Giants offer not enough to keep Kenny Phillips off market

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The Giants were lumped into the Charles Woodson speculation, which might be fueled by a failed attempt to keep one of their own.

According to Ralph Vacchiano of the New York Daily News, the Giants made a run at safety Kenny Phillips to try to keep him out of the free agent market, but it apparently wasn’t enough to keep him from looking around.

That would put Phillips into the open market March 12, or able to hear about interest from other teams via his agent as soon as Saturday morning.

Phillips apparently would prefer to stay with the Giants, but not at the numbers which were discussed.

As talented as Phillips is, his injury record might give some teams pause. The 26-year-old missed nine games last year with a right knee problem, after major surgery on his left knee in 2009.

The Giants got good production out of Stevie Brown in Phillips’ absence last year, and the safety market is usually very top heavy, with teams willing to spend for the top few guys then wait for bargains.

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  1. He’s great when he’s on the field, but that’s been the problem for the last 2 years… Keeping him on the field. If he can get another team to pay top dollar for a guy who’s been unreliable, more power to him, but there’s no way he should get top tier money.

  2. He would have been the NFC’s answer to Polamalu or Reed if not for those troublesome knees.

  3. It was probably the same kind of offer the Yankees made to “keep” Joe Torre. Teams have to be leery of anyone the Giants really let walk (Kevin Boss, Steve Smith, etc.). Stevie Brown played great for us anyway and there are bigger needs besides overpaying for Phillips.

  4. Kenny was one of my favorite Giants. If he didn’t mess up his knee his second season after recording two interceptions in the second game of the season against the Cowboys we could be talking about him as the best safety in the league.

  5. Replace “Kenny Phillips” and “Giants” with “Louis Delmas” and “Lions” and you could make a whole new article that would be factual.

  6. Good player, but as mentioned, unreliable.

    I have a hard time paying a guy top dollar when you know he is going to miss a portion of every season. Some guys miss time, others miss none.

    I dont want my team giving big contracts to any more guys that are known time missers. We know Mike Vick will miss at least 4 games. Every seasn.

    We dont need anyone else like that. Ashame, because we DESPERATELY need help at Safety.

  7. To be great, you have to be there.

    He just is not there enough. He has all the tools, but the body is just not willing.

    I don’t know if he has a lot left, and this is a young/healthy man’s game.

  8. Never lived up to the promise, he was supposed to be an All Pro safety to shore up the back. In looking at his production, he never had a season with more than 4 picks and only played a full season 2 out of 5. And in the years he did play, the Giants were fully susceptible to the deep ball. Only our pass rush kept opposing offenses from running it up.

  9. Love KP but you have to be on the field to contribute to be asking for major dough. The defense is much better with him on the field but he needs to be there. We’ll see what happens in FA…….

  10. If his knee is good, then the Cowboys should pursue him and Woodson. I think Goldson will be too expensive for Dallas.

  11. If he’ll take the veteran minimum he can come to D.C. and get a Super Bowl ring next season….

    Sean Taylor’s protege at The U is really good, but never able to stay healthy….

  12. Sometimes a change of scenery is all some players need, I can still see teams paying top dollar to get him.

  13. @ Tommyribs: Man this guy is only 26 years old…that makes him younger than about 70% of all guys in the league. He’s still young…but healthy? Obviously have to agree with you there.

  14. He played in 31 of 32 games in 2010-11 and all the post-season games through the Super Bowl.

    Anyway, not so surprised that the Giants let him go – we don’t really know how bad or good the outlook is for his knees – as I am surprised that he immediately signed a one year contract with the Eagles. One year contract are usually reserved for vets on their last legs, not 26 year-old starters who, when healthy, are above average. I guess he was really determined to leave the Giants or his knees are worse than I thought.

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