Broncos seek Dumervil restructure, who doesn’t balk yet

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As expected, the Broncos have asked defensive end Elvis Dumervil to restructure his contract.

So far, Dumervil has not objected.

They informed us they want to do a restructure,” agent Marty Magid tells Mike Klis of the Denver Post.  “I’m not classifying this as a pay cut.  I’m going ahead with this being a restructure.  If we can meet on some common ground, there’s a potential we can get it done.  If we can’t, they’ll have to make a decision.  But we’re definitely in good faith going to try to negotiate this out.

“Elvis wants to return as a Bronco if it all possible, and that’s what we’re trying to do — make the client happy and try to appease the team.”

Dumervil is due to earn a base salary of $12 million in 2013.  With two years left on his contract, there’s a way to reduce his cap number without cutting his pay.

There’s no middle ground in the execution of the deal; either Dumervil will get his $12 million in 2013, or he’ll get less.

It sound like the Broncos want to give Dumervil less.  The question is how much less — and then whether Dumervil will accept.

While Magid said the team has supplied no deadline, time is of the essence.  As of March 16, Dumervil’s entire base salary for 2013 becomes fully guaranteed.

23 responses to “Broncos seek Dumervil restructure, who doesn’t balk yet

  1. with von miller I’m not sure they even need his skill set but he is a relentless rusher who plays with heart and that should always be welcome

  2. Mike-Sounds like your saying the restructure is actually a pay cut? Dumervil saying it isn’t going to be a pay cut, but mearly a restructure. One of you has got this wrong.

  3. Why is there no middle ground? Can’t they move the money around defer present dollars for future guaranteed money like everyone does?

  4. Why restructure when you can just trade him to the Falcons for a late round pick? Hint. Hint. Hint.

  5. maybe paid a ton manning can chip in since he will never take a pay cut. he would rather recruit washed up cheap over the hill players like freeney to take the place of actual good players on his team as long as the king peyton doesnt have to give up a dime. of course paid a ton manning could maybe entice dumervil by offering him free use of his buick during the season as long as he keeps the tank full when he returns it, or maybe offer dumervil free 1 topping only pizzas from papa johns during the season, but that may be asking to much from paid a ton to chip in

  6. This is year 3 of a 6 year extension now the Broncos want to change the terms of the contract? Come on “honor your contract” crowd. I’m waiting……

  7. Trevor, Who do you think draws fire away from Von? Teams have to account for someone getting 10 sacks a year. Without that Vons job is alot harder.

  8. Of course they need him. Without elvis, teams would double and triple-team miller all the time

  9. Sounds just like yesterday that the obnoxious Bronco fans were touting Fraudvil as the best in the game and a future HOF.
    Now they are doing the same in regards to one hit wonder Von after only 1 year

  10. I think that you’ll see Von’s numbers drop without Elvis. He drew a lot of double teams. But if the Broncos use the money to improve the middle, I’d think Elvis’ life would get much easier. Maybe a reason to think about taking the cut/restructure.

  11. “Hey remember that contract we gave you 2 years ago? Well we’re going to need you to rip it up and take a lot less so Manning can get payed his 20 mil.”

  12. This will get worked out. It’s just a restructure, yet the press had them kicking him out the door if a deal wasn’t reached. Ridiculous. Anything for a headline I guess.

  13. $32,876 per day in 2013. There are people losing their homes, losing their jobs, and yet we have athletes and their agents negotiating these types of deals. Is this ethical?

  14. I think they’ll work something out, but I can see why he’s not just rolling over. They’re not deep on defense and his stats from last year surpass what Dwight Freeney did over the last two seasons combined. The threat that they could straight-up replace him with Freeney without a dropoff is pretty hollow.

  15. Atzauz says: Mar 8, 2013 9:39 AM

    $32,876 per day in 2013. There are people losing their homes, losing their jobs, and yet we have athletes and their agents negotiating these types of deals. Is this ethical?
    What is Goodell pulling in? $82,192 per day?

  16. To the one calling Von Miller a “1 year wonder” – I think you may be overlooking the fact the he was Defensive Rookie of the year last year and a top 3 candidate for Denfensive Player of the year this year – and yes, Elvis is a major factor in that. With guys like Von, Doom, and Wolfe, the Denver D has the possibility of being increasingly scary. Add some stronger talent at DT, maybe MLB, and they’re a nightmare.

  17. @RaiderApologist

    It’s about that (30 million/year), which makes it even more absurd. I don’t think it makes my question any less valid.

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