Tyson Jackson can make up to $5.2 million


Chiefs defensive lineman Tyson Jackson, the third overall pick in the 2009 draft, was due to earn a base salary of $14.72 million in 2013.

And he had no better chance than the rest of us to make that much money.

Jackson recently re-did his deal to stay in Kansas City.  The initial reports of a new contract omitted the details.

Here they are, per a league source with knowledge of the contract.

Jackson is due to earn a base salary of $4.2 million.  Of that amount, $4 million is fully guaranteed for skill, injury, and salary cap.

The one-year deal also includes a $500,000 workout bonus, and an incentive that will pay another $500,000 if he participates in at least 50 percent of the snaps on defense.

So he can make up to $5.2 million.  Which is a lot less than $14.72 million.  Still, most of the rest of us would take it.