Chiefs hope to keep Dorsey, but Starks tag could complicate things

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Five years ago, the Chiefs picked defensive tackle Glenn Dorsey with the fifth overall selection in the draft.

The next year, the 4-3 interior lineman saw the Chiefs install a 3-4 defense.

And while the Chiefs are sticking with a 3-4 defense under new coach Andy Reid, they hope to keep Dorsey on the roster.

But here’s the problem, from the Chiefs’ perspective.  The removal of Dolphins defensive tackle Randy Starks from the open market via the franchise tag is expected to result in more interest in Dorsey.

Unless a new deal is done between Dorsey and the Chiefs in the next two days, Dorsey will be able to explore the open market, via his agent talking to the teams.

13 responses to “Chiefs hope to keep Dorsey, but Starks tag could complicate things

  1. For you non Chiefs fans out there, let me share something with you. When Dorsey was picked 5th overall-it was a pick we received via a trade. Herm Edwards traded a player – this player was the most popular Chief NOT names Tony Gonzolez. This player had a couple DUIS, missed 2 games the year before and still LED THE LEAGUE IN SACKS. The same plauyer was 27, the prime of his career. That player was Jarred Allen.

    Since Allen has left the Chiefs, he has more sacks in Each and Every Season – than the ENTIRE Chiefs Defensive line – COMBINED.

    Let me say that again, in the 4/5 years since Jarred was traded – If you added up the ENTIRE Dline sacks over that five years – it would not equal a the lowest Season Total of Jarred Allen.

    The Chiefs have 2 – 14 in 2 of the past 5 years.

    Think the Chiefs could have one a game or 10 if Jarred were still rushing the QB in KC?

    This is why Herm Edwards will never coach even a high school game EVER again.

  2. Well first of all Bed Man, it was Carl Peterson that traded Allen not the coach. Also when they went to the 3-4 they went to that scheme with personnel that were drafted to play a 4-3. You can’t do that. Like drafting a punter and then saying well we need you to play QB.

  3. As a Chiefs Fan, I like Glenn Dorsey A Lot. I was Pumped when we drafted him. I wouldn;t mind seeing him back with our squad. For Glenn, part of me thinks he would have a better chance at performing at a high level on a team with a 4/3 defense.

  4. Ummm u obviously aren’t that bright, because as a non chiefs fan I even know it was Albert who the Chiefs got for Jared Allen. Oh not to mention Charles as well. Do research next time before u type that long of a message.

  5. Hey Bed Man
    Carl Peterson was the one who traded Jared Allen. He wanted money and king Carl didn’t want to pay a guy who if he got another DUI would have a half or whole season suspension. We should have kept him but Herm isn’t the guy who traded him. Know your facts before you start talking sh!t. In interviews after Peterson left the chiefs he said he didn’t like paying big bucks to Allen. Herm had one of the best drafts in the last 12 years. Albert Flowers Charles Carr.

  6. Not saying it was a good trade, but your comparison in sacks by the DL is without merit. As was stated the Chiefs went to a 3-4 defense moving the sack responsibility to the outside linebackers.

  7. I agree, we should hammer all the previous coaches and GMs for all the stupid trades and moves they have done to put us in this position. They are the fans enemies. Lets give Reid a chance then when he messes up he can join the hall of shame!

  8. Actually Dorsey was picked with the Chief’s selection. Brandon Albert was picked with the pick acquired in the Allen trade. They also picked Jamaal Charles with a 3rd rounder from that trade, so they did ok. When it comes to Dorsey just let him walk. He doesn’t fit the system

  9. Gonzo and Allen were two massive mistakes, you have to hang onto players like that at all costs.

    Dorsey was a bad pick in the first round, no way around it.


    Your point is a little moot because the Chiefs have run a 3-4 for the last few seasons and the Vikings run a 4-3. In the Chiefs defense, Allen would not be a DL. He’d be a LB. I think if you look at some of the top 3-4 defenses in the NFL over that span, Ravens, Steelers, Cowboys etc. the same thing can be said about Allen’s sack totals compared to their DL’s. In a 3-4 defense sacks come from the LB’s.

  11. Well im glad the Phins returned the favor to the team that drove up the price of free agent WR’s with Bowe’s new contract.

  12. Chiefs didn’t change to the 3-4 until Todd Haley. They played the 4-3 under Herm which included several years after they traded Allen. Peterson chose to trade Allen and keep Larry Johnson. Rather than dump Johnson and pay Allen since the Chiefs couldn’t afford both. Another bad move. However as bad as that move was its nothing compared to how bad Pioli stunk it up! Glenn Dorsey is definitely suited to be a 4-3 tackle so I’m guessing he walks.

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