Report: Eagles, Texans reach out to Eric Winston


Andy Reid’s new team said goodbye to right tackle Eric Winston on Wednesday, a move that piqued the interest of Reid’s old team.

Les Bowen of the Philadelphia Daily News reports that the Eagles were one of the first two teams to reach out to Winston after his announcement of his departure from the Chiefs hit the wires. Winston’s durability is likely part of the reason for the team’s interest. Winston has started all 96 games over the last six seasons while the Eagles were playing a season-long game of musical chairs in 2012 thanks to a slew of serious injuries to their projected starting offensive linemen.

Bowen reports that the other team to show interest in speaking to Winston was the Texans, who drafted him in 2006 and employed him until his release last March. Derek Newton started at right tackle for Houston in 2012.

When Winston was released last year, he was out of work for less than a week before landing in Kansas City. Given the early interest in his services, it may be another short spell on the unemployment line for Winston again this year.

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  1. I really don’t understand why the Chiefs cut this guy? He is a solid, above average RT. Unless they are drastically changing thier blocking scheme and Winston doesn’t fit it, I don’t understand the move? They have plenty of cap space so they didn’t need to clear any to keep Bowe, Albert, Colquitt, etc. Worst case they could have traded him for a late round pick, I’m sure someone (Cardinals, Bears) would have given up a late round pick for a starting RT?

  2. It’s obviously good to be him in a way. I mean, you got cut, picked up nearly $10 million for one year, now he may cash in again with a nice signing bonus. I mean, it isn’t nice to be living in possibly your 3rd city in 3 years, but with more than $10M over that span it ain’t bad.

  3. Winston should be cheaper than Long I think. And he is a RT, which we need.

    If Peters is healthy, and they can get Winston for a price that doesnt break the bank, its a good signing.

    I would like to go get Long, but something tells me he is going to get that 10 mill a year somewhere.

  4. Looks like the Eagles don’t plan on drafting an offensive lineman with the 4th pick. I think they also have interest in Jake Long. If this is true, then Im gonna go out on a limb and say Chip decides to draft Dion Jordan with that pick to play a role like Ryan Kerrigan or Brian Orakpo.

  5. If the Bengals let Andre Smith go, they should consider this guy. I still think Smith reupts with Cincinnati.

  6. Eric Winston might be a solid RT, but if the Eagles sign him that really doesn’t help us adding youth to our O Line. If the Eagles sign him all of our O Linemen will almost be 30 and over except for Kelce. I honestly think they should get Eric Fisher in the Draft, but you can tell they are trying to avoid grabbing an O linemen in the first round and trying to take a CB or DL.

  7. Eagles should def try to land this guy… Todd is best suited as a guard anyways… Can never have enough depth. I hope to never see the mess our O-line was last year ever again

  8. Ok, I am lost. I understand the Eagles interest. Heck, I even understand if Chicago, Miami or a number of other teams have an interest in him. But why in the heck are the Texans interested? They cut him just last year. Help me understand this.

  9. Class act. Draws some penalties but a Top 10 RT in the NFL. Great in the locker room and in the community. Anyone who doesn’t look at him is crazy.

  10. The Kansas City Chiefs haven’t released Eric Winston yet. The Kansas City Chiefs are expected to release him on March 12th.

    UT OH….Looks like the Eagles and Texans are tampering.

  11. I’d bet a return to Miami would be his first choice. The dots are to easy to connect and with the ridiculous uncertainty he’s faced for being a top level RT being home would probably feel pretty good.

    A rebuilding team with an affordable RT and uncertainty at LT shouldn’t be releasing this guy.

    Go ahead KC…get yourself a new HC, GM and QB…still gonna be the same ole same ole.

  12. Winston would be an expensive upgrade over Newton, I’m not sure the Texans can afford to bring him back AND address other issues.

    Winston will likely be overpaid wherever he goes.

  13. daddyb1gdrawz says:
    Mar 7, 2013 1:40 PM
    Ok, I am lost. I understand the Eagles interest. Heck, I even understand if Chicago, Miami or a number of other teams have an interest in him. But why in the heck are the Texans interested? They cut him just last year. Help me understand this.


    The Texans cut him last year to save money, they had no problem with his play and in fact most where shocked when they cut him. But unless he comes back for a really big discount he won’t be back in Houston. They can’t even afford to keep their own free agents.

  14. Eagles make the most sense. Chip Kelly wants competition at every position regardless of what you did in the past. When he was asked if Jason Peters would be starting left tackle he responded by saying “He’ll compete for it.” That’s very telling if you ask me.

  15. If Winston Justice married Eric Winston, he’d be Winston Winston. Or, if they decided to become hyphens, they’d be Winston Winston-Justice and Eric Winston-Justice! They should think about it.

  16. Long is a LT and therefore will demand a lot more money than Winston, as he is a RT. Texans cut him for the cap space last year(Super Mario, D. Ryans other ppl they couldnt afford to keep) Kansas City cut him bc they resigned Albert, and are probly looking to lock up Luke J. out of A&M with that #1 pick. He made alot of $ last yr bc of his signing bonus for his new contract, thats it. RT arent paid anything close to LT bc theyre normally better run blockers than pass blockers(LT=QB Blind Side) So if the Birds can get him on a reasonable 3-4 yr deal i Like it a lot. J.Peters back at LT-Evan Mathis LG- Kelce C- Todd moves back to Guard replacing the worst draft pick since Mike M. in Danny FireMan Watkins lol-and plug Winston in at RT from day one. Drastically improves the whole OLINE, adds some athleticism and an even strength Line both Left & Right side to run.

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