ProFootballTalk: If Albert won’t play RT, who will?

The Chiefs released RT Eric Winston, and the ripple effect has already been felt. LT Branden Albert took to twitter to say he’s not interested in switching to the right side of line. If Albert doesn’t, who does play RT for Kansas City?

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3 responses to “ProFootballTalk: If Albert won’t play RT, who will?

  1. Does he not want to play ball because he’s not a team player or are his feelings hurt because he was franchised?

    Sure the guy only gives up one sack last year but that’s also on a two win team. He’s also somewhat fragile.

    I don’t understand why we released Winston.

  2. The Chiefs released Oprah Winston because he was detrimental to the team. Finding the right squad sometimes means taking out the soft minds. He would have been good acting in “The Green Mile”, the big softy. We need Gladiators, not huggable character’s. I am 100% on board with the Teams decision and trust Andy and Clark’s opinion and decision. This is going to be a great year for the Chiefs.

  3. we got rid of winston cause all he did was run his mouth and didnt play well at all and we were paying him way to much to run his mouth and albert only allowed 1 sack cause he missed 10 games on IR I think we wasted our tag on him he needws to go stephenson played really good subing for albert

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