Richard Sherman takes his swings at Skip Bayless


Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman quickly has become one of the most polarizing figures in football.  Starting with his decision to get in the face of Patriots quarterback Tom Brady after Seattle upset New England during the regular season and continuing through his recent Twitter battle with Jets (for now) cornerback Darrelle Revis, Sherman has landed on the national radar screen in a way that many regard as good, and that many regard as bad.

His fans say Sherman is confident.  Foes call him arrogant.On Thursday, he gave plenty of ammunition to the latter in his over-the-top effort to take down ESPN’s Skip Bayless.  Hardly a likeable figure in his own right, Bayless came off at times as the victim while absorbing a clumsy, charmless stream of insults from Sherman.

Deadspin has the video.

“Skip, whenever you refer to me, whenever you speak to me, whenever you address me, address me as All-Pro Stanford graduate, because those are some accomplishments you will never — you can aspire to, you will never accomplish,” Sherman said, right out of the gates.  “You have never accomplished anything.”

Bayless wasn’t about to back down.  “I think I’ve accomplished more in my field than you have in yours,” Bayless said.

“I’m at the top of my field,” Sherman declared.  “I’m All-Pro.  I’m one of the best 22 players in the NFL.  You’re gonna brush it off.  But I don’t think you’re the best 22 anything.  In sports, in media, in anything.  I think you think more of yourself than you can actually prove.  In my 24 years of life, I’m better at life than you.”

“Do you think you’re better than Darrelle Revis right now?” Bayless asked.

“I’m better than you,” Sherman said.

Later, Sherman said that Bayless is an “ignorant, pompous, egotistical cretin, and I’m gonna crush you on here in front of everybody, because I’m tired of hearing about it.”

For as bad as the words, the delivery was worse.  Sherman displayed no charisma, which often is the difference between words being perceived as humorously brash and insufferably rude.

If that’s the attitude Sherman needs to have in order to be the best he can be on the field, that’s fine.  But it won’t win him many admirers beyond those who already are fans of the Seahawks.

213 responses to “Richard Sherman takes his swings at Skip Bayless

  1. Man this guy is a little biatch. How about having more than one good year and even then tone it down “girl”. Good thing this guy isn’t a WR I can’t even imagine how big of a diva he’d be then.

  2. Wow, Sherman managed to make me feel sympathy for Bayless. And that’s impossible!

  3. I didn’t think it was possible to make Skip Bayless into a sympathetic figure, but Sherman has pulled it off.

  4. Just when I thought Sherman couldn’t be any dumber. He goes and does something like this……………….and TOTALLY REDEEMS HIMSELF!

  5. I was ashamed for him watching that. That was disgraceful, childish and overly uncouth. In fact this is uncivilized personified or should I say borderline barbaric?

  6. Says you Mike……I thought he came across fine for what he was attempting to accomplish. More players need to do that to Skip Bayless.

  7. Sherman is interesting because he sounds educated, and pretty well-spoken….

    It’s just too bad the education didn’t eradicate the gutter-attitude.

    So great, you’re a well-spoken sh**-talker.

    On the plus side, age and growing up may eradicate what Stanford couldn’t and Sherman may turn into a pretty decent guy.

    Now he just sounds like a 24 year old with a decent vocabulary that he uses for nothing other than self-promotion and sh**-stirring….

  8. Skip Bayless who made his career on TV off bashing LeBron James gets a little sensitive when Sherman smashes his face in?

    Here’s the world’s smallest violin for you Skip.

  9. You can tell why Sherman’s so ‘popular’ with other players.

    But honestly, could he have bombed on somebody who deserved it more than Bayless? I don’t think so.

  10. I hate skip bayless, he’s a joke. The only thing he does is run his mouth. He rarely has factual evidence. He’s only on air because he riles people up.

  11. I can not stand Skip Bayless and its time someone put him In his place, but not like this. What Sherman did was, rude, arrogant and disrespectful.

  12. I hate Skip Bayless as a media figure. Skip Bayless the person i have nothing against, because I have never met the man. That being said, Sherman is scum. If you want to attack what Bayless professionally said about you, that’s one thing. Have your stats, we all know you know them, and present them in a “stanford”-esque way, and make your arguement. This was just a premeditated attack at a person’s character. Uncalled for and completely classless.

  13. Wow. Sherman needs to realize how childish this makes him look, not to mention how irrational and dim-witted.
    Kids watch you Sherman, look up to you even – and he acts like that, what an idiot

  14. How can you say that this guy is polarizing? I know it might make for a better story, but don’t make it sound like there are a lot of fans of this guy out there on his side of the argument. Sherman is one of the biggest morons in sports and I am pretty sure that just about everyone accept maybe a few dozens die hard fans in Seattle think he is a king size idiot.
    Sherman needs to give T.O. a call and ask him if it matters how talented you are when 99.9% of the planet thinks you’re a moron. The Seahawks won’t put up with it for long……nor will his second, third or fourth team.

  15. “Man this guy is a little biatch. How about having more than one good year and even then tone it down “girl”. Good thing this guy isn’t a WR I can’t even imagine how big of a diva he’d be then.”

    Actually he was the leading receiver at Stanford, I believe for 2 seasons, until he converted to DB

  16. This guy is a clown. Stanford is a great school, no doubt, but Bayless went to Vanderbilt on an academic scholarship, has written numerous books, and won the Texas sportswriter of the year 3 times and the Illinois award once – similar to an All-Pro selection, I would gather. Sherman is good, but he came off really terrible, and I don’t think he has real staying power over the course of 7 or 8 years in the NFL.

  17. I agree considering Sherman’s target ( a known lying troll). I’m fine with it as well. Wish more athletes or former athletes (namely Troy Aikman) take their shots at Water Pistol Pete, Jr.

  18. Sherman is right Bayless is a jerk and deserves a smack down. It’s nice to hear players (thinking of you Suggs) trash that condescending, pompous tool. The problem is it only helps this guy stay on tv – which he shouldn’t be. Guys like him are the crem-dela-crap” of media.

  19. Dick, err, Richard, for a Stanford grad, you sure do have a difficult time speaking fluently…you’re a pretty good football player, but c’mon, you’ve got a long way to go to achieve the kind of greatness that you think you are…

  20. I feel that about 3/4 of NFL fans could care less about the Seattle Seahawks but 3/4 of NFL fans will celebrate whenever Richard Sherman injures himself in the near future

  21. Embarrassing for Sherman–and that’s coming from someone who really dislikes Bayless. But the first time I remember disliking Bayless was 20 years ago when he was in heat over Jimmy Johnson’s Cowboys–and the guy is still a top-caliber sports reporter. If anyone remembers Sherman or his numbers in 20 years, then maybe he’ll have room to do half the bragging he does now. I won’t hold my breath.

  22. I don’t watch “pro” wrestling, but I’ve seen the ads, and Sherman fits. Still, if he breaks a chair over Skip’s dome it makes the world a better place.

  23. It’s official…Richard Sherman’s an ass hat.

    With a complete lack of civility to boot.

    Shame really he has achieved so much yet increasingly he’s making himself THE laughing-stock of the NFL. All so that he can develop a media personna.

    Methinks the man thinks he can consume all that will inevitably swallow him.


  24. Although the person saying the words has a questionable personality himself, Skip Bayless deserves everything he got. He’s the most pompous arrogant annoying commentator and I enjoy when someone can leave him speechless.

  25. I’m gonna surprise you and side with Sherman on this one. Bayless needs to be dressed down in public MORE often, not LESS often.

  26. “Buckfutter” I can only imagine just how ignorant you are for saying Richard Sherman sounded well spoken there. The guy sounded like a 5th grader arguing with someone. He sounded educated? He couldn’t even finish a sentence. If you aren’t 14 years old I really do feel bad for you.

  27. My dad always told me, don’t argue with an idiot, after awhile, people wouldn’t be able to tell the difference.

    I don’t know Sherman’s IQ but after spending a few unfortunate minutes channel surfing and watching Skip Bayless, I can attest to his and its in the single digits.

  28. Bayless has made a career out of antagonizing players and saying deliberately stupid or contrary things. Whatever issues Richard Sherman has, he’s right that Bayless is a clown, and he’s right that he isn’t one of the 22 best anything.

  29. Used to kinda like his style… but now its clear he’s just tryin too hard. I think he thought people were gonna applaud him for putting skip in his place but I think this was a complete backfire on his part.

  30. Hey it’s nothing we all haven’t wanted to do.

    I take ESPN for sports about as seriously as I take MTV for music now. They long ago left the news arena. Might as well do reports on WWF…

  31. Darelle Revis is better than Sherman… What a joke. Sherman was the best defensive player in the league last year and Revis is about to be dumped by the Jets. If Sherman played in NY Bayless would be talking about “Sherman Island”

  32. First, this was awesome: –> “Just when I thought Sherman couldn’t be any dumber. He goes and does something like this……………….and TOTALLY REDEEMS HIMSELF!” : )

    Second, Sherman 1: Bayless 0

    Third, Bayless is a dick. He is a waste of broadcast time and space.

    Fourth, I’m a Pats fan and I still like Sherman.

  33. I dont think insufferably rude is possible. I believe when addressing nincompoops like Skip Bayless, there should be no jabs held back. This guy defames and disrespects people on a regular basis. When you are a professional of Sherman’s stature its ok to attack guys like this. Bayless claimed and reiterated that Sherman isn’t in the same “class” as Revis. Sherman refuted that with facts. You guys should now the game now. Also, Florio shouldn’t be speaking about insufferably rude with some of his recently released articles on this forum

  34. Both Sherman and Bayless need to be put in their place from time to time. Reading the story here, they both lack class and professionalism in their respected fields.

  35. As much as he talks you think he could back it up. AJ Green is not impressed by Richard Sherman

  36. Five years from now, the suits at the Mothership will look back at the Skip Bayless era as the dark days and ask themselves why did we allow that mess to happen. Even SVP takes shots at him. Bayless would be better off working as the Sports Director for TMZ.

  37. I love it!! Many of these guys talking on these sports shows have no knowledge or ground to stand on when they talk. ESPN has some of the worst people on TV with Skip as one of the ring leaders. “I am better at life than you” How does that not make you laugh? I swear I have seen so many posters bashing Bayless. Since it was Sherm that put him in his place those same people will come and defend Skip’s honor.

  38. LMAO this dude’s an idiot.
    wow know what? lil post game trash talk to Brady after he said something first? fine. Brady’s not as nice as he thinks he is anymore, he’s arrogant, and him and that whole organization deserve it.

    Feud with Revis? unnecessary but ill allow it. Had a good season, some potential to belong on that pantheon. whatever.

    but this first take thing is a mess. he looks/sounds like a clown. over the top and just awkward. Epescially since he’s nowhere near being made/proven, Deion Sanders aint talkin that kind of mess to nobody.

    hope he can keep it up against some decent competition in the coming years (cuz he played some clowns at QB this season). if he doesnt, he’ll be the largest joke since jamarcus russell.

  39. Despite how “accomplished” and awesome both these jerks think they are, the fact is, the world would continue to go on just fine and dandy without either of them.

  40. I didn’t like Sherman’s approach — it was downright disrespectful — but I’m glad someone put Skip in his place. Skip gets away with saying stuff about certain athletes on that show.

  41. Skip suck Only time he says anything good about a person is when they win a championship unless its Tom Brady. So rite on Richard have ur opinion. Skip does suck

  42. i’m not a seahawks fan, nor am i a revis fan, or a bayliss fan – but i like sherman, a lot.

    skip bayliss is a troll.

  43. Skip suck Only time he says anything good about a person is when they win a championship unless its Tom Brady. So rite on Richard have ur opinion. Skip does suck if I may say so

  44. When someone has to tell you over and over again how good they are……you know they have some serious issues. Sherman knows that no one outside of seattle gives him the respect that he so desperately wants and needs and something he can never acquire with his mouth. One good year does not make a HOF’er.

  45. Classic case of a bully bullying a bully if that makes any sense.

    Skip Bayless has to be one of the most unlikeable people on television so I can’t say I feel bad for the guy but Sherman really needs to step down clown. Do you feel better about yourself now?

    “Give a man a platform … and he will hang himself from it”

  46. I’m conflicted. I can not stand Skip Bayless and its time someone put him In his place. But what Sherman did was, rude, arrogant and disrespectful. Then again, Skip Bayless exhibits that behavior on a regular basis too. Therein lies the root of my dilemma,

  47. Remember that Bayless felt that Tebow was a great QB. Now he doesn’t think Sherman is one of, if not the top CB last year? Wow; even if I wasn’t a Seahawk Fan I think that I would feel that the opinion of Bayless is Useless.

  48. hahahhaha @ Stephen A’s facial expression after Sherman says, “I’m better than life at you”.

    If I ever meet this guy in real life I’m gonna say “I’m better than life than you” just to mess with him.

    Lol c’mon man….great player or not this is way WAAY too much talk. I hope people talk back in a joking way to his seriousness. Just laugh it off.

  49. hawk fan from the beginning, love Sherman’s play and swagger on the field, but it is long past time for him to shut up. Bayless, however, is completely useless and one of the worst anythings in the media.

  50. I wish they would play the beginning of the interview so we know what led up to this. I have heard that Bayless was baiting and goading him into the tirade. Sherman needs to keep his cool but let’s see the whole interview to put it into perspective.

  51. I like how Sherman goes on about facts being behind all of his statements, but at the same time launches attacks on the Skip based on subjective opinions about his place in sports media.

    I’d like to see all-sports media Top 22 list backed up by objective evidence and conducted at Standford University.

  52. Sherman is a complete DBAG. Cant stand a word that comes from his mouth ever. Yeah one good year…great time shut your f√©king trap….all you are is an attention grabbing diva cb

  53. I really hope the irony of calling someone pompous and egotistical while behaving like this was not lost on the Standford graduate.

  54. Bet he wouldn’t say all of this to Trent Williams. If you have to say your the best all the time, then your more then likely not the best. I really hope the Redskins get a rematch with Seattle again this year, if so Shermans mouth will be SHUT. Dude really needs to show respect to people, especially ones who have been in their career field longer then he’s been born and Vanderbilt is a pretty good school also. I would be embarrassed if I attacked an old guy like that, kindof ridiculous, he’s became the most hated guy in football in one season. No one knew who he was last year and now one good season and he thinks he’s the greatest of all time. Dude needs a reality check.

  55. I’m with Sherman, Skip is a dick. He deserves it. Saints fan here, not a Seahawk supporter

  56. I could do without either of these loudmouths. My mind was made up on Skip Bayless years ago, but if there’s one thing I can’t stand more than a cynic like Bayless, it’s someone who boasts and brags like Sherman.

    If you have to go around telling everyone how great you are, you probably aren’t that great. Sherman should spend less time talking about himself and more time giving credit to the very talented cast he has around him.

  57. Ill be clear in my opinion that I think Bayless is a complete jacka**. I stopped watching cold pizza, 1st and 10, and now this show because of him. He sucks. Bad. But this Sherman is coward POS. My god what a bitch. If I was a Seattle fan I would be embarassed right now.

  58. rtant2013 says: Mar 7, 2013 10:31 PM

    Bet he wouldn’t say all of this to Trent Williams.

    I bet you Trent Williams is just finally healed up up for talking trash to a 5′ Hawiian gangster. Guess he didn’t have his helmet-visor-pads on a night club.

  59. Win with class, lose with class. Apparently your Stanford education doesn’t teach anything about respect and discipline.

  60. After the game against the Falcons he ran to the locker room, didn’t speak to reporters, and got on the bus quickly. Just beat him in the game and he will shut up.

  61. Sherman is a P.o.S. straight he’s a lil B**ch runs his mouth way to much and if you agree with him or back him up your a B**ch to!! Sherman will have his mouth shut plenty of times this year.. All this talking is going to make people kill em on field and all he’s gonna do is clap in there faces.. Like he does every time he gets burned!!!

  62. If you want to attack Bayless (and many do), do it with the same amount of skill and pride you have in playing cb in the NFL. I’m not a fan of either the Baltimore Ravens or the Dallas Mavericks, but Terrell Suggs and Mark Cuban knew how to beat Skip at his own game without sounding like children.

  63. Bayless is a Dbag of the highest order. I’ve seen Richard Sherman talk in other venues and he’s actually a cool dude. He may have been immature in his approach, but Bayless needs to suck it up. He’s been spewing trash about players for years, rarely has facts to backup what he says.
    I’m a Saints guy, but I love me some Sherman. I liked him before, but he’s a hero now. I want more players to take him on like that.

  64. Not a Bayless fan, but Sherman came off like an idiot. Thought Steven A. would have stepped in to defend his debate buddy, but he was either intimidated or shocked by Sherman. Embarrassing TV at its best.

  65. Believe it or not Sherman is a great corner back and you have to have alot of swag or confidence to play that position (example: Deion Sanders). As a Saints fan I would love Sherman on our team I know I been traded for him on Madden and I have no regrets (even though I know madden is not real football) I have watch him in a couple of games and he is a beast

  66. Greatness needs no self-promotion. Sherman and his Stanford education will never figure this one out, and as good as Seattle played this year, they fell short like the other 31 other teams. The NFL is about WINNING the big game, not TALKING the big game.

    Time for you to figure that one out, Sherman. You found a way to sidestep your amphetamine use when your boy Browner couldn’t. You got lucky on a technicality, when the contaminated urine cup was “leaking”. You are still guilty in the court of public opinion. Shut up and play the game. You are the T.O. of the NFL DB’s, and the act is already old and tired, fool.

  67. You would expect more from a Stanford grad. the poise not to go at a rodeo clown like a pea brained bull. Bayless is a joke. the only good QB in his mind is Tebow. he thinks Flacco the SB MVP is overpaid. how much longer do we have to put up with this guy? i find the Kardashians to be more accomplished and newsworthy than a guy who legally changes his name to “Skip”

  68. SparkyGump says: Mar 7, 2013 9:18 PM

    Suddenly, I’ve become a Richard Sherman fan. Skip Bayless is a jerk who has no business being on ESPN.
    Skip Bayless is a jerk who has no business being.


    Which makes him typical for an ESPN on-air “personality”.

  69. I find it humorous that he wants to challenege Skip over where they graduated… I was under the impression that Skip went to Vandy, not too shabby. While I respect both institutions (Vandy and Stanford) for their education standards, Bayless went to Vandy as a REAL student, not as a football player. I don’t agree with most of what Bayless says, but he isn’t stupid, his degree proves that, Sherman’s only implies that.

  70. Sherman called Bayless “ignorant, pompous, egotistical cretin”???


    I thought Terrell Suggs did us a favor by calling Bayless a d-bag!!!

    Richard, you did it!!!!!!! You the man!!!!

    Keep shredding that filthy piece of vermin Bayless!!! He’s a hack and a disgrace to the economy!!!

  71. Well Richard you may have a Stanford education, but you have no class. Too bad Stanford doesn`t have a post graduate charm school. Maybe as you mature (you`re not ,you know ) you will learn what being a MAN is really about.

  72. Sherman was paid less than 500k last year. Seattle needs to pay this man more money quick so he can go buy some “people” that will stop him from doing this sort of interview. Most “great” players have a PR department to boot – Sherman can’t afford one yet, and he needs it.

    I love Sherman though – and love his play. He does need to tone it down, as he will one day soon wish he didn’t have the attention this sort of thing will bring.

  73. Bayless = Glorified version of Rob Kardashian!!!

    Both have no talent, but get more overpaid than Nnamdi Asomugha at his position!!!

    I’d rather pay $4 million to Nnamdi to go away and eat sandwiches while driving his own ass out of town than pay Bayless or a Kardashian to do anything!!!

  74. BTW – to people who say we Seattle fans should be embarrassed….

    Seattle fans staunchly back up their players however and whenever they can. We are die-hard loyalists, and the players love us for that.

    When SF lost the Superbowl and went back to SF, fans were there to support them but not 1 player acknowledged that. When Seattle lost the playoff game, the fans came out to support the players, and the players came into the crowd and partied with us. Sherman was a big part of that – you can see the youtube video.

  75. The best part of the whole thing is watching Stephen A. trying not to loose it and crack up. He looks like he pee’d himself 3 distinct times.

  76. i couldn’t even watch the whole thing. I hope all the WR in the league burn this guy on the field. his numbers speck for themselves? over one goof season! wait to have a couple great seasons b4 you trash talk. Derek Anderson had a one great season once too. I hope Richardson ends up where Anderson is, bust.

  77. I think Sherman has just devalued the image of a Stanford degree to the level of a community college. What stats prove sherman is the best cb in the nfl anyway?
    Her Sherman, where is your pro bowl? Stay off the adderall, and everyone was u get torched by roddy white, but you blamed your teammate on national TV, what a stand up guy.

  78. i felt embarassed for richard sherman. i wanted to see skip bayless get smacked around but sherman just came out with some prepared speech and didnt answer any questions despite having promoted himself the past 6 months.

  79. I was rooting for Seattle about 3 games into the season, now they are by far the most annoying team in the league. Fans start coming out of no where just because they have 1 good season, some idiot said they went to the playoffs 7 years out of the last 10, dude is because it’s been the worst division in the league, went to the playoffs with a 7-9 record, and Sherman is the worst, one good season and now the dude won’t shut up. Can’t wait to see these guys fail, sucks too , Wilson is a good kid.

  80. Humility is supposed to be an admirable quality in a man.

    I always liked the “walk softly and carry a big stick” frame of mind.

    To me, it’s the man who quietly goes about his business that is to be respected, not the one yapping like a yorkie.

    He is an AllPro, but his act is tired.

  81. Look at all the girly Patriots fans, still bitter and holding a grudge five months later, thumbing down everyone in support of Sherman. Embarrassing.

  82. This guy Sherm…is gonna have a big bullseye on his back on every run play next year. He’ll be out or the year before mid season. I can see a 350 pound tackle pulling out on a sweep play right at him.

    Rookie forgot its a big boys game out there between the hash marks.

  83. Tip for Sherman….when you’re a great player….you don’t have to convince everybody every time a microphone is stuck in your face.

  84. The only thing missing from Sherman is a pair of no prescription glasses that the black athlete likes to wear during interviews and press conferences to give the appearance that they are intelligent.

  85. After watching the tape, sorry Sherman but you just got clowned by the biggest clown in the media. You were a clunky stutter box at best. You do not look good or speak well in front of the camera. Absolutely cannot believe that you actually made THE Skip Bayless look good.

  86. I wonder if all of you would be saying the negative things about Sherman if he was on your team. Probably not.

    Also, last I checked, if you’re an All-Pro, you’re the best at your position. So what if he is being arrogant? He’s BACKING IT UP isn’t he? I don’t care if he keeps talking as long as he backs it up.

    Haters going to hate I guess because he’s not your team.

  87. Sherman has now trashed two of my most disliked people in and around the nfl, Brady and bayless. I’m a Sherman fan, even though this article tries to make me feel opposite

  88. It’s funny people dont realize Skip Bayless gets paid to act and say the things he does. Sherman made himself look like a idiot with his personal attacks of Skip instead of answering the football related questions Skip was asking. Hate Skip Bayless all you wany but he must be doing something right for ESPN to keep him on the air

  89. I’m a Seahawks fan here, and I at times think Sherman talks to much. If he continues to play like he has the past 2 seasons though, he can talk. I have no problem with what he did here, Bayless is a clown.

    All you idiots bashing on Sherman need to get a clue though. First of all, this clip isn’t the whole interview. This doesn’t show where Bayless was bad-mouthing Sherman and trying to bait him into talking about Revis. Sherman was partially on the show to talk about his charity work with kids in his hometown. He got 30secs to talk about it because all Bayless wanted to do was bad mouth and try and get Sherman going on Revis. But all you haters (and fans of teams who got beat down by Seattle & Sherman) want to do is talk smack instead of knowing what is actually going on.

    Skip I am also better at life then you. Go Hawks!

  90. I don’t care for Skip either way, but he does get paid to have a “personality” on TV, it’s a reality show and we understand that.
    For Sherman to come on the show with a mission “I want to beat Skip today” made him look like a fool, could’ve gone in a different way (just watch how T-Sizzle does it).
    Sherman didn’t show his Stanford education on the show “I’m better than you at life” attitude doesn’t look good on a person no matter who they are. Karma could follow you Sherman, you have to humble in life, and that you’re getting a chance to play in the NFL and making millions.

  91. I never liked Sherman, but I do now! Someone finally beat Skip at his own game.

  92. I did not like Sherman until just now. Nothing wrong with his aggressive self defense from previous Bayless criticism. Hope to see him on PFT.

  93. All anyone needs to know about Bayless is this: He vehemetly defends Tim Tebow the quarterback but gleefully bashes Aaron Rodgers the quarterback.
    ESPN has no clue how badly its football analysts insult the intelligence of its audiences on a daily basis.
    Yet people watch.

  94. Just admit it … deep in your heart, with every passing day, you all feel more sympathetic to Trent Williams and his slapping Sherman upside his head. You want to watch it again right now, don’t you? You wish you could have been the one who slapped him … don’t you?

    One of these days, Trent Williams is going to get a refund for that fine on the grounds that Sherman actually deserves to be slapped.

  95. “I’m better at life than you” say those words out loud, amazing how stupid and arrogant it sounds. Does Sherman realize this? No class at all

  96. Not a fan of Bayless, Sherman or Smith, but at least Bayless never peed into a ‘leaky’ cup. Smith, naturally couldn’t defend his partner. After all, it was a brother.

  97. First, he’s had two good years, without even getting to start most of his first year. So the one year wonder talk can cease. Next, all you people may not wanna believe it, but if he was on your team two things would happen. 1. You’d love his confidence. 2. More importantly, you’d se what he means. This dude straight balls. Last time he got flat out beat was halfway though the year vs. detroit. And……that was the only time he got flat out beat by his guy the whole season. And before it comes up, brandon marshall wasn’t his responsibility, they were in a zone scheme and sherm left his zone to tackle the guy after the LB’s watched him blast by, with their thumbs up, well unavailable. Bottom line, if you respect a player who shuts opponents down, both on and off the field, you wouldn’t be bashing on sherman

  98. And by the way, it wasn’t steroids in question genius, it was aderral, not even performance enhancing. Did he take it? Ya probably, who cares? Its equivalent to a pack of no doz. Done keep jealous

  99. Roddy white didn’t torch him even one time. They had to keep shifting white just so he coulee get a ball thrown his way. They were too scared to throw sherm’s way. probably a smart move. everybody is so mad, calling him a cheater. You really honestly think the nfl isn’t making any mistakes with their testing protocol? It’s a joke, I’ve seen it first hand. If your hatin on sherman, your just jealous your team doesn’t have him. You know you’d trade any CB on your team for him straight up, in a heartbeat. And you can’t deny it

  100. ssac3408 says:
    Mar 7, 2013 9:07 PM
    What an arrogant scumbag.

    I was trying to think of a work to describe Sherman. You nailed it….”scumbag”. That says it all. Perfect.

  101. Man, I actually liked Sherman until this. And I can’t even stand Bayless!

    If I was Bayless, I would have said, “I didn’t need banned substances to get where I am; I don’t know about you.”

  102. Skip Bayless thinks that he has accomplished more in his field than Sherman has? Are you kidding me? Nobody…I mean nobody, views Skip Bayless as being a top analyst, writer, or talk show participant.

    This was not done properly. Many athletes have tried to do this to Skip, and unfortunately they’ve let emotions get the bets of them. Skip most certainly does need to be put in his place as an outlandish analyst who only is employed by ESPN because he draws such criticism for his opinions that it increases viewership of the programs he is on.

  103. Tune in next week when Sherman trash-talked his paperboy to tears, finishing his tirade with: “And you are just a little punk attending high-school, me I am an all-pro who went to Stanford, so shut up!”.
    One thing Sherman is demonstrating is that education ans intelligence are not necessarily synonymous.

  104. Nothing that Cam Newton has said has been even even half this immature yet he gets raked over and buried in hot coals for saying “I’m open to suggestions.”

  105. Aplause, aplause aplause. Skip had it thrown in his face and he deserves every bit of it. Have no idea what hold he has on ESPN but his show and now with Smith is so bias don’t even waste my time with.

  106. the next best thing would have been a live in studio interview with skippy, Sherman, and Suggs.

  107. pro athletes giving interviews are always expected to be charming, deferential, supportive and smile a lot. it is a predictable game where if the player does these thing he or she will be rewarded with a bunch of phony compliments like “so and so is a great human being off the field too.” i am always happy to see someone refuse to play that game, refuse to be a plastic replica of themselves, refuse to let “likability” dictate their words.

  108. Everyone comes on here to trash talk Sherman for trash talking someone else! At least he did it in front of him and not behind a keyboard. Sherman, like him or not, is considered to be top 3 at his profession of being a DB. Ummm, Chris Berman, Bryant Gumble, Chris Collingsworth, Ernie Johnson, Charles Barkley, Jim Lamply, rich eisen, and the list could go on forever…are considered better than Bayless. Add to the fact that Sherman is 24 and Bayless is 50+, highlights the fact that Bayless, not Sherman came off worse. Bayless wanted to challenge Sherman by asking him “are you better than Revis?” Is Bayless related to Revis? Why was he riding Revis’ jock? Sherman had the perfect reply…I’m better than you! Game over ! And I’m sure Sherman is losing a bunch of sleep right now over what some Internet gangsters say.

  109. jaycross05 says: Mar 7, 2013 9:41 PM

    “Buckfutter” I can only imagine just how ignorant you are for saying Richard Sherman sounded well spoken there. The guy sounded like a 5th grader arguing with someone. He sounded educated? He couldn’t even finish a sentence. If you aren’t 14 years old I really do feel bad for you.


    Considering most football players walk around talking like they just suffered a concussion moments before they opened their mouth, I stand by my statement. I was not expecting to even be able to understand him.

    Most football players think “pompous” is a type of hat.

  110. I dislike skip, but Sherman will be unemployed and broke in 6 years tops. Bayless meanwhile will still be working with no damage to his brain or wallet.

  111. Bayless is a jackhole and it is about time someone called him on it. Sherman runs his gums a little too much but for today I love it. Bayless just says things to keep his name in the conversation much like Sherman. Now if Bayless had any actual talent he could say that they are mirror images of each other.

  112. Bayless had the dressing down coming for a long time. Unfortunately it came from Sherman and not a respected NFL player who isnt about the self promotion. He states Skip Baseless is pompous, egotistical, and arrogant. Its everything Sherman is as well. Pot meet kettle. Pesonally i wish both would shut up and go away.

  113. Shermy is now approaching that rarefied air of being just as despised as Lebron- during “the Decision” time-frame ( he’s come a long way since- and damn can he play ball), Tiger Woods, Roger Clemens and Michael Vick.

    Seattle fans will point to the thought that “if he was on your team, you’d love him”, but I can’t imagine there are not DROVES of Seattle fans that have had more than enough of his childish, wow-look-at-me antics.

    He obviously didn’t get enough love and security as a child, because he screams insecure now

  114. clearly, Mr. Sherman is going to catch a blindside block or low hit from an opponent soon. It’s gonna be ugly. shut up and play

  115. What did people expect was going to happen? Sherman is typical of the Twitter,YouTube,Reality TV era Athlete. These guys see People without a lick of talent become famous,so when they get their chance to be in the spotlight,they are going to embrace it. Sherman took a page out of the pro wrestling play book and went on that show as. “Heel” he basically gave Bayliss the wrestling equivilant of a chair across the back with the “I’m better at life than you” line. THAT was a text book Wrestling Heel move. The more you Hate him,the Cooler he thinks he is. Having him on the show simply because of a “Twitter Fued” made Bayliss and ESPN look like fools.

  116. although i can care less for sherman , people cant act like bayless didnt have this coming in some form..he makes a living out of embarassing and ripping athletes and people and one day i knew itd come..

    that said sherman should talk to T.O and any other big mouth the nfl has ever seen and see where at the end of your career when your skills decline and you turn average how no nfl team will want to deal with your ‘baggage’…i mean your only a rookie whos to say he doesnt get destroyed next year

  117. After watching the video a couple times, and watching all this stuff go on for weeks and more now… you gotta love the media getting called out now. Skip bayless wants this kind of stuff stirred up. All the media does. It gives them substance fortheir existence. The media is an instigating machine. This makes me like sherman even more.

  118. @ mike floorio.

    I think you should have put the events and article into a more realistic perspective.

    You could have mentioned that the show invited him on air to talk about a charity event that he was attending that day. After a brief touch on the charity deal, the hosts of the show disengaged from that topic and went straight after the drama talk.

    Floorio, you do no better than they did. Sherman danced around all talk of revis and anything else for that matter, except Skip Baseless. Who very obviously came at Sherman sideways by getting off topic on the interview. How you do no better, is that you are sensationalising the story and leaving parts out even.

  119. Sherman is way off base here. Skip Bayless has to be at least one of the top 22 jerks in all of sports–if not top 10. Come on, Sherman, give the man credit where it’s due.

  120. Shawne Merriman was an All-Pro his few seasons too. Good luck pissing clean this year Mr. Stanford graduate!

  121. I like Sherman more and more with each passing day. He’s managed to troll most the people on this site and Skip Bayless in one fell swoop.

  122. Even football players hide behind computers it seems.

    Guy talks smack on the internet , it gets brought up to him on TV all of a sudden he is done talking about it?

  123. rukkus1- you hit the nail on the head pertaining to florio. we may differ in opinion as far as sherman’s position and/or intent, but what most of these “read-a-blog-and-pick-a-side” bozos dont understand is that sherman is the one being approached. Set aside for the lil on the street pop quiz richard had, which contained no malice whatsoever, the media or mr. revishave been the sole instigators of his spitfire responses. at least he is willing to say what is on his mind and what he believes is right. since when should a guy get punished for having a spine?

  124. The top three comments made by misinformed, quick-to-jump-a-guy, narrow-minded, drama-stirring, ball bashers:

    1. “this guy is a terrible player, hes never done anything. sure 12 picks and 4 FF and 2 TD, but what has he REALLY done?”

    2. “ya, he was good when he was on steroids. even though no report or media outlet ever even mentioned steroids, but rather adderrall. no it was steroids, i just have a hunch”

    3. “boy he just wants attentiion and he is so stupid. man, i know he graduated in the top 50 of his class at STANFORD university, but what a moron. they must let anybody in there nowadays. he should have just avoided the question all together and cowered down like a chump, cuz there is more respect in being a door mat”

    thats what you all sound like………seriously

  125. I don’t like Skip or Sherman, but after hearing this I can say I’m more of a fan of Skip because he knows when to shut up. Skip is right, Sherman is more known for his fat mouth than he is for the plays he makes on the field, and until he realizes that, the more he’s gonna get smacked around like a little girl by people like Trent Williams

  126. When you argue with an idiot, no one can tell the difference.

    Pretty easy to see that they are both idiots..

    Easy to see why Trent Williams punk slapped this gnat..

  127. “Too many journalists seem to believe that sports would not exist in their absence. Ali would still have been Ali without Cosell. The reverse, less so. If professional athletes are low on the food chain, those who simply talk about them are lower still. Each of us who have commented on this topic has done,for free,what Skip Bayless does for a decent buck,which is to offer an opinion. Some of you have done it better than Skip Bayless.

    I’d bet a pretty penny that no poster on this topic is a Pro-Bowl caliber football player. BTW the kid didn’t say he was better than Skip, he claimed to be better at the game of life than Skip. Considering the All Pro teams have two starting cornerbacks apiece, the kid can claim to be one of the top 4 people in the world at what he does. Bob Costas, Michael Wilbon,Mike Lupica,Bob Ley…..see? Won’t get to Bayless for awhile.”

  128. I was ashamed for him watching that. That was disgraceful, childish and overly uncouth. In fact this is uncivilized personified or should I say borderline barbaric?

    LOL! Dramatic much?

  129. Skip is irritating, but Richard Sherman takes the bait too easily…its just the youth speaking.

    hopefully, dude can keep balling – there’s a lot to like about that team, if they can keep that defense hitting the way they did they are right back in it.

    I think they let the Falcons off the hook, it wouldve been a much different SB had Seattle advanced.

  130. honestly, I’ve read a lot of posts on this site and most hate skip. lol I personally used to but not rteally anymore. I think skip is actually OK… I laugh my ass off watching him and Steven A go back and forth its a pretty decent show for a jobless f***er like me haha. Sherman is a s***bag he thinks twelve picks in 2 years is HOF worthy he’s nothin but a S*** talkin CB who thinks he’s elite. No one is afraid to throw his way. Roddy gave sherman the business in the playoffs and sherman benefits from having a very good corner back on the other side as well as having a really good SS in kam chancellor. NO ONE throws to revis’ side of the field. he shuts the greatest recievers down. Before u go runnin your mouth about how good you are check the stats like you said.. REVIS IS WAY BETTER.

  131. If youre so jobless and have all the time in the world, you watch plenty of tv, you should have the facts down. I dont think Sherman ever said anything about how he is going to be in the hall of fame. He says he wants to be the best corner ever.

    Also, by your logic, no one throws to Revis. Revis averages 84 targets a year. Sherman was targeted 87 times in his first full year as a starter. Wow, a difference of 3-4 targets.

    Finally, roddy white td, sherm was supposed to play white underneath, the play was designed for chancellor to pick him up if he didnt curl or slant. He streaked, chancellor didnt have the help on him like the play was designed.

    You must have a good resume with the way you bend and twist stuff. Put that resume out a little more, and good luck on your job. I dont wish joblessness on anyone.

  132. I really had no comment on Sherman until now, and I got to say I’m a fan. I loathe pompous media personalities like Skip Bayless. Good for Sherman to beat him down a bit. Keep it up. There are plenty more who could be knocked down a peg or two.

  133. Over 200 posts on this thread. Richard Sherman knows what he’s doin he’s getting his name out there. He was All-Pro and he’s gonna make sure y’all know it. He is confident AND arrogant, which is what makes him the best corner in football today. If Revis makes complete recovery from knee surgery, he may reclaim the throne. But until that happens, Sherman is King…

  134. The guy has a degree for Stanford, so he must have smarts as the school is not a dumb jock factory school like Miami, Oklahoma, et al.
    Comes off like a headcase, though,
    Bayless and Jackson are despicable clowns, so no sympathy there.

  135. I’m not a fan of Sherman by any means, but lets face it, he’s right. He’s 100% right. Sherman is someone who is disliked for his personal actions but who no one argues, does his job very well.

    Bayless on the other hand is both disliked as a person and pretty much a big joke at his job. He sucks personally and professionally. Skip Bayless, you suck at life.

  136. Am I the only person who thinks this is what TO would have been like if he was a db?

  137. Regardless of what you think of Bayless, Sherman’s doing a good job of making every team in the NFL in the future want to come at the Seachickens as if they were the Super Bowl champions (LMAO! I know)

  138. Did this guy actually get a degree from Stanford? Wonder how many students at Foothill Junior College were more academically qualified to attend Stanford? Probably not 100% of them, but I’m willing to bet it’s not a whole lot less than that.

  139. Two ultimately useless people, arguing who has more value. I am pretty sure there is some irony in there.

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