Steelers haven’t approached Willie Colon about contract


It’s been widely assumed since the start of the offseason that the Steelers would be parting ways with guard Willie Colon.

Colon, who wound up on injured reserve for the third straight year, is due to make $5.5 million in 2013 and the word in Pittsburgh is that the Steelers want to get younger and more athletic on the offensive line. Max Starks and Ramon Foster aren’t expected back after hitting free agency and the presence of David DeCastro and Kelvin Beachum seem to make Colon expendable as well.

That may come to pass, but it doesn’t appear to be imminent. Colon’s agent Joe Linta told Ed Bouchette of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette that the Steelers have not asked for a reduction in Colon’s salary and that the team has informed him that they don’t plan to do anything with Colon for the time being.

With free agency still about to start and the draft looming next month, it’s way early to assume that Colon winds up remaining with the Steelers all the way to next season. For now, though, he isn’t among the veterans helping the team create cap space by changing his contract or departing altogether.

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  1. Injuries are the only think keeping Colon from being a stud year in and year out. Unfortunately, those injuries have forced the Steelers hand and they have drafted his replacements.

  2. The Steelers need to release him! He hasn’t protected Ben since that night in GA when he was like…Idk, I was across the street doing shots of Patron. Meanwhile at every turn Ben is sticking up for him and Starks. I wouldn’t mind keeping Starks but only if we cut Colon. Kemoeatu was so bad that he masked how awful Colon has been playing.

  3. Oh man, what a waste of space this guy is, and the steelers are going to pay him? Must be that sensational front office putting in work again.

  4. The offensive line gets worse and worse every single year. It’s now becoming the norm for Ben to miss games while in Baltimore, Joe “Cool” Flacco has never missed a start. Cheers!

  5. He was having a good year untill Gilbert bowling balls him from behind..the run game was rolling..he’s the most physical out of all those SOFT O-Linemen we have..that being said ask for a pay cut and see if can stay healthy. They need as much depth as they can get and Legursky is NOT the answer! That dude gets abused almost every play.

  6. They should pay him $21M/yr. After all, he’s better at O-line tahn Flacco is at QB.

    Hey ravenator, remember when you were calling Linta a genius all last week – did you read he also represents this alleged waste of space.

  7. Oh man, what a waste of space this guy is, and the steelers are going to pay him? Must be that sensational front office putting in work again.

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    That is exactly what I thought when I saw your handle…what a waste of space. Never has anyone said so little so often with no meaning.

    Time for Willie to go and let the promising youngsters take over.

  8. Patience, patience. They’ll get around to him soon enough. For right now, they are still dealing with Harrison, so one step at a time.

    I could see maybe eventually offering him a big pay cut to come back, and by big I mean HUGE. Vet minimum. He fits our new blocking scheme a bit better than the old one. He’s played both guard and tackle now, so perhaps they are evaluating him for a backup swing spot, especially with Beachum probably moving into the guard spot opposite DeCastro.

    I’m pretty happy with the Steelers o line depth right now after last years draft. Injuries aside, as they are in theory a bit arbitrary. Decastro, Adams and Beachum will all be starters this year or soon enough. The team can actually afford to let Starks, Foster and Colon go. If Cooper or Warmack are still availiable by #17 they might well take him, too. Avoiding the injury bug will be the biggest obstacle this year.

  9. Y’know, I’m beginning to think some of the clowns who consistantly comment on Steelers posts aren’t really Ravens fans. I don’t think they are even football fans. They are just hater anti-Steelers fans, hanging around to cling on Big Ben’s sack. How pathetic is that?

  10. Steeler fans must be so proud of this team, hah. I can literally feel the desperation and angst in all your posts. We all know the Steelers will not be competitive, whether you admit it or not is up to you.

  11. Colon is just another apathetic fatty on a line full of hacks. If you’re going to stay, Willie, how about exerting some effort and playing like it means something to you other than just a paycheck?

  12. I agree with previous post, they are dealing with the James Harrison issue now, Willie Colon will either not be on this team or will be getting a lot less $ to be on it. It sounds like they are moving to more of a zone blocking scheme next year with the nex OL coach, Colon is a mauler not a finese zone blocker. I don’t think he will be on the team. Maybe they are seeing if they get any trade offers (Cardinals, Bears, Rams, Jets). I’m sure they would part with him for a 6th or 7th round pick. They need to get cheaper and younger with their salary cap issues. Beachum impressed them last year playing RT, they are going to plug him in at either RG or LG since he fits the new blocking scheme better

  13. As I understand it they need to wait to cut him until after June 1 to get the most cap space out of him anyways, although it would create more dead money for the 2014 cap that way. So yeah, no hurry here. Considering his probable lack of options elsewhere if that happens, I’d bet he would agree to a contract renegotiation when the Steelers get around to talking with him – if they get around to talking with him.

  14. I see no reason to keep Colon around at $5.5 million. He’s been unimpressive at best on a line that was completely underwhelming last season. Going younger on the line and getting everyone with a full season together under their belts isn’t a bad thing. It all starts with the line play, and you can’t expect Ben to keep shrugging off tacklers forever.

  15. Steelers quarterbacks were sacked only 37 times last season. You Roethlisberger fans really need to come up with some new excuses.

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