Chase Daniel keeping an eye on the market, PFT


It’s good to know that Chase Daniel knows where to go for news.

It’s also instructive that he’s looking.

The Saints backup quarterback gave PFT an eager endorsement this morning, which may point to some more news.

Daniel tweeted out a “Can’t wait!” response to our earlier post about free agency effectively starting at midnight.

And with Matt Moore staying put in Miami as a backup, there might be another opportunity for Daniel to find a place to compete for a starting job.

Daniel has thrown nine passes in the last three years as Drew Brees’ backup, but with a market that consists of Jason Campbell, Drew Stanton and others of that ilk, Daniel could draw some attention.

We’ll be sure to keep you, and him posted.

16 responses to “Chase Daniel keeping an eye on the market, PFT

  1. Wait, Chase Daniel was once a Redskin.

    How did you pass up another chance to complain about the team’s name?

  2. Another terrible Big 12 quarterback who can’t succeed in the NFL. Help me out here:
    Vince Young
    Colt McCoy
    Chase Daniel
    Blaine Gabbert

    Can Griffin III break the Big 12 QB curse? He had a tremendous season last year but his soph season is already a failure if he is in fact out. Can he stay healthy and will NFL defenses find a weakness like thay have will every Big 12 QB before him?

  3. I thought the guy could play when he signed as an UFA with the Washington Indigenous Americans, and he has only gotten better being schooled by Drew Brees and Sean Payton. Of course he is short, but to me he has many of the same physical and leadership skills as Russell Wilson. (Some people thought he was the second best QB in that draft behind Matthew Stafford.)

    With the way the game has changed in the last year, where offenses have packages that mirror what Daniel did at Missouri, it would not shock me to see someone give him a chance to start, and to see him succeed. He is already better than anyone on the Cardinal’s roster, for example.

  4. I’m hoping New Orleans Saints will keep Chase Daniel he maybe a big help to the Saints if Drew Brees go down. This could be a big error for the Saints to put him on the market he been around Drew Brees to long. He knows Drew Brees game plays to me not a good ideal, good luck Chase Daniel wish you well don’t take no wooden nickles.

  5. Another terrible Big 12 quarterback who can’t succeed in the NFL. Help me out here:
    Vince Young
    Colt McCoy
    Chase Daniel
    Blaine Gabbert
    I am not fan of the Big 12, and it may be too early to judge, but:
    Sam Bradford?
    Andy Dalton?

  6. objectivenflfan says:
    Mar 8, 2013 12:37 PM
    Can’t stand the Mizzou Tigers or their fans but if given the opportunity this kid will shock some people.


    Pretty sure the feeling of the fans is mutual towards you. Also pretty sure you are even a thought on any of their minds. But they do appreciate that you think often of them.
    Stay classy.

  7. Why does PFT insist on calling the three day negotiating window before free-agency begins the “tampering window”? Do they think it makes them appear clever? It would be nice if they just reported about football instead of putting their own spin on everything.

  8. @skylander- in case you haven’t noticed this is what PFT has done since its inception. If you don’t like their ‘spin’ go read Dope.

  9. Short, slow and fat are no way to go through life in the NFL.

    You’ll always carry that clip board Booger, if that much.

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