Coughlin seems cool on Te’o


There’s a possible disconnect between Giants G.M. Jerry Reese and coach Tom Coughlin when it comes to the most controversial player in the 2013 draft pool.

Reese has said of the former Notre Dame linebacker that the Giants plan to “bring him in” at some point before the draft.  Coughlin said Wednesday as part of his book tour that the Giants have concerns, unrelated to Te’o’s fake dead male girlfriend.

“Just strictly football, strictly evaluating — I don’t really know the player other than looking at him on tape,” Coughlin said on NBCSN’s The Crossover, via the New York Daily News.  “We didn’t interview him in Indianapolis.  But he didn’t play well in the national championship game.”

Teams are notoriously circumspect when it comes to their draft plans, interviewing players in which they have no interest and snubbing those they covet.

When it comes to Te’o and the Giants, we’ll know the truth if/when the Te’o is on the board at No. 19 and the Giants do/don’t put his name on the card.

Coughlin says he won’t be surprised if Te’o remains available.  The team’s broader objective for this draft and every draft is to ensure that, whatever the Giants do, their competitors are surprised.

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  1. Forget the whole “catfish” thing. Te’o ran himself right out of the first round with that abysmal 40 time. Harbaugh’s head shake told the story for the whole NFL.

  2. Bad news for Te’o in that I think his best shot at making it will be with a veteran, no-nonsense team like the Giants. There are plenty of teams who I think will fear him becoming a distraction and where he’d be eaten alive by the clubhouse atmosphere.

    And it’s no longer just the girlfriend thing. After his combine, he’ll have guys asking to see him run the 4.5 he was claiming he could do and asking about the “stinger” that was still keeping him from benching 2 months after the fact.

  3. Coach Coughlin is a good evaluator of talent with experience at the College level and Pro. He confirms what many believe, that this guy is overrated and a product of the ND media machine. Lack of speed is death in the NFL, whereas one can perform well in college without it.

  4. This just goes to show how the public and draft pundits are easily suckered by the Notre Dame massive media hype machine. What a joke that he was 2nd in the Heisman voting. To be fair these are the same voters who have gotten it wrong just about every single time since the early 1990s. Every single QB they’ve chosen as winner has been a bust or merely average (results too soon to decide on Cam Newton and RG3).

  5. That is basically the sentiment of most of the league right now I bet. If the Giants are going to go after a LB in Round 1 (maybe this is the year they do), Ogletree makes a lot more sense. They have bigger needs on the D-line.

  6. this is why i love coughlin he doesnt BS you…

    that said i used 2 want teo on the giants until the who catfish thing came up.. i just cant get behind someone like him (no pun intended).
    he wont be able 2 handle us here in NY and def will get ripped a new one by his teammates (no pun intended again lolll)

  7. Giants will be drafting a quarterback at 19. They haven’t had a decent backup for years, and Eli can’t be counted on staying healthy forever, especially now when he is going to be running the read/option.

  8. We don’t actually know what Coughlin *truly* thinks about Teo. If he really thinks highly of Teo, he would be stupid to say so because then other teams would know to move in front of the Giants in the draft if they want to get him. If Coughlin truly thinks little of Teo as a player, it would be smart to keep his mouth shut so his stock doesn’t fall and it is more likely another team in front of the Giants will take him. Letting others covet Teo makes it more likely the Giants will get someone they truly want.

    I have no inside info on the Giants’ scouting, but I do know that it there is no advantage to be gained by bad mouthing a player you truly have no interest in. Coughlin is smart and knows this.

  9. No backup at qb? Giants have arguably the best backup qb in the league. Carr is a former 1st overall draft pick in case u forgot. He got ran out of Texas because he played behind a terrible line

  10. Te’o’s stock was plummeting regardless of what Coughlin said. 4.82 40, came in undersized and underweight, terrible game against Bama, lying to the media all year about a fake girlfriend… What Coughlin said is liking throwing a stick into a forest fire.

  11. It’s frightening that Coughlin would even address this. If this Panty Te’o gets drafted at all, it should be by some small market very liberal city that doesn’t have a media circus. Wherever he goes it’s going to create a distraction by the media circus that will surely follow, and by taunting fans. Any team in the NE would be smart to stay away.

  12. Given the fact that questions were apparently asked regarding Te’o’s sexuality, it wouldn’t surprise me if some lawyer convinces him to sue the NFL for loss of income if he drops too far in the draft.

    While his “strictly football” numbers might not be the best, it seems that there’s ample circumstantial evidence that concerns about his sexual orientation may be playing a factor with teams.

    There’s enough states (16 I believe) with anti-discrimination laws on the books where a lawyer might make a case that teams either passed on Te’o or, if he lands with a team in those states, he went later given rumors of his orientation.

    Seems to me there’s enough hungry lawyers out there to take all the fodder provided by the NFL that discrimination against gays is alive and well – and at the very least seek some settlement to make a lawsuit go away

  13. szwhtsup123 says: Wherever he goes it’s going to create a distraction by the media circus that will surely follow, and by taunting fans. Any team in the NE would be smart to stay away.

    There will be an attempt by the media to extend the circus, but a smart coach (that rules out the Jets) won’t feed the fire and it will likely die down.

    The northeast may be THE best place for him. Look at which states have passed Marriage Equality – its the Northeast.

    Other cities like San Fran certainly aren’t going to be openly anti-gay, assuming that’s the knock on him.

    All teams have more to fear from a player making an anti-gay statement than they do from Te’o himself.

  14. Naturally Coughlin isn’t going to show his hand before the draft but I think he is shooting straight in his assessment of Te’o as he did not mince his words. And I agree with what he said.

    Te’o could fall dramatically in this draft IMO.

  15. I can see Jerry Jones throwing a hissy in “the war room during the second round–“We gotta take this guy! He’s phenomenal!”–despite the fact that Big D could be the worst possible place for him, a culturally conservative area with huge media (over)exposure.

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