Carolina poll shows strong opposition to public money before leak of financials

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Even before someone leaked documents reflecting that the Carolina Panthers, while not very good at playing football in recent years, are very good at making money, citizens in North Carolina had made it very clear that they don’t want public money to be devoted to renovations at Bank of America Stadium in Charlotte.

According to the Charlotte Observer, an Elon University poll showed that 88 percent oppose the use of state money for the project.

“Although arguments have been made that the 17-year-old stadium has helped bring in revenue to the local and state economy, 88 percent opposed a state subsidy for the renovations, a view that held steady regardless of race, gender, age or party identification,” said the persons who conducted the poll of 891 persons.

The poll was conducted in late February.  The number would likely be a lot closer to 100 percent if they took it now.

11 responses to “Carolina poll shows strong opposition to public money before leak of financials

  1. I’d have no problem with public money being used for these facilities if the public could then get a piece of the sports team it is supporting.

  2. if teams want to continue to receive public funds for improvements/new stadiums, the local blackout policies need to be thrown out. Take my money but give me all home and playoff games. Ain’t gonna happen, but just a thought.

  3. ALL businesses help bring revenue to their local and state economies….just as ALL employees pay taxes to local and state entities. So what? Businesses are SUPPOSED to bring revenue to the places they exist….they are not supposed to be a parasite that only derives benefits while providing nothing to their communities.

    Nonetheless, no other business asks for public money every single time they want to update their offices/factories.

  4. Polls are misleading, who did you poll? How many did you poll? What question did you ask exactly?

    Usually I’m against any tax hike or our government spending our tax money like a school girl with daddy’s credit card, but in this instance its important to realize that this money was given to create an anchor to the city of Charlotte making a relocation after Richardson’s death much less attractive.

    Nothing to see here….

  5. fuglyflorio says:
    Cut-throat capitalism for the poor and the middle class … comfy socialism for the rich.
    I hit the thumbs up button 100 times on that comment, but it only registered once, sorry.

  6. The impact the Panthers have on the NC econonmy is very isolated to Charlotte and consist of low level jobs such as parking attendants and food vendors on game day.

    Considering the NC economy and the weak product JR puts on the field, this is a no brainer. 88 percent can’t be wrong.

  7. Jerry Richardson would resell a double cheese burger three times if he thought he could get away with it.

    I don’t get his greediness, either, because at his age he’s not going to be able to take all those millions with him. Why not sink them into a stadium with his name on it and leave a legacy that isn’t embarrassing as being known as a greedy bastard?

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