Chargers get out of the Atari Bigby business

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Add another veteran defensive back to the discard pile.

The Chargers announced Friday afternoon that they have cut safety Atari Bigby. He joins Dawan Landry, Aaron Ross and Chris Gamble as experienced secondary players cut loose by teams opening up cap and roster space ahead of free agency.

Bigby started the first 11 games of the season for the Chargers, but missed the final five after going on injured reserve with a groin injury. He spent the 2011 season with the Seahawks and played for Green Bay for the first six years of his career. He turns 32 in September, an age that should keep him from ranking too high on anyone’s shopping list for safety help in what’s looking like a fairly deep market at the position.

The Chargers will save $1.5 million under the cap by parting ways with Bigby. They used Corey Lynch and rookie Brandon Taylor in Bigby’s place after the injury. Taylor, a third-round pick in 2012, would be in the mix for the starting job but may be sidelined into the season after tearing his ACL in December.

9 responses to “Chargers get out of the Atari Bigby business

  1. It is time to rebeuild in S.D. I would also look for a QB in the later rounds. Rivers needs to be challenged. He can get in done, he just needs a reason.

  2. I thought he did pretty good while he was on the field. Hard hitting and he worked well with Weddle. Hopefully Telesco has a good plan on who will be in there. Taylor showed some good signs but that ACL injury is going to slow him down in the beginning of the season

  3. The chargers are in decline.

    The broncos are solid, while KC and Oakland have a headstart on the rebuild. They had ten years to get it done and were not able.

  4. Teams go from re-build to re-build, as a matter of fact almost every team is in re-build mode. Even teams like Green Bay, New England and Baltimore are consistently adding and subtracting. I miss the 80’s and 90’s, when teams were familiar from year to year. When bonds could be formed between teammates and coaches. Now, players stay for 2-3 years and their off to a new adventure. I wish the NFL would make it easier for teams to keep wanted players longer. Football is getting too business like now days. IMO.

  5. Despite the pitfalls of signing a defender coming off of an injury, I hope he goes berzerk in his next adventure and has a super, breakout year.

  6. That’s strange, about a year ago Charger fans were saying he was the final piece to an all world secondary…

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