Add the Bucs to the Abraham mix, too

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When scouting potential teams for free-agent defensive end John Abraham, here’s another to keep an eye on.

The Buccaneers.

The Bucs were interested in Abraham last season, and they could be even more interested in 2013, especially if/when Michael Bennett walks away once free agency opens.

Abraham also would provide some much-needed veteran leadership in the front seven.

Which not a long-term fix, he’s an instant upgrade for a team that could use a few of them.

And a few are interested:  Seahawks, 49ers, Titans, Saints, and Bucs.

12 responses to “Add the Bucs to the Abraham mix, too

  1. I’m glad my Redskins don’t go the free agency route. Drafting builds championships as Bruce Allen and Mike Shanahan have proved. When will Tampa learn?

  2. John Abraham would bring veteran leadership? From a guy who wouldn’t suit up for the Jets when they played Pitt in the AFC Div round! Veteran leadership is generic phrase that’s WAYYY over used. I would say he would greatly improve their pass rush.

  3. This of course is just 1 perspective but in the past many players have shown that it is not always “all about the money” for many of them.

    People in general want respect, acknowledgement and reward for the job that they do. In Football it comes from winning and winning regularly. With the Seahawks, 49ers and Saints being interested, already having there QB position settled and that they are TRUE contenders in their division, It’s more likely that they have a much higher percent chance of signing Abraham than the Bucs or even the Titans.

  4. I’m glad my Redskins don’t go the free agency route. Drafting builds championships as Bruce Allen and Mike Shanahan have proved. When will Tampa learn? this guy serious? who is your owner again?
    and wait aren’t you guys currently in trouble for spending over the cap limit? Stay in your lane Hog.
    on this site there is no way to remove your Brilliant Comments. MORON.

  5. Almost all of what Bruce Allen and John Gruden did with the Bucs was sign free agents. If you look at the Buc draft classes from when Allen was here, they are terrible. You have no idea what you are talking about logicalvoice.

  6. I hope that’s a joke. I don’t see him joining the enemy. He’s a Falcon for life. As for his leadership, that was 7 years ago when the Jets moved to a 3/4 and he was outcast. His issues with Jets management is well documented. He’s an impact player.

  7. As a Falcon fan, would like to see a couple more AFC teams jump into the mix…..Abe is not a 3-down guy anymore and will get nicked up as the season progresses, but he could still have impact if used the right way; would hate to see him with SF or NO especially…..

  8. It’s a shame the Bucs aren’t more interested in locking up Bennet. He has been the most consistent DL on the team and stays healthy. He can also play inside and out.

  9. Wow Logical hyping Bruce Allen’s drafting skills just made me throw up in my mouth!! Bucs have 2 players (Davin Joseph & Jeremy Trueblood) left from his 5 years of horrible drafts. His resume in Oakland was even worse!! His bad drafts are the reason the Bucs had to go through a full team rebuild. Speechless!! If the Skins want to build through the draft then they picked the wrong guy.

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