Report: John Abraham to visit Seahawks


Players who become free agents on March 12 aren’t allowed to start talking to prospective employers until Saturday, but John Abraham is not bound by any such rules.

Abraham was released by the Falcons, leaving him free to talk to anybody he wants about a job for the 2013 season. Kim Jones of the NFL Network reports that he’ll be doing just that. According to Jones, Abraham is on his way to Seattle to visit with the Seahawks.

It would be a logical landing spot for Abraham. Chris Clemons’ status is uncertain after a torn ACL in the playoffs and the team probably would have been in the market for pass rushing help even if Clemons were 100 percent healthy. Bruce Irvin had eight sacks as a rookie, but acquiring Abraham would give the team a way to guard against giving Irvin too much to do too soon should Clemons not make it back in time for the start of the season.

It’s the first visit we’ve heard about for Abraham, but there figure to be other suitors for a player who showed in 2012 that he can still get after quarterbacks.

22 responses to “Report: John Abraham to visit Seahawks

  1. With Clemons likely questionable to start the season, a pass-rushing end is an enormous need. Guys like Abraham or Freeney would be ideal for a short-term potential solution.

  2. The Seahawks need to do something at DE and if Schneider thinks Abraham is the best option over Umeniyora and Freeney then so be it.

  3. The Hawks have looked at Cullen Jenkins, looking at Woodson and now this. Defensive improvements would really put some pressure on the rest of the NFC. I am glad they are showing interest and I hope a few of them work out.

    Go Hawks!

  4. He wants a championship. Of course he is going to sign with Seattle. Seahawks will dominate the NFC for the next decade. Best defense and the best QB in the whole league. Also the best CB

  5. The Seahawks didn’t win any roads games until December last year now they’re world beaters! LOL! Gotta love the offseason and all the day dreaming it brings.

    Abraham can’t stay healthy a month let alone an entire season! Good luck with that

  6. PC/JS like to bring in guys just to do their due diligence, up to and including temporarily adding them to the roster if the price is right.

    Remember how they addressed their need at WR last year: T.O., Braylon Edwards, Antonio wuz his name from Dallas… all signed and cut in a protracted time frame.

  7. Even if cleomons comes back he is damaged good and is likely on his way out of the league in a short while. i may be wrong and some guys do make it back but the ACL injury is at least a death sentence to your full potential unless you know the one true cure. The mighty 90 vitamins and minerals which when done properly can grow back ligament, tendon, bone, etc stronger than ever. Gelatin is the athletes best friend

  8. Walleye your a complete moron. Pete Carroll has this team soaring!!! Keep on hating and he will keep on winning!!!! NOTHING u say can stop it from happening. NOTHING!!!

    Go hawks!!!

  9. Lol @ iknoweverything keep dreaming buddy. To the guy who said Abraham can’t stay healthy a month you might want to check how many games he played while in Atlanta. Check your facts before you make comments. It keeps you from looking stupid

  10. With Clem healing-Seahawks need someone opposite of Bruce. I would prefer a vet and get defensive guy to develop behind them. We need to draft offensive side after focusing on defense 80 % of last draft. RT/WR & I am ready for next year.

  11. Love how the seahawk fans just popped up out of no where talking trash, they have one good season and now they are winning the sb the next 10 yrs. Too funny….. *cough*bandwagon *cough*

  12. finsphan says: Mar 7, 2013 4:36 PM

    Russel Wilson needs an explanation


    Still posting random bree’s references. Leave the comedy to professionals. Seahawks just made a good run in the playoffs with rookie QB and 1st rated defense. We have much more to talk about than Dolphin fans who have been basement dwelling since Brady started 15 years ago.

  13. finsphan says:

    ‘they have one good season and now they are winning the sb the next 10 yrs. ‘

    Hawks have been to the play offs 7 times in the last 10 years…And the Super Bowl.

    Your fish…1 time…And none.

    Enjoy the mediocrity.

  14. John Abraham should be pulled in, signed to a small contract, and used as trading fodder by the Seahawks. It would serve him right for using Seattle as a bargaining chip 3 to 4 years back. Send him to Jacksonville for a kicker or a case of beer. It would serve him well. I bet he finds Seattle on a map this time, the idiot.

  15. Seahawk fans getting their feelings hurt…. Dolphins 24-seahawks-21…Tannehill leading game winning drive to beat the best team in the nfl over the last decade (according to all the new seahawk fans). Best defense, best o line, great running game, lost to the worst receiving crew, mediocre defense and rookie coaching staff haha… Pout pout pout

  16. Not even close to having hurt feelings- we actually went on to win a playoff game this season and went blow for blow lost on last play in divisional round being the youngest team in football. We have much to be excited about as a contender. Who is the one trolling Seahawk posts….Guess if my team didn’t give me anything to look forward to besides the rookie QB’s wife I would be envious of good teams as well.

  17. Hey guess what phinsman…. Dolphins have had how many devision titles over last 10 yrs..1…how many winning seasons 1. Losers…seahawks 4devision wins and 6 winning seasons. Lol

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