David Garrard would love another chance in Miami


Seven months ago, David Garrard appeared poised to be named the starting quarterback of the Dolphins. Now he’s just asking the Dolphins for a roster spot and saying he’d gladly serve as Ryan Tannehill’s backup.

I would love to be back in Miami. I love the coaching staff; I love Ryan,” Garrard told the Miami Herald. “Getting back in the league is what I want. I want to be able to go out in my career playing at a high level. I don’t want some freakish injuries to decide my career.”

Unfortunately for Garrard, the Dolphins do not appear to be interested. After Garrard needed arthroscopic knee surgery in August, Tannehill emerged as the starter and Garrard was cut, and the Dolphins haven’t talked to Garrard about a return.

Garrard had a workout with the Jets last week that he described a “great,” although the fact that he’s still talking about wanting a job elsewhere calls into question whether the Jets agree that it was great. The 35-year-old Garrard, who hasn’t appeared in a regular-season game since he was the Jaguars’ starter in 2010.

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  1. He was actually the #1 qb in camp last year before he got hurt…he would definitely be a quality backup somewhere…and with all this running qb stuff that’s going on…teams are going to need good backups now more than ever.

  2. Why not Jacksonville? Del Rio is gone so no bad blood. You were there once and it’s still in Florida if you like the weather. And you can start!

  3. Seems to be a great locker room guy and mentor…. but how much is that worth?

    Agreed, compared to the train wreck in NJ no wonder he’s fishing with the Fins.

  4. This would be a good fit for the Miami Dolphins and David Garrard. A seasoned vet, Garrard could be a great mentor to an up and coming quarterback in Ryan Tannehill.

    One story I read was quoted an NFL coach saying that you want your backup quarterback to be a guy who is good in the locker room and will not come in and try and take the starting position or feel like he has the chance to take it. Garrard makes it evident that he knows Tannehill is the starter.

    With Matt Moore being out of the picture this seems to be ideal. But, Pat Devlin is on the roster and they think highly of him so I don’t believe this will happen.

  5. If Garrard cannot get an offer from a team like the Jets with one of the worst QB situations in the NFL, maybe retirement is his best option.

  6. Translation: Garrard would like the vet minimum paycheck of close to a million dollars instead of no money.

  7. The dude knows what his role would be. Which also means he’d come cheaply, and would be a good teammate/mentor for Tamnehill. I can’t see why they wouldn’t want to bring him back.

  8. I have a lot of respect for Garrard, and I think he was underrated when he was healthy. That said, as a Dolphin fan, I have more confidence right now in Pat Devlin, who is younger with far more upside.

    Matt Moore would be the ideal, if he doesn’t get a starting gig. But I can’t believe there are many fans of the team that won’t root for him (unless he signs within the division, and he’d be an upgrade for half the AFC East).

    Assuming Matt does leave, I’m good with Devlin. Sign a street free agent with size and smarts (Collin Klein might be home sobbing by the phone on Sunday) and call it day. Garrard just brings nothing to the table at this point, sad as that is to say…

  9. Just how good was Garrard BEFORE he was injured????

    He’d have a hard time getting work even if he wasn’t out of the league for two years, rehabbing his body.

  10. I would love another chance with one of my ex-girlfriends. Doesn’t mean it’s gonna happen though. Time to move on Garrard.

  11. if you think garrard wouldnt want to play for the jets you are just dumb. Especially a guy who is unemployed. The jets have arguably the best facility in the NFL and the odds would have been good that he may have actually seen the field next year. I mean T.O. played for a an arena league knockoff team. Guys just want to be on a team and get paid. Garrard would be so lucky for the jets to offer him a contract.

  12. Perhaps the Vikings will kick the tires here. Garrard has always been a productive and consistent QB, not a super star, but a quality productive player. It was a HUGE mistake for them to dump Rosenfells last year, he would have been a HUGE upgrade over Joe Webb.

    He could help provide some veteran leadership and be a solid backup to Ponder. If he’s saying he’s fine with being a backup and doesn’t think he’ll challenge for the starting gig, he’d be a good fit in MN.

    The Vikes are going to give Ponder and Musgrave 1 more year to see if they see enough improvement to be confident he’s their long term answer at QB. They won’t bench him this year as they need to give him 1 last chance to see how he does without him worrying he’ll lose his job after a bad performance. QB’s need confidence to be able to develop.

  13. Thats good publicity for the phins considering its usually the other way around. Maybe help them land some free agents they are targeting.

  14. bdickey33 says:Mar 7, 2013 12:49 PM

    I agree with Bobby above. I don’t see a better backup for the Vikings this year.

    Quite possibly the starter.

  15. Garrard was out a season… then he blew out his knee carrying a plate of BBQ before the next season even started…. he may want to play, but teams really need to think about that

  16. Nice guy!!! Good family man. I hope he gets back into the league.

    Here is my opinion: If and only IF we lose Matt Moore. Bring him in as a 2nd stringer or 3rd stringer. Let Tannehill and Devlin get the bulk of the work.

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