (+4 RFAs), included 6 starters. We still have 4 defensive starters and the 3rd CB unsigned. Plus we have Andre Smith unsigned. Those five signings will cost 20M minimum, and we are sitting at about 36M right now. Then we still have 12 UFAs to sign or replace, with only 20M left. Plus you have to leave 5M or more for rookie tenders, and you should leave an injury pool of a few M to cover signings from pre season on to cover players lost to injuries or other circumstances. Their ultimate goal is to leave enough space in the next 2 seasons to do early new deals for Gresham, Atkins, Dunlap, Green & Dalton whose deals all expire this year or next. If you examine the situation, it’s plain to see 2 things. Not only do they not have the money to blow on big money at large free agents. But they don’t even have the money to re-sign all of their own. WHich is what they prefer. In the end they will sign the starters and major contributors. The had the #1 STs unit last year, and the locked up all the major contributors aside from Adam Jones already. They franchised RDE Johnson and his 11.5 sacks, and then signed his backup Gillberry who produced 6.5 sacks. They will lock up Smith the other starters. And likely Adam Jones who is both the 3rd CB and the last piece of the STs unit not signed at PR. Then they will be forced at that point to fill the rest of the roster with close to min salaries. If they are lucky they may be able to go ahead and do an early deal with 1 or 2 of the guys I mentioned above. The new CBA changed the salary cap. Gone are the days of throwing crazy money at players to keep them or draw them to your team. About half the teams get this, about half don’t. The half that didn’t are starting to feel the pinch already after 2 seasons. It’s only going to get worse if they don’t change. Market values have to stay flat during a flat cap. And they haven’t. I expect this year that a lot less teams will be jumping at the big money guys. GMs will want value this time around. Which is also bad news for the Bengals, who need to raid the value bin as well this year.

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