Jake Locker brushes off accuracy concerns


After two years watching Titans quarterback Jake Locker, one of the biggest questions about his game has to do with his accuracy.

More precisely, it has to do with his lack of accuracy. Locker has completed 55.5 percent of his passes through his first two NFL seasons, with a 56.4 percent completion rate in 11 starts during the 2012 season. Those numbers mesh with concerns about Locker entering the draft and many have opined that it is a problem that will keep Locker from being a successful professional quarterback. Locker doesn’t agree with that assessment.

“I don’t,” Locker said in an interview with 104.5 The Zone in Nashville, via Paul Kuharsky of ESPN.com. “I never have. At the end of the day, wins and losses is what I think everybody cares about and obviously we didn’t get that done either. But I think for me there’s situations I think when I had guys around me, sometimes I just need to become a little more comfortable with a little bit of noise in front of me and that’s things that I will work on this offseason. But I don’t think that’s a problem, and I think just continue to work and get better and who knows if that number will go up? I hope the wins … go up.”

Some have pointed to drops and the poor play by the offensive line as part of the reason for Locker’s accuracy issue, but Matt Hasselbeck completed 62.5 percent of his passes last season with the same supporting cast around him for the most part. Locker hasn’t been accurate enough and that’s going to make winning more often more difficult even if Locker doesn’t think it is part of the problem.

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  1. It’s kindof tough to be accurate when your OL doesn’t give you much time to make a throw.

    No doubt Locker can improve his pocket sense to buy himself an extra second or two – but 6 percentage points between Hasselbeck and Locker might be nothing more than an outlier.

    If they really think Hasselbeck is that much better, name him the starter.

  2. These guys are taught to be positive all the time – its not that he doesn’t realize he has an issue here. Did you think he was going to have a heart to heart with this guy on the air and tell him about all his demons?

    Locker is a GREAT QB. Titians have a terrible overall team. Wilson and Collin K. where both blessed with great players all around them. Wilson is playing with 3 OL pro-bowlers, and a Lynch (2-3rd Rushing NFL) behind him. This is a big difference.

  3. Sorry jprcox, you really need to think about what makes a GREAT QB. Really. Think hard and see if you can still say Jake Locker in the same breath.

  4. Looking at his gamelogs, Locker’s completion percentages look like a normal ebb and flow of a quarterback growing into the position. Five his eleven games last year saw him complete at least 57.5% of his passes. People are acting as though he’s a finished product when the fact is he’s not, and he knows he’s not.

  5. Look he’s probably never going to be a 62% passer. Accuracy can be improved only so much. That said, not being above 60% much hasn’t hurt the careers of Eli Manning, who has hit 60 % only 3 seasons of his career and Joe Flacco, who has done the same and had his second worst completion % of his career this past season has it? They’re both 100 mill QBs.

  6. My gosh, uneducated MMQBs all over. Locker played behind an OLine missing 3-4 starters toward the end of the season, and went through a late Offensive Coordinator change. Both his tackles went down, two Centers and more. AND the dude got his shoulder dislocated twice.

    Im amazed at how people can dismiss a dude that hasnt completed one full season, or even had his full Oline more than 2 games to boot.

    Give Locker time and talent, which hopefully Tennessee will address with FAs or drafting Chance Warmack, and maybe he will live up to his promise. If not, then you can put all the blame on him.

  7. Check it out…Protection equals higher completion percentage. Jake is thinking to much and doesn’t completely trust his line (or his receivers) enough yet to feel comfortable in or out of the pocket.

    He has shown that he has the ability to be a solid QB but the strengths he has (speed, agility, vision, etc…) like Wilson and Kaep are being suppressed by the system he plays in.

    The coaching staff said they were going to play to his strengths this season and add some read option wrinkles into the game plan to use him effectively. My money says that if we implement the same philosophies that Seattle, San Fran, & Washington are using, Locker will finally have his break out year….If he doesn’t get hurt (which he is prone to) and stays healthy, and if CJ will just shut his mouth and perform to his capabilities I think we will make some noise in the AFC South this year….Go TITANS!!

  8. I’m not real sure how you can say Locker and Hasselbeck had the same supporting cast when this year 4 of 5 starting offensive linemen ended the season on IR.

    Locker has some accuracy issues but he has a great attitude and work ethic so hopefully it’s something that can be improved.

  9. Locker’s accuracy seems like a cause/effect issue to me. The thing that stands out is that too often, he doesn’t seem relaxed and in control. And it’s not a matter of playing scared (kid’s definitely not afraid of getting hit), it’s more…too much adrenalin. It just feels like if he can learn to keep a lid on that, then the rest will come.

    Like his attitude, work ethic, all of that. But after watching guys like Russell Wilson and Kaepernick, it just seems like Locker has to be a little cooler in the middle of the chaos, play smoother. Here’s hoping that’s something that can still get better with experience.

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