Cardinals are expected to target a quarterback, but who?

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It’s no surprise that the Cardinals need help at the quarterback position.  And so the Cardinals are expected to make a play for a quarterback early in the free-agency process.

But who will they target?  While it wouldn’t take much to upgrade their depth chart, the Cardinals don’t have many options in free agency.

Drew Stanton?  Jason Campbell?  Brady Quinn?  David Carr?

Yes, the options are limited.

Unless, of course, the Raiders cut Carson Palmer.  There’s speculation in league circles that the Cardinals are waiting for that to happen.

Palmer is due to receive a base salary of $13 million in 2013.  The Raiders are expected to press him to take less, and to cut him if he won’t.

Once again, don’t rule out the possibility of a trade, coupled with a new deal that pays Palmer less than $13 million but more than the Raiders are willing to invest.  Even if the Raiders get only a low-round draft pick, it’s better than nothing.

Especially after giving up a first-round pick and a second-round pick to get him.

72 responses to “Cardinals are expected to target a quarterback, but who?

  1. The Raiders aren’t gonna trade Palmer for anything less than a #2 this year and # 3 next year. Palmer will restructure and stay with Oakland anyway .

  2. If Larry Fitzgerald can turn Carson Palmer into a Pro Bowl mentioned QB….

    Jerry Rice needs to be concerned that he is no longer the GOAT and Larry is very under paid. He shall have his own wing in Canton.

  3. “Great return for your investment, Oakland.

    No wonder you continually reside in the bottom of the league.”……….

    The org has been completely restructured….Al Davis passed away….Palmer was made by a HC who thought he was a GM after Al Davis just passed. All the other stupid trades for old players with draft picks is OVER. Reggie McKenzie don’t play that no mo…..get up to speed, the old jokes are just that…OLD.

  4. The jabbering class is crazy.
    If they cut him, who’s under center?
    C’mon…. Get real.
    He’s not going anywhere….

  5. phillyphil005 says: Mar 8, 2013 9:17 PM

    Great return for your investment, Oakland.

    No wonder you continually reside in the bottom of the league.
    Please excuse phillyphil005 while he takes time to dust the trophy case. Wait, done already?

  6. Philyphil the eagles have been around for at least 40 years, how many superbowl wins? 0. But they did get a beatdown at the hands of Raiders in one superbowl.

  7. Palmer will get KILLED behind the Cardinal line. He’s not terribly mobile and he’ll be playing against 3 really good defensive lines 3 times a year. Bet those guys are salivating at the opportunity. Then again Palmer does fit Arians seemingly preferred style of QB. (Traditional)

  8. How about somebody that can just throw the ball in the general vicinity of fitzgerald.

  9. A run-first, zone-read qb takes his team within 5 yards of a Super Bowl victory, and two of the best zone read qb’s of all time, both with winning NFL records, can’t get a phone call.

    How much longer can the entire league continue to disregard the many talents of VY and Tebow?

  10. stull60060 “The Raiders aren’t gonna trade Palmer for anything less than a #2 this year and # 3 next year.”………

    Good Luck with that. I wouldn’t give you a 7th and a 6pack of Old Milwaukee for Palmer. He’s washed up.

  11. If the Raiders trade Palmer to the Cards then they take Smith with the third pick.

    If the Raiders don’t trade Palmer to the Raiders then the Cardinals take Smith with the 8th pick.

    Say that out loud if one does not get my drift…

    Hint: No one else is going to want Palmer so which QB would the Cards prefer?

  12. Hey Philly—Sad to say you have that exactly right –This has to be the worst managed team in NFL history –They have to have the record for most first round misses and part of their brain trust called the Palmer trade one of the best in the history of the NFL—pathetic

  13. In keeping consistent with their current pattern, I would fully expect Tarvaris Jackson to sign a 10 year deal with the Cards very soon.

  14. Remember when Raider fan was trying to convince everyone that the Palmer trade was a good deal?

    Face it, the Bengals held you down and took your lunch money.

  15. I love how people read this like it’s fact. I have not heard one thing about Carson Palmer being traded to the Cardinals all off season, I follow Steve Corkran habitually.. I think Steve would know if anything like this was going on. My moneys on the Raiders restructuring Carsons deal, or just cutting his salary totally.

  16. Palmer isn’t going to bring anything much in a trade. I can see a 4th round pick AT BEST! Realistically 5th or worse. However, Raiders aren’t going anywhere this year and his $13 Mil in salary doesn’t make sense. Cut/trade him… Play Pryor but draft a QB that can develop

  17. Gotta love the Oakland haters. I sense a lot of bitterness and stolen lunches.

  18. I would say trade him for a bag of chips, but seeing what Alexis Smith was traded for maybe we could get a 2nd or 3rd or maybe a jumbo bag of chips

  19. phillyphil005

    Mr. Eagles fan, The Raiders have been awful for the last twelve years….And we still have more Superbowl rings…From the Seventies! LOLLLLLL

  20. “Staying with Oakland” is equivalent to going swimming in a septic tank.

    They don’t call it the black hole just for the heck of it.

    Watching the Raiders play is about as much fun as watching the Hindenburg land.

  21. The Cards need to find their own QB instead of these retreads. Put the rubber to the roads.

  22. Palmer wouldn’t be much of an upgrade from Kolb and if the Cards could get Stanton, who has played under Arians, a #2 for Palmer would make no sense. Again, on the other hand, the Cards aren’t known for their ability to pick talent or for their good sense. If they can’t bear to part with Kolb, Hoyer could probably be coached up into providing an improved starter until someone better comes along. Leinert would be better than Palmer if he didn’t have a history already with the Cards.

  23. Anyone. Just find someone to get Larry Fitzgerald the ball.

    In fact, at this point, the Cardinals should find out if there’s any way for Fitz to get himself the ball.

  24. Palmer definitely doesn’t have the zip on his throws anymore, but he is still a smart veteran with a pretty accurate arm (at least on the shorter passes). Palmer could work for the Cards, particularly if they also draft a QB to develop behind him. I think it’s pretty clear that Kolb and Skelton are just not good enough and probably won’t ever be good enough.

  25. Drew Stanton is the best of that crew, but thats not saying much, bruce arians wont last long in AZ if he doesnt get a qb soon, sad to say

  26. Raider fans are much like steeler fans as they talk about how good they were….. IN THE 70’s give me a break already! Fact is the raiders are a train wreck and have been for a long time. Even before the bengals fleeced them in the Palmer deal. The raiders made Mike Brown look like a genius, that’s hard to do.

  27. vincentbojackson says:Mar 8, 2013 9:43 PM

    Remember when Raider fan was trying to convince everyone that the Palmer trade was a good deal?

    Face it, the Bengals held you down and took your lunch money.


    Carson Palmer in 2012:
    4,018 yards and 22 TD passes (in 14 games)

    Dre Kirkpatrick (1st rounder Cincy took via that trade) in 2012:
    4 tackles, 0 INTs, 0 sacks


    Thanks for playing.

    P.S. – Andy Dalton (fewer yards, more INTs than Palmer last year) looked great in that playoff game.

    Buh bye.

  28. Someone should seriously consider getting Colt McCoy out of Cleveland. I’m telling you that the team was such a mess that the coaches didn’t even have an idea what they were doing. Colt has been a man and kept his mouth shut. I say the kid can play. I have no doubt.

  29. Ok why is everyone bashing on phillyphil005? Oakland hasn’t had a winning record in ten years. The Eagles have had plenty of those. Quit clinging on your past, Raider fans. It doesn’t matter now. You’re one of the worst teams in the league.

  30. Tebow seems to make sense in Arizona, especially short term. He doesn’t need much of a pass protecting line, because he is mobile. He fits in a more spread system, like Arians runs. And, he will come cheap and without too long of a contract attached. Make it happen.

  31. I dont know only skeleton fits arians bill for a QB, big strong arm. Hopefully he trades for Foles for a 2 cuz i dont see Foles staying in philly in Chips offense.

  32. Az needs a lot more then a qb….but if I was gm I would get jason campbell who is excellent when he can play and draft geno smith.

  33. Palmer > Stanton, Cassell, Kolb, & half the starting qbs in the NFL

    CINCY fans…who did u draft with that 1st round pick last year? How’d he do? Answer that one plz. Also, its pretty telling when a player would rather retire than play for your team. Great u got something for him, but thats pretty embarrassing

  34. It’s funny … why does everyone want the Raiders to cut Palmer or trade him?
    Fact morons … without Palmer the Raiders would have been 0-16 … with any decent coach the Raiders would have been at least a .500 team.
    Only the haters want Palmer gone so the Raiders can be at the bottom of the division for another 10 years … after all … it only took the Raiders more than 10 years to find a QB … if they would stop getting QBs like JaMarcus, Campbell or Brooks and get ones with brains who can actually read defences … they should be alright.
    Yes we know … RG3 ,Wilson , Kaepernick had a great year with the read options … flash in the pan.
    Not trying to play the race card here but I find really strange how any black QB has one good stats year and he put on a pestal and in the HOF yet vetern QBs who have played for awhile and ARE proven get trashed.

  35. If I were a Cards fan, I’d want to pick up Carson and draft a good RB. That team has a great WR, a good TE and a solid defense. A solid QB and RB would make that team dangerous. As a Bengals fan, I didn’t appreciate Carson quitting so he could get back out the WC, but I have to admit he’s a solid QB if he can find a team with talent and good coaching.

  36. It’s GM Steve Keim’s first off season, no one knows what they’re going to do.

    All this talk about how the Cards have always sucked etc, is just rehashing history. It’s there, absolutely, but it’s a new regime now. Better or worse, we’ll have to see, but looking at the past is pointless.

    They know “get Larry Fitzgerald the ball” is the stone tablet from the mountaintop.

  37. Raiders fans, we here in Cincinnati do nothing to you but yet all you do is bash us, I respect your past seeing as that you guys will always be affiliated with one of my fav coaches in J. Madden but thats where this ends… We didn’t force you to take Palmer, you fell in love with the moment and did it.. You throw his stats out like he made a difference an not mentioning that most of his yards account in blowout losses… Kirkpatrick had a setback this year, but he’s a physical freak, former All-American standing at 6’2 almost 6’3… he would be a HUGE upgrade if you guys kept the pick.. After all it took Nnamdi a couple years to develop after switching from Safety… Dalton did look bad but this is his second year, M. Ryan didn’t even score in the playoffs a couple years ago.. And please get your facts right, Cincy fans ran Palmer out of town, we booed him late in games and also threw trash on his lawn.. His wife didn’t appreciate it, so he left.

  38. Palmer did us a favor, Dalton has accomplished more as the leader with less on Offense than he ever did, He and his cement feet is not missed here,

  39. It’s all speculation! But we know the facts…here they are: #1 The Cardinals are dumb & desperate! #2 New GM Steve Keim has been w/Cards for 14 years in front office/scouting dept. (thanks for passing on Adrian Peterson Steve!) #3 Arians is a QB guru, not an Oline guru #4 Big Ben & Andrew Luck were always running for their lives #5 Bidwill is cheap! All of the above makes for a dangerous combination of decision makers for this organization. It will be a train wreck…again!

  40. I can already hear the conversation: Arians: I’m so happy to be HC, what’s the deal with the Oline? Steve: we have a solid oline, I’ve been here for years and we invested in Levi Brown, Nate Potter & Bobbie Massie we’re good there! Bidwill: they’re cheap too! Arians: Really? Steve: Yes, I scouted them myself! Bidwill: and their cheap too! Arians: I’m soo happy to be HC Steve: you already said that. Bidwill: you were cheap too! Steve: that was rude Bidwill: you were also cheap! Steve: anyways, lets cut kolb & draft a QB! Arians: Im a QB guru Bidwill: that sounds expensive! Arians: I’m a QB guru. Steve: you already said that.

  41. Oakland won’t cut Palmer. They would be sitting on 9M in dead cap money. 9 to cut him, or 13 to play him. And they can’t reach for a QB with the 3rd pick, so they can’t just trade him for a bag of balls and leave Pryor as the only option.

  42. coltzfan166 says: Mar 8, 2013 11:16 PM

    Ok why is everyone bashing on phillyphil005? Oakland hasn’t had a winning record in ten years. The Eagles have had plenty of those. Quit clinging on your past, Raider fans. It doesn’t matter now. You’re one of the worst teams in the league.
    We’re bashing him because he ran his mouth, moron. Don’t you know how it works? Somebody talks about your favorite team, you talk about theirs. We know our team sucks. It’s the law of averages. But if a fan of a team that hasn’t won a title since well before the merger gives some, that fan is going to catch some. Nobody cares about winning records that don’t lead to trophies.

  43. The cardinals have reached out to the broncos for Osweiler. Denver wants a 1st round pick in 2013, Arizona is offering a 1st round in 2014.

  44. This is silly, Raiders can afford to keep Palmer. If Palmer restructures it’s a pay cut. There is no reason to backload a contract on an older player like Branch. Branch is a young up and comer, and would be smart to lock him up long term. Palmer is closer to retiring than anything else. If Palmer restructures Raiders are just delaying the inevitable. Either the Raiders get a 2nd from Arizona or they are keeping Palmer. Raiders aren’t cutting him, regardless of he takes a pay cut or not.
    Like some have said, it’s 9m to cut him. 13 to keep him. 9m to cut him. You can’t even sign a decent back up with the difference. It frees up 4m in cap space, but so what? Your position determines pay, that extra 4m wouldn’t do squat knowing the fact that you have to sign another guy to replacement even if Pryor is a capable starter. Heck, consider this Matt Moore inked a 2 year 8m contract to be a back up. I rather have Palmer and Pryor, than a rookie and someone with just 1 start.

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