Jermichael Finley’s agent won’t rule out pay cut

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Packers tight end Jermichael Finley said last week that he wouldn’t take a pay cut from the Packers, but his agent says that’s not quite the truth.

Blake Baratz walked back some of what Finley said about not being “the guy who’s just going to sign anything and let anything pass.” The Packers haven’t approached Finley about a pay cut or other restructuring of the deal set to pay him $8.25 million in 2013, but Baratz made it clear that they weren’t going to dismiss the idea out of hand if Green Bay did make an overture.

“I would never just turn my nose up at anything. I will listen and hear anybody about anything and withhold judgment until I do. I can’t say today whether I would, whether I wouldn’t, whether it’s in Jermichael’s best interest, his worst interest,” Baratz said, via Tyler Dunne of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. “There’d have to be a reason why he would have to take a pay cut. Maybe he would. Maybe he wouldn’t. It’s all hypothetical until the numbers are there. Is it a one-year deal like it is now? Are we adding years? Are we adding dollars? Are we moving dollars?”

The big question for Finley or any other player who faces a pay cut is whether or not they’d be able to get more money on the open market. Baratz likely has some idea about that now, but the timing of a request from the Packers would also matter. If Finley hits the market next week, there may be a better chance of there being a big offer waiting for him than if he were to hit the market once teams have already spent a fair amount of their cash on the first wave of free agents.

18 responses to “Jermichael Finley’s agent won’t rule out pay cut

  1. It’d be kind of scary to see what this guy could do if he just kept his mouth shut and focused on running routes and catching the ball. As a Vike fan though, I’m glad he’s a head case.

  2. If I’m the Packers I cut AJ Hawk and John Kuhn. And I get a small paycut from Jermichael and a $1 million dollar pay cut from Mason Crosby who makes nearly $3 million right now, way too much for a kicker who missed so many kicks last season.

    Right there you free up another $8 to $9 million under next year’s cap.

  3. He has the potential to be a star. Hope he gets himself together . Maybe a meeting with Alonzo Mourning is in order. Worked for the Browns Greg Little; he improved his dropped ball disorder drastically after the two met.

  4. Finley’s an idiot and his agent isn’t much better, but at least this is one of the more intelligent things he’s said. It really is all hypothetical until they actually talk numbers. that being said, I won’t miss #88.

  5. Looking forward to more drops, busted routes and drama from the 8th best TE in the NFC North.

    But wait a second. I thought the depth on the Green Bay squad was so absurdly deep Ted Thompson and friends could just get rid of guys like this and the Packers could just plug and play.

  6. Right now he’s the second highest paid player on the team. They have a decent amount of cap room, but it will get chewed up most likely by extension for Matthews, Raji, and possibly Rodgers.

    I might be in the minority, but I don’t think you can just say to them you want to reduce his pay without a carrot on the other end. I’m not cool with him making $8 mil this year, but would have no problem with them adding two years and average the three deals to around $6 mil. If they did that, they can work a deal that puts a good chunk of change in his pocket now but lowers his cap number significantly.

    Convert $6 mil of his base salary into a guaranteed signing bonus (only $500k is guaranteed for him right now), guarantee the remaining $2 mil in base salary for this year, and add 2 years at $5 mil each. Cap charge reduced from $8 mil to $4 mil this year, with more manageable cap figures of $7 mil the next two seasons. Probably guarantees he stays here for two seasons, and can save $5 mil with a $2 mil cap hit if he stinks after the 2014 season.

  7. Re structure his contract so everytime he opened his mouth, the Packers could deduct from the total amount owed.

    He will end up playing for free by Week 12.

  8. “There’d have to be a reason why he would have to take a pay cut.”
    How about the Packers are tired of paying this clown for his “potential” and running his mouth not to mention all the dropped passes. No way this guy is worth 8M per.

  9. The problem with Finley taking a pay cut from $8.25 mil is that some team could very well beat that in first year pay on a multi-year deal. An $8 mil SB spread out over, say, 4 years is $2 mil in yearly cap hit. Which isn’t a big commitment in today’s NFL.

    As others have said, Finley has tons of talent that he just hasn’t put all together. It only takes one team to think “We can get him to perform”.

  10. Leave it to brain dead Ted Thimpson to pay Finley almost the same amount as he pays Rodgers the best QB in the league.

    Cant wait for Rodgers to finally grow a pair and tell management to stick it.

  11. He needs to go. He cannot catch and he never stops running his mouth. No way he is worth 8 million. What is he worth? Hell if I know but not 8 way no how.

  12. You can’t sit around and watch Finley FOR 5 YEARS and then think you’re going to get something different out of him. He has size and speed, what he does NOT have is hands to make the tough catches. He’s NOWHERE in the same category of a TE as Witten, Gronk, Hernandez or Gonzalez, Packers fans–you’ve seen his best, that’s all you’re gonna get. His talent is limited to “potential”–he just does not have the hands to make contested catches, he’s dropped TD passes without defenders touching the ball–I’m not convinced it’s lack of focus, it’s his limitation.

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