Clowney gets NCAA insurance, only wants to play

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South Carolina defensive end Jadeveon Clowney said Thursday he took out a $5 million insurance policy, but never considered sitting out to protect his own investment — himself.

Clowney spoke to reporters after practice, and said he had acquired the NCAA-sanctioned policy, but never considered the stance many have taken on his behalf that he shouldn’t play again.

Sitting out? I never thought of it,” he said, via Paul Myerberg of USA Today. “I’m going to go to school and play.”

Granted, that policy only covers career-ending injuries, not nearly the amount he’d lose. And because of that, plenty of others think he should re-think his stance, since he’d probably be the top pick in this draft if eligible.

Clowney couldn’t have entered the draft this year if he wanted to, because of an NFL rule that requires you to be three years out of high school before joining the league (with or without $275).

He only expressed concern about the things college students are supposed to be concerned about. Asked his goals for the coming season, he replied: “More sacks. . . . and I’m going to try to lead my team to more wins.”

Toward that end, he added 13 pounds to his 260-pound frame, but still ran “something like” a 4.54 40-yard dash.

“I want to keep my speed up,” he said. “I don’t want to gain weight and then get slower. I put on like 12 pounds, 13 pounds and kept my same speed, so that’s pretty good.”

Yes, it is. It’s the kind of size and speed that would earn him far more than $5 million, but he seems perfectly willing to take that kind of chance.

19 responses to “Clowney gets NCAA insurance, only wants to play

  1. This guy will be an absolute beast at the next level! Incredible strength, speed and instincts. I’ve been following him ever since he committed to South Carolina and I’m from Kansas.

    If he was eligible this year, my Chiefs would undoubtedly take him as the #1 overall pick.

    Whoever is lucky enough to draft him in next years draft will have a true star on their defensive line, assuming he isn’t a bust, which I highly doubt.

  2. Maybe it’s just me, but I don’t recall ever before hearing so many people insisting a college player should sit out his last required year before draft eligibility. Has there also been a movement to get Johnny Manziel to sit out? Did the world stop revolving when Peyton Manning decided to play another year at Tennessee?

    I’m thankful he’s got the insurance cushion, but he’s a football player. He needs to play football.

  3. Out of curiosity lets say Clowney did sit out the season; where would you then rank/draft him? He also not only kept himself in shape during that time off from football but increased all combine related activities and picked up yoga for flexibility. Does he drop even the slightest?

  4. Ahhhhhh to play for the love of the game. Relish it while you still can my friend!

    I wonder how much a policy like that costs?

    God forbid, but 5 million will will buy a lot of salami.

  5. He’s bigger now and still as fast? That is not what the quarterbacks of the SEC wanted to hear.

  6. In today’s society, kinda shocking to see a kid play the game for the love of it, eh?

    No matter your attempts to rub two sticks together, nothing to see here PFT. Move along….

  7. I love how coaches can have buyouts in case they suck!!!

    It’s only a privilege for the coaches because they look like “ol’ boy network” prospects when they’re first hired, but eventually they will be able to insult college presidents to their faces and get whatever luxury they demand!!!

    They’re like the fat Roman cartoon that used to be in David Macaulay’s history shows on PBS!!! For those who don’t know he was the procurator of gold for Julius Caesar!!! Like the coaches, he was fat and loving all the attention and doling out demands for his own thrill!!!

  8. Who’s paying for that $5 mill policy?
    They aren’t free

    I’m sure someone pays $100,000 or more

    I never had not knew anyone with 100k for an insurance policy

    So who’s paying the bill?

  9. More excited to see this guy in the league than any college player in recent memory

  10. Only wants to play!??! How about get an education? ….you know, a degree?

  11. “I don’t see no big deal like everybody else,” Clowney said. “They’d say, ‘He’s the king of all of football.’ The guy ain’t nothing but 5-5. He’s a short guy. Everybody’s going crazy on Nick Saban.”
    I truly wonder if he has watched the last two NC games sitting on his couch since this statement ? And if he still sees a coaches height as some sort of measure(besides ummm…. height). Like him or not,sign with him or not,I would hope “the big deal” has become a bit more apparent

  12. everyone questioning who’s paying for the policy, they aren’t expensive. They only pay for catastrophic career ending injuries. So if he tears his acl, no claim. Breaks his leg, no claim. When’s the last time a guy suffered an injury and never played again?? Unless he’s paralyzed or suffers a severe neck injury or something crazy the policy will never pay out and therefore its cheap. Its like a hole in one for a $1,000,000 deals, it never happens so its affordable.

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