Branden Albert bids farewell to Twitter


It came with much less fanfare than Arian Foster’s recent exit from the 140-character social media platform.  But in the end the result was the same.

Chiefs left tackle Branden Albert has abandoned Twitter.

The pulling of the plug came in the hours after Albert expressed defiance regarding the possibility of moving to right tackle, following the unexpected release of starter Eric Winston.

Starting with “nope” regarding the possibility of moving to “you damn right” regarding his reluctance to be anything other than a left tackle, Albert drew a clear, deep line in the sand.

Thus, as of this posting, and as several of you have pointed out, Albert’s page is completely gone.

Chances are that Albert’s agent contacted the player with something along the lines of “what in the hell are you doing?” before explaining that Albert was setting the stage for either looking weak by later going along with whatever the coaching staff tells him to do or engaging in conduct detrimental to the team by refusing to follow orders.

There’s also a chance that, if Albert doesn’t sign his one-year franchise tender, the Chiefs will eventually rescind it.  Coach Andy Reid did that twice in Philly, with defensive tackle Corey Simon in 2005 and linebacker Jeremiah Trotter three years before that.  If the tag is removed at any time after the draft, Albert will have a hard time getting paid a lot of money to play any position on the football field in 2013.

So, basically, the social-media monster known meekly as Twitter has claimed another victim.

Like the rest of us, Albert knew the risks.  And yet all too many of us eventually give in to the impulses that result in 140 or fewer characters we’ll never be able to fully live down.

12 responses to “Branden Albert bids farewell to Twitter

  1. I still have yet to understand our society’s fascination with social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook. I am a member of neither and don’t see the point in sharing the details of your life publicly online. Once something is put online, it is forever. There’s no taking it back. The only thing Twitter seems to be good for is for knee-jerk reaction people like Branded Albert to put their foot in their mouths, much to the amusement of millions of people.

    Wait, did I just answer my own question?

  2. I suppose Twitter is kind of a popularity contents for the famous. I mostly use it to follow the guy who follows Tiger around the golf course so I can get the play by play when I’m not otherwise able to watch.
    I started Facebook when my wife and I were seperated on deployment as it was the easiest way to share pictures of our 6 month old. Now I kind of use it as a private online photo album. You don’t HAVE to share everything, or anything.

    Primarily though, yep, it’s amusing to watch people make fools of themselves.

  3. Still he is in a messed up situation! He didn’t sign up to be a right tackle! LT is the premium of the OL especially when they are 90% of the time on the blind side

  4. Branden Albert. Just be lucky you have a job as well…..Eric Winston lost his because he ran his mouth after the Ravens game when he thought the fans was cheering when Matt Cassel got hurt and had to leave the game because of a concussion. But that is not true. The fans was cheering because they saw Brady Quinn warming up on the side line….Huge difference there.

  5. “I started Facebook when my wife and I were seperated on deployment as it was the easiest way to share pictures of our 6 month old. Now I kind of use it as a private online photo album. You don’t HAVE to share everything, or anything.”

    First of all, let me say THANK YOU for your service. I’m glad that FB was able to allow your family to stay connected during your deployment. The sad part of FB, unfortunately, is that it’s not private… no matter what one’s privacy settings are set to. My suspicions of that were confirmed this past year when Zuck’s sister’s Christmas photos that were set to “private” were leaked to the entire Internet… even though her profile was locked down. I mean if Zuck can’t protect his own sister….

    Anyway, thank you again for your service and yes, the entertainment factor of Twitter must be why it’s so popular.

  6. Yes, there are still old people who dont understand social media. So what? I dont care if you dont get twitter, its not going anywhere, and most people who are against it have never tried it. Its great for following news of all sorts.

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