Cardinals cut Adrian Wilson


After 12 seasons and five Pro Bowls, Adrian Wilson is done in Arizona.

Wilson, who has played more games for the franchise than any other player since the Cardinals moved to Arizona in 1988, was informed today that he is being released, Mike Jurecki of XTRA 910 reports.

The move will save about $3 million in salary cap space for Arizona.

Although it’s hard to think of Wilson in any other team’s uniform, this move is not particularly surprising. It is well known that the Cardinals want to get younger under their new coaching staff, and Wilson will turn 34 during the 2013 season.

Still, Wilson has enough left that he’ll catch on somewhere. He now gets a brief head start on the rest of the safety class in free agency.

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  1. Sad. This guy has been a beast and quietly went about his work. even taking a pay cut last year. I hope he lands on his feet or retires with dignity.

  2. Adrian Wilson is 34!?! Has been playing for 12 seasons!?!
    Holy crap, I guess that happens when you play in a black hole like the Arizona Cardinals your whole career.

  3. Mark my words. This offseason will mark the death of the stereotypical Strong Safety.

    All the “thumpers” in the secondary will slowly fade out the league. With all these “hits on a defenseless receiver” and absurd “late hit” rules. There’s no need. All you need is another corner or an extra Free Safety to cover the field. Not terrorize WR’s and QB’s like Strong Safeties of the past have done.

  4. No surprise here. A-Dub is a liability in coverage. And has been for the last 3 or 4 seasons. Great at the line of scrimmage & blitzing. He played through some serious injuries the last few seasons.

    Going to miss him but his wheels have fallen off.

  5. wow, cards, just cut out their heart and soul of their d…….hard to replace a guy like that who leads by example.

  6. The guy is a beast and quietly has built up a HOF resume’. Sad he had to take a pay cut last year and then get cut this year. That cheap ass organization deserves all the crap it gets. I feel bad for Fitz being stuck in that mess. Well, Wilson has enough to catch on with another team.

  7. I never really saw him play, But i do remember the the few times I did, he was quite the hard hitter. The two times I can recall are when he leveled the steelers kicker in the SB (I think?) and when he KOed my bill’s trent edwards. never had any idea he was this old. best of luck to him!

  8. I agree with BlackandBlue, which is a post that was similar to what I said a few weeks ago when the Dashon Goldson posts starting croping up on how much he was going to make in free agency. Goodell and Co. are regulating hard hits on receivers out of the league and blows to the head of any kind because of the concussions and subsequent lawsuits that will get a lot of publicity for years to come. Goldson will get a nice deal in a few days from somebody, but that team will regret overpaying him in a year or two because of all of the personal foul penalties and his poor coverage skills. He’ll get 8 mil a year from some team, but will be one of the last safeties to get a deal like that.
    It’s always been a trend league and the next one is away from physical safeties who are liabilities in coverage. Defenses would do better to add another nickel back-type defender because the strongest trend of all is Brady/Rodgers/Brees/Flacco/Roethlesbgerger. Their well being dictates everything coming out of the league office.

  9. People surprised by this don’t follow Wilson or the Cardinals. He will retire a Cardinal and certainly be in their Ring of Honor.

    Bottom line: he’s 34 and, while he was perhaps the best at his position for years, that has not been the case the past three or four. He is still a great teammate and situational player.

    I hope he catches on with the Ravens or another championship caliber team where he has a shot to go out a champion. He deserves it.

    This Cardinal fan will miss you, but understands the business end of football.

  10. As a lifelong Cards fam, I wish A-Dub all the best. He was the heart and soul of this team for years. Unfortunately, nobody beats Father Time. I hope he gets on with a good team and is successful for the last couple years of his career. He’ll always be one of my favorites players.

  11. He will go to a contender that needs a an extra safety to help support the run. He has two to three years left in him like Dawkins did when he left Philly. He will be cheap enough for a team to warrant the signing and he will sign cheap with the big picture of a Super Bowl title in the next few years.

  12. Didn’t he take a pay cut last season for the betterment of the team? This is how the Cards repay him for being loyal to the Cards and their fan base?

  13. Lol @ reuniting with Horton! Horton benched Wilson last year in favor of Rashad Johnson. As much as I loved A-Dub he just isn’t the player he once was. He was a severe liability in coverage but he can still blitz and tackle with the with the best of them. Good luck where ever you land, sir!

  14. Great player. Buffalo will be looking for a SS. Although, the draft is chocked full of starting Safeties, which would be cheaper to employ. One thing I didn’t know was Wilsons age, 34? Wow!

  15. “That cheap ass organization deserves all the crap it gets. I feel bad for Fitz being stuck in that mess.”

    You mean the one that gave Fitz the highest paying WR contract at the time?

    Or risked giving Kevin Kolb a ton of money despite his track record?

    Or the one that got a deal redone with Darnell Dockett?

    They’re not the “cheap” Cards anymore.

    And I love Adrian Wilson but all things come to an end. He was our heart & soul on D for years. But his time has passed, sadly. At least in Arizona.

    IMO he needs to convert to linebacker now. His coverage skills aren’t at a starting NFL caliber anymore.

  16. Ed Reed/Charles Woodson/Adrian Wilson/Chris Gamble/Dwight Freeney/Chris Canty/ Cullen Jenkins

    Lots of good names in the FA pool defensively

    The Pats need to at least get one of these cats on Defense. They need more veteran leadership that can toughen that defense up

  17. zclorz says:
    Mar 8, 2013 1:54 PM
    Ed Reed/Charles Woodson/Adrian Wilson/Chris Gamble/Dwight Freeney/Chris Canty/ Cullen Jenkins

    Lots of good names in the FA pool defensively
    But the bad part is, most of these guys are nothing more than names anymore.

  18. His role had diminished significantly because it was almost comical how teams would immediately start throwing his way. Leadership is only valuable if you can produce. Its kind of funny how everyone was like “oh its time” when the Packers cut Woodson but everyone just piles on the same canned hate for the Cardinals on this one. Hard Hitting safeties and linebackers are done once they can’t run anymore and it’s a passing league these days where you can’t just mug a guy to cover for lack of speed anymore. Frankly, it was overdue, even though he is arguably the greatest Cardinal player ever not named Kurt Warner. Anyone arguing against this didn’t actually watch him play – and I don’t blame Cardinal fans for not bothering to tune in much last season, there wasn’t much to see after the first 5 games.

  19. Chargers need a SS. He’d look good in the powder blue and gold. With Brandon Taylor coming off injury and Atari Bigby most likely not coming back, this guy could provide that leadership veteran role.

  20. In a way I’d love to see the Bengals sign him. It’s been a long time since the Bengals had a strong safety of his caliber. But the game has changed and strong safeties aren’t as coveted anymore. This is especially true on the Bengals because neither Mike Zimmer nor Coach Giggles have much use for them, preferring another corner so they can field a defacto dime defense against today’s spread offenses. It seems counterintuitive in the AFC North because it’s the last black & blue division in the NFL, but even that might be changing.

  21. This guy tore his bicep in preseason….16 days later he was back at practice! He’s a throwback to the toughness football players used to have! He brought his lunch pail everyday and didn’t brag, complain, or cry about anything! Now we have guys like Richard Sherman, twitter fools, CB’s holding out because of their so called “respect” isn’t represented by their contract, blah, blah, blah. It’s an end of an era for pro football.

  22. I wouldn’t mind seeing this guy put on a nyg uniform and link up with A. Rolle again. G-men already chasing Woodson and there going 2 let go of K. Phillips. He would be a solid addition for anybody’s secondary.

  23. Just like RB the wrong side of age 30 resulted in loss of production. Always be remembered in the ring of Honor and a class act of a man in AZ .

  24. unfortunetly , this is a young mans game, and once u lose a step, yr team will lose yr number!!!

  25. So let me get this straight. If the Cardinals cut
    A-Dub because he’s almost 34 and it saves them 3 million in cap space they are cheap. But if the Steelers do the same thing to James Harrison it will be a good move.
    Some of you jagoffs are so freaking clueless about the Cardinals. When you say the word “cheap” everytime the Cardinals come up it shows you don’t know sh*t about the NFL.
    I guess Fitz’ 100 million dollar contract or Calais Campbell’s 60 million dollar contract don’t count. Neither did a big deal recently signed by Daryl Washington.
    Or that Whisenhunt was one of the highest paid coaches in the league. The Cards have been spending money for a while. Wake up losers.

    You simply show how simple minded and out of touch you are when you say this is a move to save money. No it’s a smart move to get younger and save cap space, just like every other team in the league.

  26. This is at least three years overdue. Wilson is great for blitzing, but that’s not what he’s primarily in the game for and is getting beaten each week by younger, faster receivers. Let’s face it, he’s getting old.

    Good luck to you Adrian (just don’t sign with the Niners). And thank you for the years you put in with the Cardinals.

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